DIY Valentines Nails

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Just a quick blog post today! 

I have been SO busy the past two days and if you follow my twitter (@MeowMaisy) you will know I have been having a pretty bad week. 

I cut up my credit card on Sunday after an overwhelming post-ASOS buyer's remorse. Then.. lost my bank card on Monday morning! 

I  had to walk about in the thick snow today and ruined my black wedges 
by diving into a huge black slushy puddle. 

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I am, by now, in a much happier mood as I've just given my nails a Valentines makeover. I love seeing other pics of peoples nails and I love doing my own so thought I'd post a pic on here too! This was Sally Hanson Diamond Strength in Honeymoon and the hearts are drawn on with Models Own Nail Art pen in white :)

Let me know if you have any nail posts on your blogs <3 
I'm a bit obsessive over nail designs! 

'Happy val day sab!'
 (my annual 'Sabrina' reference!)

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3 comments on "DIY Valentines Nails "
  1. Your nails are such a gorgeous colour

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  2. These are lovely! Always been tempted to give Sally Hansen polishes a try. I swear by my Models Own nail art pens too. Here are my Valentine's nails today:

    Becky x

  3. love this val's day design! i done a heart shaped leopard print... really liked it cos it was a bit diff :) xx


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