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Thursday, 28 March 2013
If you read my recent post (below this one), you'll know that I was *forced* (willingly and excitedly) into Boots on Saturday to repurchase all my skincare products that somehow simultaneously ran out. 

Then, I tweeted on Saturday night that I was a bit confused/disappointed that, on squeezing out my new First Aid Beauty face cleanser, I noticed it had burst on the wrong side and I'd lost most of the product. 'Noooooo!'

This stuff is like liquid gold to me. And I knew that I wouldn't get the chance to return it to Boots until the following weekend. And I can't exactly use the rest of the product and then return it?! Dilema! 

UNTIL, the lovely team at First Aid Beauty (@firstaidbeauty on twitter) tweeted me back, apologised and offered to send me a replacement! 

I am always extremely appreciate of good customer service. It really does leave me smiling! It's so refreshing to see a company who seek out to help their customers online with as little hassle as possible - there was none of the usual 'pay postage, return it, wait a few weeks, then we'll replace it' carry on that I've experienced elsewhere.

This was quick, polite, helpful and left me with a big smile on my (non-spotty) face. 

The parcel arrived within two days AND as if that wasn't good enough, they also through in a little surprise Ultra Repair cream. 

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Have any of you ever had similar experiences with other companies if you've had a problem? 

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