Monday, 23 November 2015


When it comes to Christmas, I can honestly say I love giving presents more than anything else. That's not to say I don't like receiving presents, it's just that picking presents involves shopping, and we all know that I love shopping. I love to buy a gift with a lot of thought behind it, something really special and personal. I also like to try and give something unexpected - it's all about the surprise!

One of my favourite gifts to give is a home-made hamper. The idea is growing in popularity (thanks to pinterest!) and you can buy create-your-own hamper kits for around £5 in a lot of places. Today I thought I'd share some ideas for DIY hampers that you could put together for your loved ones this year. 

1. The Cosy Night In Hamper
Cosy Night in Hampers

This is for the friend who prefers a night in over a night out. I'd put in something to wear like these pjyamas and these cute bunny ear slippers (if you want to keep the price down - head to Primark!). Next you need something to keep warm, like a hot water bottle or this cute little microwavable owl. A cosy night needs candles, so I've picked this cherry woodwick candle. Again, if you're sticking to a budget - you could throw in some Yankee wax tarts instead. Next you need some drinks and snacks. I've picked this ready made cookie mix which would be such a good thing to make on a night in. I've also added in some shloer (my favourite, but you could add wine!) and the prettiest gold star wine glass to complete it. Everything you need for Boxing day!

2. The Cocktail Hamper 
Make your own hamper

This idea is my absolute favourite and would be so fun to put together. If you know what their favourite cocktail is, google the ingredients and put together a hamper with everything they need to make it. Above is everything you need for a french martini. Another good one would be a Moscow Mule hamper, which are normally served in these copper mugs. I love this copper barware set and copper strainer from Drink Stuff - this site has a huge range of cocktail accessories so check it out if you want to make one of these! To continue the copper theme, I found these copper cocktail picks too! This would be a good gift for a couple, just make sure you have two glasses and you're sorted.  

3. The Pamper Hamper
This hamper covers everything you need for a pamper night, from head to toe. I've picked this peppermint foot soaklush face mask and the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter and added in some accessories like this nail buffer and exfoliating gloves.This is the perfect idea if you're on a lower budget. If you're only putting in a few items, go for a smaller hamper like this one and bulk it out with inexpensive items like nail files, loofahs and travel size products so it still has that typical stacked-up look of a hamper. Another thing you could do if you're on a budget, is concentrate on one area eg. a nail hamper (nail polish, buffers, cuticle oil, top coat). This one's so much fun to put together and it's a fool-proof gift for a beauty lover. 

What do you think of these ideas? 


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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

LIFE | How to make a room feel cosy

When we first decorated, we picked a theme of neutral, cool tones like whites, greys and mink. I love cool colours and think they make a room feel brighter and bigger, but as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, I started to worry it might be difficult to make our 'cool' coloured rooms feel cosy in the Winter months. Over the last few weeks though, I've made a few simple additions to our living space and it's turned it into a warm, snug room that I absolutely love. So today I thought I'd show you some things I've picked out that could help add cosiness to your living room, bedroom or anywhere that you like to hibernate in during the Winter. 

how to make your living room cosy

1. Throws and blankets - When we're watching telly, you're rarely find me without a big throw wrapped around me. I've spotted an idea on Pinterest that I have to copy (basically, story of my life) which is to have a big wicker basket by the fireplace, filled with throws and blankets so there's always a blanket for everyone. It's always good to have a mix of different fabrics and textures in the room anyway and a big basket like this keeps it looking tidy too. 

2. Lighting Lighting is always an important feature in any room but even more so in the Winter months when it gets dark super early. I've added some extra lighting with candles, lanterns and fairy lights to add a nice, warm glow to the room. I love these Woodwick candles which crackle as they burn - how relaxing would that be? Perfect if you don't have a fireplace but still want that homely, relaxing atmosphere.

