DOGEARED Faith Necklace Dupe

Saturday, 16 February 2013
Everyone wants something more, when they know they can't have it! As soon as I saw this necklace, I wanted it. 

I first saw this on Heart from Thatsheart on YouTube. 

I just loved how understated, pretty and unique it was.

sideways cross necklace

Straight away, I googled it but was disappointed when it seemed to only be available from the US ... unless I was willing to pay a huge postage price on top of the £100+ price mark, it would never be mine :-( 

Until ...ASOS decided to save me and bring out their own sideways cross necklace.. :O (Coincidence? ...Must be)

Even better, I couldn't believe it was only £6.00.

I ordered it straight away and haven't take it off since.
 I just love it and can't believe my luck at finding it! 

Okay its probably not real gold. (It's not) 
But if it changes colour, I'll buy another one. 
And then another one... and still have saved a huge amount. 

I posted a picture on Instagram of it this morning. 
I don't know why I look grey.. I am not a corpse, I promise.

Sideways cross necklace

I love fine chains at the moment <3

I've heard that Topshop have a new selection of fine necklaces so I plan on having a look at them soon aswell. 

Whats your favourite jewellery piece at the moment?


7 comments on "DOGEARED Faith Necklace Dupe"
  1. Wow! That's an awesome find. Now I gotta order it for myself, haha!

    Lovely blog you have, following you :)

    ♡, Arianne

  2. Nice necklace!!!


  3. That is such a bargain, and looks so pretty! My favourite piece at the moment is a neon necklace from H&M, I seem to wear my 'cheaper' jewellery more than expensive! xo


    1. I prefer cheaper jewellery aswell especially when it comes to fashionable things that you know probably won't be worn for very long. Cheaper things mean a bigger collection :) xxx

  4. This is gorgeous! I'm loving a couple of turquoise stone pendants I've got at the moment, a cross and an arrowhead :)

    Jesss xo


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