BLOGGER ADVICE: Help Me Style My Leggings

Tuesday, 2 April 2013
I actually had an Edinburgh haul post planned for tonight - but I don't have all my pics on this laptop and can't bring myself to leave anything out .. so that'll have to wait until tomorrow! :) 

I picked up these gorgeous motteled leggings from Topshop at the weekend and absolutely love them. 

They're textured, kind of velvet-y material and have a lovely fit. They're really thick material and I'd actually call them trousers if it didn't say 'leggings' on the label. 

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I plan on wearing these on Saturday night when I go into town for a catch up with my friends but I cannot seem to put an outfit together that I'm totally happy with. And I suppose there's never a better place to ask than on a blog!?

So I'm looking for some opinions, how do you think I should style these?

What style of top/jewellery/heels would look best?

I will do an outfit post before I go out on Saturday .. *if* I can find the perfect outfit :) 

4 comments on "BLOGGER ADVICE: Help Me Style My Leggings "
  1. Black high neck crop top, chunky gold necklace and strappy heeled sandals? :)
    They're gorgeous leggings!

  2. definitely agree with leah ^ on the black high neck crop top, but I would go with a spiky gold necklace and any coloured platform heels preferably not black, so you have a "pop" of colour?

  3. I just got this with a white high necked sleeveless top from Topshop and a gold chunky necklace. They look great!

    1. I ended up getting a black sleeveless one too :) it's prob the same top! Love these leggins :) xxx


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