Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment Review

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Macadamia Oil Review

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment Review

I'm absolutely obsessed with Macadamia Oil products. The Deep Repair Masque and Blow Dry lotion are every-day products for me .. or every-wash, I should say! Both have done wonders for my hair so I decided to go all out and try the Healing oil treatment too. I love Moroccan Oil but it's so expensive and thought this could be a cheaper alternative. In fact, I thought it would be better! I've been using this on wet hair before blow drying and it's definitely a bit smoother on the ends when dry, but there's not a noticeably amazing difference like there was with Moroccan oil. When I tried this on dry hair after styling, it smoothed down my dry ends and improved the look of my hair - but this was short lived. If anything, my hair puffed up more than usual after a few hours. Disappointing! I still love the brand and the other products but I won't be repurchasing the Healing Oil treatment. 

 Available at CheapSmells and is £15.95 for 125ml

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Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment Review
  1. I like this product, I had a little bottle back in January and its still going strong. I do think it takes a good while to notice a difference (although not a massive difference like you say!)

    great blog love, following you now :)
    zoe lianne


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