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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Denim Jacket, Primark (last year)
White Celine Tshirt, eBay: around £10, similar here.
Motteled Flocked Treggings £28, Topshop. (here)
Neon Satchel, Topshop £28. (sold out in lime, other colours here)
Converse Trainers, £44.99 (here)
Rings, Primark and Above Knuckle rings, eBay (here)

I can't believe I haven't posted about this satchel yet - I've been wearing it almost every day since my holiday! It's the perfect size. Because if I use a big bag, it's filled to the top with everything I own within a few days. My work bag  usually has a few tins of soup floating about it by Friday! This fits my purse, phone and a few little things and the colour brightens up my outfit. I love that high street shops have finally came up with good quality satchels that are a lot more purse-friendly than Zatchels or Cambridge Co. 

This denim jacket has been resurrected from my sister's wardrobe. I think it's from last year but it may actually be from the year before. I love denim jackets again, they remind me of being 12 years old in the 
summer holidays - when double denim was all the rage!


I'm going to try and do an outfit post every Sunday now. I really enjoy doing outfit posts but it can be stressful getting my boyfriend to take the pictures for me. He almost misses out my feet. Or my hair. It's my birthday on Sunday and I've asked for a new camera so I'll be able to do it by myself now :) 

Hope you've all had a good weekend :D 

7 comments on "
OUTFIT || Neon and Denim
  1. I love the colour of your satchel! Have a lovely birthday sweetie x


  2. I've been wanting one of those celine t shirts forever, do the ones of ebay look good? Im a little scared to get one and it look rubbish.


    1. Yeah I can't find the seller who I got mine from but there's loads! Mine is really thick material though I was happy with it :) x

  3. Cool look!
    Adela x


  4. Simple but nice outfit, loving the accessories!


  5. I adore the satchel bag! Lovely!



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