REVIEW || No 7 Natural Blush - Coral Flush

Monday, 17 June 2013
I've never really taken much notice of the No 7 voucher that usually comes with a Boots receipt. I've never used No 7 make up and I always have a feeling everything is overpriced to compensate for the £5.00 voucher everyone gets given. I was in Glasgow Airport a while ago and trying to kill time, so I decided to actually use my voucher to try out their blusher. 

I picked number 12 'Coral Flush' which is a medium pinky coral.

This was originally £8 so I only paid £3.

What did I like?

This blush is really pigmented and doesn't take a lot to get a nice colour. It's a perfect 'every day' kind of of colour which would suit fair to medium skin tones. My skin is still quite tanned at the moment, and this colour just looks like a natural flush. I also really like the packaging and there's a lot of product so it will last a long time, I think. 

What didn't I like?
The powder itself isn't pressed as tightly as other blushes. This means that even a gentle tap with a blusher brush leaves quite a lot of loose powder, so it could get quite messy. I don't think I'd carry this in my bag, cos I can imagine it breaking up quite easily. 

Would I buy it again?
I think this is worth the £3 that I paid, but if I didn't have a voucher, I wouldn't pay £8. There's about 6 colours in the range, so I'd try out some of the other colours - but only if I have a voucher!


What do you think of the No7 blushers? Do you use your No7 vouchers?
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REVIEW || No 7 Natural Blush - Coral Flush
  1. I have never tried anything from this brand but the color looks amazing though!!


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