3. Faux fur and sheepskin - My living room has had colourful cushions throughout summer, and when I replaced them with faux fur cushions it instantly felt like Winter. Faux fur makes me think of Christmas, snow falling outside and being extra warm and cosy inside. I'm in love with this sheepskin rug from John Lewis and I think it's just what we need to finish off our bedroom. If you're looking for something bigger, Costco have this amazing one which covers a wider floor space (my mum has this in front of the fireplace, and it's my favourite thing ever!). 

Have you made any Winter updates to your home yet? 


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Saturday, 24 October 2015

STYLE | London Retro District Glasses

So if you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen me showing off my new glasses. I was asked to pick a pair from Glasses Direct, so I thought I'd let you know my thoughts on the glasses and my experience with using the website. I've used Glasses Direct before for sunglasses (as part of another review here) but this time I wanted to pick a pair of proper glasses. I already have a pair of black framed 'geek' glasses - you know the ones I mean, but this time I wanted a smarter pair, and in a warmer tortoise shell colour. I love the glasses from London Retro - they have such a good range of styles that I really struggled to find a pair I liked. The website makes it easy to filter through all the glasses by colour, brand, price range etc. I knew I wanted a dark tortoise shell finish so I filtered the results and finally settled on the London Retro District frames in 'Havana'.  

Glasses Direct Review

The glasses arrived within 7 days and I had an email to let me know when they'd been dispatched. The frames were exactly what I'd hoped and I'm so happy with them. They also come in a really lovely brown leather case, which makes a nice touch as well. The good thing about Glasses Direct is that you get a free home trial for 7 days where you can pick up to 4 pairs to try on at home. You can then pay for the ones you like, and send the others back in a free post envelope. How handy is that?

Glasses Direct Review
Glasses Direct

At the moment and until the 1st of November, Glasses Direct are offering 50% off most frames over £55 if you use the code 'SPOOKY' at the checkout. They have plenty of other offers throughout the year (including a free second pair when you spend over £55), so you can always get a good deal.

What do you think of these frames?


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*glasses provided for review, picked by me. all opinions my own. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

OUTFIT | Autumn Loves

I know I say it all the time but Autumn is my favourite season and this is one of the many reasons why - beautiful backgrounds everywhere you go! If you follow me on instagram, you'll have probably noticed that all I do this time of year is go on long walks, followed by a tea and cake break. It's what I did on Saturday, and on Sunday and it's what I intend to do this weekend. And I'm not even sorry. I just love being outdoors when everything looks so pretty, and the weather is cold and crisp. 

Today's post is part of a campaign with People Make Glasgow, showcasing what Glasgow has to offer when it comes to shopping. As someone who's main past time (other than Autumn walks) is shopping, I can personally vouch for Glasgow as one of the best shopping cities. With 200+ stores in the city centre and many of them open late mid-week (7/8pm), you can always find what you're looking for. The St. Enoch Centre is open til 7pm Monday-Friday - perfect if you fancy a shopping trip after work or college. For my part in the campaign, I was challenged to find an Autumn outfit in the St. Enoch Centre, and here's what I put together.

Scottish Fashion Blogger
Over the Knee Boots Outfits

I've been looking for a pair of flat suede over the knee boots for ages now, but every pair I've tried have been too loose at the top. I felt like I'd died and gone to boot heaven when I saw what Garage Shoes had on display. If you're looking for over the knee boots, you need to go and have a look (they're online too if you don't live nearby). They had 15+ pairs of over the knee boots in all different styles - I was in my element trying them all on and finally found this pair which are exactly what I was looking for. Can you believe these were only £35 too?

UK Fashion Blogger
Scottish Fashion Blogger

My favourite way to style over the knee boots is with a loose fitting dress like this one from H&M. The print and colour are perfect for Autumn, although there was one problem - the dress was slightly too long to be worn with these boots. Luckily, I was feeling super efficient and some hemming tape, scissors and a set of straighteners later, I'd taken it up a few inches. With boots like this, it's important that everything else is the right length to balance out the shape - so I also went for this camel coat in the petite size. This meant it was slightly shorter than normal and gave the right order of coat, dress, tights then boots where they all met.  

