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Friday, 8 March 2013
Happy weekend everyone! 
Time is flying and I can't believe it's Friday again! 

I am a lover of fake-tan and since its rumoured that the Winter may actually end, I'm finally back into regular tanning. Today, I thought I'd share my favourite products that I've discovered in my ten years of tanning!

These range from, in my opinion, quite expensive to really cheap. 

I love every one of these products! 

1. Creightons 'Fake Don't Bake' ..99p Home Bargains 
(Not available online but for an extra pound you can find it here.)

fake dont bake tan review

You haven't misread that price. It really is only 99p. Now, give me a chance to explain. Like me, you probably looked at the name/price and thought it's a cheap, poor quality copy. I can't even remember how I ended up buying this but I'm going to guess that the price made me think, 'why not?'. 

This body cream smells gorgeous - it reminds me of tan accelerator that they sell in sun bed shops. It's a medium tan that looks natural on my olive skin. 
I apply this before bed and by the time I've showered in the morning, the smell from the tan disappears. The best thing about this is how long it lasts - it stays perfect for about 5-7 days and fades naturally without looking patchy.

2. Garnier Summer Body Lotion £5.10 at Boots

UK beauty blogger

If I'm not lucky enough to be sporting a real tan, I replace my normal body moisturiser with Summer Body Lotion. It's so moisturising and smells like apricots! It applies smoothly, dries within a few minutes and doesn't streak.

I apply with bare hands and wash them quickly afterwards. Summer body gives me a nice, light natural tan. I love that you don't need a break in between tanning, you can continue to apply it every day without it becoming uneven. This just replaces my moisturiser so there's no extra effort! 

3. Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Dry Face Mist
£8.49 at Boots

UK Beauty blog

My skin is quite sensitive and I've had horrible breakouts before where I've applied tan to my face. This spray is made for the face and is really good on my sensitive skin. I use this after my night cream and spray it lightly over my face and neck. It gives a lovely colour under my make-up and matches my face with the rest of my body. If I'm using fake tan on my body, I will use this every few days as naturally, fake tan fades faster on the face!

4. Darker than Dark self-tanning Bronzing lotion 
£17.95 at Laurens Way

Laurens Way Self tanning lotion

 This tan applies differently to the rest. It has a colour guide so goes on really dark which is really helps you know what areas you've covered. The smell reminds me of a chocolate orange, but its probably just orange scented and the colour made me think 'chocolate' ! When you wash it off in the morning, you have a lovely dark (but not orange) tan. I used this on my face aswell (risky, i know) but it turned out lovely! 

I'd love to know what tanning products, if any, that you all use so please leave a comment :) ! xxx 

p.s - I reached 50 followers this week and I'm so happy! Thank you all so much for reading and following me, it means so much! 

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My Favourite Tanning Products



    1. Thanks Rosina! Me too it made my day :)

      Of course I'll have a look right now :) xxx

  2. I love the Garnier one!
    I don't tan naturally and other fake tabs just seem like a very bad idea on my pale skin. Even after one application on this I get compliments!

    I did forget to wash my hands afterwards the last time though... It went badly.

    1. I know what you mean, it totally depends on your skin tone for which tan suits. A lot of tans can have a reddish tone which looks awful on me but looks great on others..its confusing! I love the Garnier one too, its so easy to use and there's no excuse for skipping it at night time! xxx

  3. So happy for you reaching 50!!! I'm a tanorexic I llooovveeee having a subtle glow! It makes me feel more confident! xxx

    1. Thanks Lyndsey! Me too, make up goes on better, clothes look better .. everything is better with a bit of a tan :) xx

  4. This is my kind of post!

    I usually use St Tropez (if I can afford it) and their self tanner for the face is awesome. If I have less money I use the Garnier one you've mentioned here. I think I originally bought it because I couldn't find the Dove one in the shop and have ended up preferring it!

    I need to get my mitts on that 99p one. I love a bargain

    Nic xx

    1. I'm wearing the 99p one today and I've been admiring it all day, a tan is the best way for an overnight mood pick-up lol! Thanks for reading lovely :) xxx

  5. can't believe the first one is only 99p if it's that good! definitely going to be trying that out!
    now following on GFC :)

    1. Yeah it's really good, it comes up such a natural colour but still noticeable and it lasts for so long! Definitely worth a try for 99p anyway :P

      Thanks for following !!! xxxx

  6. I've been dying to try Lauren's Way tan! I usually use St Moriz but think I'll be trying it soon!
    New follower :)



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