Summer Tootsies || DIY Pedicure

Tuesday, 11 June 2013
Hello lovelies :)

The unexpected sunny weather definitely got me thinking that I need to be better prepared for the next 'heat wave'. (Anything above 15 in Scotland!) 
If I'm honest, I've never taken much care of my feet. Probably because my sandal wearing time is limited in Glasgow. 

As you'll see from my last post, I'm Body Shop mad at the moment since I've started doing pamper parties. This kit came as part of my samples and I couldn't help but try it out. 

Peppermint has never been my favourite smell. I prefer fruity smells. But after using it, I understand why they've picked peppermint. 

I've went through this full routine twice now and the difference is massive. 


Not the most attractive activity - but filing your feet is essential. Everyone has seen that advert with the horrible heels. *shudder* I find this foot file a lot easier than the Ped-egg because it has a long handle to let you sit however you want to reach your feet. 

The pumice scrub feels lovely afterwards. It feels good to scrub my feet in the shower, although I don't think it makes a huge difference overall. 


I always thought soaking your feet was for grannies but I love it now. These are just little crystals that you sprinkle into warm water in a basin. I put the telly on, pop my feet in and chill out for a bit before bed. This helps soften the skin and helps prepare feet for the next step. 


This step made me understand the whole 'Peppermint' thing. When your feet have been soaking in warm water for a while, it's such a nice feeling to put the peppermint lotion on. The peppermint cools my feet and makes them tingle a bit so it feels like it's working even more! 


I seriously can't get over how much I regret not doing this before. The difference is huge and I wish I could post a 'before and after' to show you - but it's feet, so I won't. 

This is the first foot range that I've tried. I love using all the products from the same range when it's something like this, and I definitely plan on trying out some other brands.

Have you ever tried these products? What do you use on your feet?

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Summer Tootsies || DIY Pedicure
  1. Great post. I've been looking to give myself good DIY pedicure. The sun is coming out which means the socks and shoes will be coming off!

  2. That advert with the cracked heels makes me cringe so much! I'm really intrigued by these so I will definitely be trying them out! I usually use burt's bees products but i'm getting bored of the smell ha ha!

    bec X


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