UK Fashion Blogger

What do you think of this outfit? 
Have you ever been shopping in Glasgow?


Outfit Details --> Flared Dress*: H&M | Camel Coat*: Dorothy Perkins | Hat: H&M (similar)
Over the Knee Boots*: Garage Shoes | Bag: Primark 


*collaborative post


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

EVENT | Soap & Glory Glam to the World

I don't want to be that person but .. it's time to start thinking about Christmas. But don't panic, because today I'm going to show you some easy gift ideas for Soap & Glory lovers (which is basically everyone). Last week I went to the Soap & Glory Christmas event in Stravaigin, Glasgow. I'd never been before but I'll definitely be back, the food was unbelievably good. Anyway, let's talk about the beauty products. Soap & Glory are one of the brands that totally shine at Christmas, so I couldn't wait to see what they'd came up with this year. 


Let's talk about the 'Kissmas' crackers first - how adorable are these? I love little things like these at Christmas and the first thing I thought was how perfect they'd be for a Secret Santa gift or as a little stocking filler. Inside is a Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in what's described as the suits-everyone-shade 'Rose & Shine'. 

Something I was super excited about was the 'Belle of the Ball' gift. My favourite S&G scent is Smoothie Star and 'Belle of the ball' is a huge Christmas bauble filled with limited edition Smoothie Star scented goodies including a body lotion, body wash, body scrub and hand lotion. I love the packaging of this one! Another lovely Smoothie Star scented product is this body spray (below) - we were kindly given one to take away and I've been spraying it constantly ever since. It's such a lovely fresh and pretty scent and a good one to keep in your bag to freshen up throughout the day. 


The Christmas range this year also includes some make-up gift ideas. For someone who swears by Supercat liner, this made me very happy. The Eyes Box contains Thick & Fast mascara (which is another favourite of mine), Smoulder Kohl liner, Supercat Extreme and Archery Brow Tint & Shaping pencil - all for £18 in a lovely gift set. If you're buying for someone who likes make-up - you really can't go wrong with that. 

I've saved my favourite product until last and that's the limited edition neutral palette, 'Perfect Ten'. This is like Soap & Glory's take on the Naked palette and the shades in it are beyond beautiful. There's some gorgeous champagne shimmers and coppers which would work well on any skin tone. This one's on my Christmas list!

UK Beauty Blog
UK Beauty blogger

The Soap & Glory Christmas range is now available in Boots here.  

What do you think of these gift ideas?
What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?



Sunday, 18 October 2015

OUTFIT | Aviator Jacket

Scottish Fashion Blog

So I'm finally getting round to showing you all an outfit with the aviator jacket I've been swooning over recently. The good thing is that it's now reduced - so it's the best time to get one if you'd like to experience the cosiest thing in the world .. ever. I picked this up from Red Herring which is part of the Designers at Debenhams who, by the way, have totally upped their game recently. I had spotted quite a few things that I loved at the Debenhams press show in September and when they very kindly gave me a voucher to spend, I was stuck between this coat by Red Herringthis bag by Savannah Miller (or, actually, all of the Savannah Miller accessories) and the jacket above but when I tried this on, there was no way I was going home without it!

UK Fashion Blogger
Scottish Fashion Blog

The neutral colour means it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. It's casual and simple but can still hold it's own over a plain jeans and t-shirt outfit. In this outfit, I'm wearing it with my new boyfriend jeans that I talked about in my last post - a lot of you said you'd had similar problems finding boyfriend jeans and were going to try these too! I love them and it's good to have a change from my normal skinny jeans. 

Ripped Jeans OUTFIT
Scottish Fashion Blogger

So what do you think of this outfit?


Links --> Aviator Jacket*: Red Herring (now on sale!) | Crochet Shirt*: Boohoo | Ripped Jeans: Matalan | Bag: Topshop | Cut Out Brogues: Clarks | On my Nails: Essie 'Merino Cool'

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