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Friday, 10 May 2013
Hello again everyone :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've been in Portugal the last week. I was the happiest person alive in Portugal, it's my favourite place in the world! For my first post since I've been back, I wanted to talk about my holiday essentials that I couldn't have lived without. 

Garnier Summer Body - I used this before I left and on my first few days to take the edge of the 'It's my first day' paleness. It fades evenly so there's no patchiness and it's takes care of moisturising too. 

Topshop 'Causing a stir' - A perfect apricot-y orange. Lovely against a tan and the perfect colour for toes. 

Rimmel 'Peppermint' - This was one from last year that I've started using again. I'm obsessed with this colour right now.

Collection 'Shimmer Shades' - Last year, I took my Dior powder highlighter to Florida. It smashed and I was devastated. I brought this shimmer palette as it was inexpensive and I ended up loving the pink shade as a cheekbone highlighter. The other colours are really similar to Dior 'Amber Diamond'. (here)

Hair Donut - .. because who can be bothered with their hair on holiday? This was perfect for keeping my hair under control on the beach and also for night time. This was 99p from Primark! 

I've somehow managed to inhale a share size bar of Mint Aero when I was writing this. Where did that go!?

I'm off to sunny Tenerife tomorrow with my boyfriend Andy so I'll probably do some outfit posts again - let me know if you like outfit posts? I've been doing a lot more recently and really enjoy them! :) 

Have a good weekend everyone! 


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