Body Shop Beauties!

Monday, 3 June 2013
Hello lovelies! <3

The Body Shop have always been a favourite of mine and even more so since I've signed up as a Body Shop consultant and discovered some new AMAZING products. Being a consultant basically involves throwing 'pamper parties' for people where you demonstrate the products, play games etc. I haven't had my first 'proper' party yet but I did a mini one in work which went really well. 

It's my own fault that it's not been a huge money-maker for me so far. My boyfriend asked me how much commission I'd made and I didn't know... because I used it all to order more products.  
*Kinda defeats the purpose Eilidh!*

But I'm happy and smell like coconut so who cares ..

Anyway, I thought I'd post about my favourite ranges so far from what I've been loving the most recently. 

(And this isn't a sponsored post by the way if that's how it looks .. )

1. This is the Coconut shower cream, body scrub and body butter. I've been using this religiously for the past week and love being able to smell it off my skin even hours after my shower. The body butter is so good for dry skin. So far this has been the most popular range. It smells like heaven!

2. Absinthe Hand Cream 

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Most people would only go near Absinthe for a dare. (In fact, most sane people wouldn't!) But this hand cream is just so fresh! It's a smell that's quite hard to describe, it's almost citrus-y. Really clean! It's a really light hand cream that leaves my hands soft without being greasy.


3. Lastly, it's the Strawberry shower cream and body butter. 
I can't say no to a matching shower gel and moisturiser combo. There's never a better way to make sure you get the full potential I think. Strawberry is a famous Body Shop scent and reminds me of when I was really young and used to get miniatures from Santa!

I've been unusually excited for my shower these days. But I'm slightly worried for the storage problems I'm facing if I keep buying more! 

What's your favourite Body Shop products? Are any of you Body Shop consultants??


2 comments on "
Body Shop Beauties!
  1. i love the coconut range, i have the perfume and shower cream at the moment, i need the body butter! xx

  2. I absolutely love the coconut butter! I have ridiculously dry skin and this is like a God send! Being a body shop consultant sounds awesome!

    Great post! x


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