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Monday, 15 April 2013

Black Joni Jeans fashion blog outfit

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On Friday night, I went to the Dunblane hydro hotel with my boyfriend Andy. We got a really good deal through 'Hotel Connexions' which gave us dinner,bed and breakfast for £45 each :-) its a lovely hotel and dinner at the Nick Nairn restaurant was so good! Although I was pressured into eating my burger with a knife and fork since it was so posh! (Is that right? It felt wrong.)

I wasn't sure what to wear because Id never been before so I played it safe. I wore my new black Joni jeans from Topshop (which I love love love!) and my new necklace and clutch from Zara. I've got a wedding reception at the end of the month and got these with the plan of wearing them with a black midi - which I haven't got yet! I've been considering whether to return them because its a bit difficult to buy the accessories before the dress. BUT since I've found a way to wear them already, I can justify keeping them! *wooooooo*

Lovely view of Dunblane from our room :) 
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  1. I really like your outfit! I love the all black look, very classy with a rocky edge!



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