My Hair Care Routine. A Recovery Story!

Monday, 11 February 2013
Today I will tell you the story of my hair and the happy ending. 

 I'll start with a bit of background info - my hair is really thick and naturally black. Last year, I grew obsessed with Jessica Alba and spent FAR too much money trying to get my hair like this ..

How To Repair Hair
Can you blame me? 

My hairdressers kindly burned my hair (and scalp) to pieces and I left the salon with bright orange, frizzy hair. I tried to fix it, realised it wasn't meant to be and dyed my hair back to my natural colour. 

But the damage was done. 
I now had dry, frizzy, black hair and a big overdraft. 

After trying tons of high-end shampoos/conditioners, I was amazed to find the best hair care range came from Boots! 

how to fix your hair after bleaching

Toni and Guy shampoos are usually on a '3 for 2' offer
 and are priced at £5.99 a bottle. 
I wash my hair every second day. 
And alternate between two different routines.

First Routine 
The first is simply the Shampoo for Dry Hair and Conditioner for Dry hair. (Pictured above) 
Sounds boring? Try it! This shampoo leaves my hair feeling amazingly clean and soft. Alongside the conditioner, my hair is noticeably shinier! I always use a leave-in conditioner spray before blow drying and have religiously used Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance £4.49 for over a year! 
* We all know that Aussie smell .. mmm :) *

Second Routine 
This is my preferred routine based solely on the smell of my hair mask!
I seem to build up product in my hair easily and need a detox shampoo at least once a week. 
Toni and Guy Detox shampoo is the best one I've ever tried. 
Within seconds of applying this to my hair, I can feel it squeeking!
 (in a good way!) 
As detox shampoo can be quite harsh, I then follow with the 
best smelling hair mask EVER.

how to fix hair after bleaching

This is Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask. 
 It smells like the golden coloured Herbal Essences shampoo.
 I would happily smell this, and only this, for the rest of my life! 

And it has done wonders for my hair condition!

A lot of hair masks can just coat the hair, making you believe its smoother and then shattering your hopes and dreams when you stop using it.
 But not Macadamia Oil.. this stuff is irreplaceable.

I bought mine from Amazon for around £20.00. It's worth every penny and lasts surprisingly long. (Two months in and still got lots left!) 

So my hair is finally in good condition and might even grow this year! 
I cant wait to have lovely long hair that I can swish about!  

Whats your favourite hair care product? 


8 comments on "My Hair Care Routine. A Recovery Story!"
  1. Loving these posts at the minute. I'm quite interested in hair care because I am gonna get my hair ombred next time so wanna keep it as healthy as possible during that time.

    I've just done a new photography post, wanted to know if you guys like them and if you wanna see more, would you have a look and let me know?

  2. I recently ombr├ęd my hair and now use the Toni & guy shampoo and I'm loving it so far <3

    1. Its definitely a must-repurchase :) xxx

  3. I really like the sound of the macadamia repair hair mask as I have dyed my hair and it is quite dry. Also sounds like a cheaper alternative to Moroccan oil x

    1. It really is amazing! I love Morrocan Oil but only for the actual oil, I was really disappointed with the rest of the range :-( xx

  4. I recently dyed my hair from ash blonde to light brown, unfortunately the dye turned out a lot darker and now I am left with a reddish hair colour and my hair is dry and damaged! The John Frieda range do loads of different product to match with your colour and condition! They are really good, worth a try:D

    1. You should definitely try this mask and maybe even sleep with it in a few nights :) I thought mine would never recover. Oh I have only ever tried the Brilliant Brunette shampoo years ago which I loved, I will have to have another look at John Frieda xxx


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