What I Wore: Miss Selfridge Avril Boots

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Black Tshirt, Primark 
Motteled Flocked Treggings, Topshop here
Avril Cut Out boots, Miss Selfridge here
(Nails - Essie 'Merino Cool')

Yesterday was my last day of work for THREE WEEKS. Well, kind of. I have to go in for 2 days in between because I didn't have enough holiday hours left .. but that doesn't sound as good. So .. THREE WEEKS!  I'm going to Portugal next week with my family and I can't wait! Another reason why I'm over the moon is that I caved and bought the Miss Selfridge Avril boots from my last post. Admittedly, the photo quality is horrendous - but I was home alone and had to take these myself, with my phone. 

I think these boots are my favourite purchase of 2013 so far and I know I'm going to wear them loads! They're so comfortable! I chose to put a picture of my ghostly pale hand at the end to show this lovely ring from Primark. I can't get enough of their jewellery at the moment. I really wouldn't be surprised to find the same stuff in Topshop at ten times the price! 

I have a wedding reception tonight so might do another outfit post in the next few days :)

What's your plans for the weekend??


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What I Wore: Miss Selfridge Avril Boots
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