Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Make-up Tips For Hooded Eyes.

Well hello there. So recently, since the season's changing, I've been wearing dark lips and keeping my eye make-up quite simple. Even with simple eye make-up, using the right shades in the right places can make a huge difference to the shape. My eyes are quite hooded, which is a notoriously difficult shape when it comes to eye make-up. Today I thought I'd show you some tips I've learned recently and how some basic neutral colours can brighten my eyes and make them look a bit bigger. It's amazing what a difference can be made by creating really subtle shadows and highlights!  

All colours used in the make-up below are from the Urban Decay Naked Palette (the original one) but you would be able to get the same look with a similar neutral palette. As long as you stick to matte for creating shadows, and shimmer for highlighting then you're good to go.

How to make eyes look bigger

I start off by sweeping 'Sin' across my entire eyelid. This shimmery champagne shade brightens the eyes up really well on it's own. Next, I use the shade 'Naked' from the crease up to (but not on) the brow bone. This shade is a really light matte brown which creates a really subtle shadow. It's a tiny little step and makes a huge difference! Next, I use the medium matte brown shade 'Buck' in the crease. Blending this with 'Naked' makes it look like the shadow is getting darker and makes the crease look deeper. Oh, how technical!

If I'm saving time (and stress) by skipping liquid eye liner, I put 'Dark Horse' on my outer lash line and this makes my eye lashes look a bit thicker. Last but not least, I put some of the highlighting shade 'Virgin' on the inner corner of my eyes and in the tear duct, too. This is definitely the best trick for tired eyes and a step I'd never skip! Another tip for brightening eyes is to finish off with a nude eye liner on the water line - my favourite is Rimmel Scandal Eyes liner

Urban Decay Naked Palette tutorial
Urban Decay Naked Palette Tutorial

Have any of you got tips for brightening your eyes?



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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Taking the new shoes for a spin.

red brogues outfit
red brogues outfit
red brogues outfit
red brogues outfit
red brogues outfit
red brogues outfit
Collar Top: Primark | Jeans: Topshop | Lace-up Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Zara 

Hello! So today's outfit is either last week's and late, or next week's and early. Let's say it's early. Sorry for being a bit AWOL with the blogging this week. The weather's been awful for outfit pictures - I'll have to remember to make the most of the nice days in Autumn and especially Winter. 

So if you haven't seen me mention almost every single day on twitter recently, I'm going on holiday tomorrow! Me, Andy and our friends Fraser and Ash are going to Lanzarote for a week and I am sooo excited! Shoop, shoop, shoop! I'm taking my camera along so I'll have a few holiday outfit posts when I'm back - and hopefully they won't be too out of place in amongst all the autumn outfits. 

Now onto the outfit - I've been obsessed with my new Topshop shoes recently and when I saw this top in Primark, I thought it would go perfectly. I'm a bit wary with collars usually but I like the shape of this one on me, and l just love the sheer white fabric on the back. It just adds a little extra and helps to break up the dark colours in this outfit too. Can you believe the top was only £10?!

What have you all been up to this weekend?



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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Benefit World Famous Neutrals.

When it comes to eye shadow, I almost always wear neutral colours. I'm drawn to warm gold and bronze colours because they suit my skin tone best, so obviously, this eye shadow set from Benefit had my name written all over it. I actually had a voucher from an event I'd been to, and was so surprised that I'd be able to get 4 Benefit eye shadows and two cream shadows for just £23.50! 

(Swatches L to R) It's Complicated | Call my Bluff |  Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy | Gilt-y Pleasure 

So here's what eye shadows are in the set .. 

Call My Bluff: This one is for the brow bone and inner corners. It's a cream shade with a golden shimmer that normally I wouldn't go for, but it goes really well with the other shades in the palette.
It's Complicated: A golden peach colour that reminds me of Mac 'All That Glitters', but better. It's a beautiful warm shade that brightens up the skin and looks gorgeous with coral blusher. I love this!
Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy: A dark brown with an ever-so-subtle glitter in it. I've been using this as a crease colour and also on the lash line. Another must-have for a neutral palette!  
Gilt-y Pleasure: A light bronze/gold that's just the perfect day time colour for me. Looks lovely all over the lids on it's own with just the perfect amount of shimmer. 

 My Two Cents | Birthday Suit

The set also comes with two cream shadow pots ...

My Two Cents: A warm, peachy colour that works really well with 'it's complicated'. The colour is quite strong and works really well on it's own and as a base for bronze shades too. 
Birthday Suit: A cooler toned brown. The colour pay off isn't great with this one and it's not much on it's own. It does looks lovely in the look below and makes the eye shadow last longer too.

One of the best things about the Benefit sets are these mini tutorials that come with it. I love both of these looks and I've been wearing the 'day time' one loads recently! SO (after this huge post) .. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a neutral palette with lots of potential for different looks. This is going to be a winner on holiday for me, perfect for carrying around and has all the shades I need for day and night. Love love love! 

Have any of you tried this palette?



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Sunday, 21 September 2014

YouTube: Autumn Fashion Haul

Hello! I have a new YouTube video up today! I ended up doing a few unplanned shopping trips this month, and I'm so happy with some of the things I've found. This haul includes things from H&M, Warehouse and Primark and they're all perfect autumn purchases. I actually forgot to mention that the top I'm wearing in the video is new too - that was a Primark one and it was only £10.

All the links to everything I've mentioned are on the YouTube page - hope you like it! 

Have you found any bargains lately?



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