Shopping Haul and a Bit of Buyers Remorse

Friday, 15 February 2013
It feels a bit weird doing a haul as I've spent the full day in a fluster after checking my credit card balance for the first time in a while ...

I really need to stop the spending.

 So for the rest of February (all 2 weeks of it), I am on a spending ban. 

And in order to clean up some of the mess I've made, I have spent the last few hours looking out clothes to be sold/sacrificed on eBay.  If you want to have a look, here's the link to my eBay account. Keep an eye on it as I'll be uploading new things all week! Okay so now its time for the happy stuff ...

I was working in the city centre this week which meant the unavoidable trip into Primark. I couldn't believe the selection of stuff that I saw and I'm definitely heading there again post-ban

I picked up this gorgeous shirt that I'm slightly in love with! Its a lovely shimmery grey/blue colour and the material is stunning. I plan on wearing this tucked into dark skinny jeans!

UK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

The next thing I got in Primark was this gorgeous black tassle bag. It was only £8.00 and is so detailed and well-made. Its a smaller bag than I would normally carry but I suppose that prevents me carrying around all the useless junk that normally weighs me down! 

UK Fashion Blog Maisy MeowUK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

If you saw my work-wear wish list on an earlier post, you will know I've been on the hunt for a new work wardrobe. (obviously, stupid sentence!) I ended up going on line on Sunday night and ordering quite a few things from ASOS. Two of which are currently in the wash so I will show the online pics to illustrate! ..

Firstly, I got this really pretty bird print wrap dress. It goes perfect with tights and my new black wedges. And since I hate spending too much on work outfits, I loved that it was only £25.00 :) 

UK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

From my wishlist, I bought this black sleeveless blouse with folded collar.
 I wore this to work tucked into a black high wasted skirt with a chunky statement necklace under the collar and loved the outfit <3
I think I'll be able to wear this in a few different ways!

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And a lovely little black jersey skater skirt which was only £14.00 - it will go with so many outfits!

If you follow me on instagram (MaisyMeow)
 then you will have seen this pic I posted of my shirt from New Look. 

UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

It doesn't look like much in the picture but it sits like a dream and I will 
be wearing this in lots of different ways! 

Reflecting on my purchases has made me think ... shirt obsession? 8-)

Well, now that I've had my happy times posting on here I will get back to crying onto my credit card bill...



2 comments on "Shopping Haul and a Bit of Buyers Remorse"
  1. I've not bought anything for like 3 weeks! It is killing me but I just don't have the cash :( So sad, hope you do okay on eBay :)

    1. I've only been on a spending ban for one day and I'm already itching to go shopping lol! Thanks I've done quite well so far and sold two jackets already so fingers crossed. Maybe even lift the ban early lol xxx


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