Nosh 3 Day Juice Fast Detox Review

Sunday, 7 July 2013
So since I got home from holidays, my eating habits have been awful. On top of the fact that I gained weight, I got myself into a cycle of eating junk, feeling tired, then eating more for energy and so on. I managed to gain 6 pounds since April (!) and couldn't get myself back into the swing of healthy eating. I saw a deal on Wowcher for a Nosh 3 Day Juice Fast programme at almost half price. For £69, you get:

·         5 x RAW 330ml smoothies & 6 x Nosh colon cleanse formula
·         3 x Nosh Superfood Formula
·         30-minute phone consultation
·         Free delivery 

Nosh 3 day juice fast review

I'd heard of Nosh and been on the website before, but always thought it was too expensive and that a few days couldn't make that much of a difference. Don't get me wrong, £69 for 3 days is expensive but it's usually around £140. I read into it, checked loads of reviews and with the ‘limited time only’ thing pushing me, I got it. The website claims that the 3 day juice fast helps maintain high energy levels, assists the body in attaining its natural balance by detoxifying and cleansing thoroughly and increases the metabolic rate.

I also bought the Detox box for an extra £15. And although it made it even more expensive, I thought I’d need all the help I could get or the whole thing would be a waste anyway. Inside the detox box, you get:

· Dead Sea Salt Baths - to absorb all the toxins , so you don't feel nauseous or headachey. 
· Nux Vom - to clean your intestines/colon of built up material and reduce acidity in the stomach. 
· Natural Bristle Brush - to detox and clean your largest organ on elimination - your skin. 
· Herbal Teas - unique restorative teas, carefully sourced to support your body through detox.
· Superfood Powder - natural, immune boosting food powder packed with vitamins, minerals & enzymes.
Nosh Detox Review
Dead Sea Bath Salts 

Nosh 3 day detox
 Colon cleanse formula (sawdust in water), Castor Oil and Nux Vom Tablets
Nosh 3 day detox
Superfood Sachets and Herbal teas

When everything arrived, I was so excited to start and curious to see what it was like. My box arrived at 5pm on Tuesday and I started Wednesday. The info contained in the box was really helpful and I was given a daily schedule. This was for the standard detox products, so I wrote up my own plan to include my herbal teas and body brushing from the detox support box. It worked out I had something to do almost every hour, which would keep me busy and stop me clock watching for the next smoothie.

This was my own schedule for each day (although some days I was slightly earlier/later)

6.30 am Body brush before shower
6.50 am Tablespoon of Castor Oil, followed by black coffee
8.30 am 1 teaspoon of Colon Cleanse in water
9.15am 'Boost and Energise' Smoothie (Almond, Banana, Chai, Oats)
10.15am Herbal tea
11.30am 'Revitalise and Rejuvenate' Smoothie (Apple, Mint, Spirulina)
12.30pm ‘Superfood’ sachet in water
1.30pm 'Calm and Soothe' Smoothie (Mango, Blueberry, Acai)
2.15pm Herbal tea
3.45pm Suck Nox Vom tablet
4.15 pm Superfood’ sachet in water
5.30pm 'Revitalise and Rejuvenate' smoothie (Apple, Mint, Spirulina)
6.30pm 1 teaspoon Colon Cleanse in water
7.00pm Use dead sea bath salts (these can be used as a scrub in the shower)
8.30pm 'Rebuild and Restore' smoothie (Cocout, Banana, Acai)
9.30pm Hot water and Lemon then bed time

So here’s how I got on..

Day One
I usually wake up feeling hungry and ready for breakfast but today I didn't - probably due to the 'last supper' cereal I had at 10pm last night. The ingredients in the first smoothie fooled me into thinking it would be quite nice but it was quite overpowering banana with a cinnamon after taste. I drank it slowly and didn't have my next one until noon as I wasn't hungry. The lunch time smoothie was ‘Apple, Mint and Spirulina’ and was pretty vile if I'm honest but I hate any mint flavoured drink. I persevered, drank it slowly and drank water afterwards. I had planned to have herbal tea in between, thinking I'd have been starving but I didn't need it. The smoothies felt like they were really close together, I didn't feel hungry at all in between. ‘Calm and Soothe’ tastes like the like the last one without mint - slightly less vile. When I opened the ‘Superfood’ sachet and put it in water, it was awful. It was green, smelled and tasted like pond water. I managed half a shot and felt traumatised so I passed on that one. When I got home at 4pm, I had a herbal tea and went for a shower to keep busy. Overall, today was A LOT easier than I thought it would be. Other reviews said today the first day's the toughest, but I didn't feel hungry or struggle at all. Maybe it's just first day determination. 

Day 2
I planned to get up at 6.30am, but I was wide awake at 6.00am which never happens to me. I was full of energy, got out of bed, took my castor oil and had a black coffee. Although I had energy, I was craving breakfast and had to have my first smoothie an hour early. I attempted another ‘Superfood’ sachet this afternoon and nearly threw up - I'm giving up on those. Nothing is worth drinking pond water. I've been craving food that I don't normally eat, like omelettes! After work I, quite manically, tidied and cleaned the house then went to my boyfriend’s parents house to keep us busy, BIG MISTAKE. Forgetting they eat dinner late, they’d just sat down to roast chicken and the smell made me want to cry. Kindly, but not in the circumstances, she gave us roast ham to take home which sat on my lap in the car - that took some serious will power! I considered 'just one bite' but kept reminding myself how much this has all cost. It's only three days of my whole entire life! Going to bed early tonight to stop me thinking about food.  

Day 3
All I dreamt about was food - sitting my mums kitchen eating custard donuts (haha!) and feeling really bad about failing. So when I woke up and realised it was a dream and I hadn't failed, it made me determined to get through the day! I read reviews before I started this, and they all said day 3 was the easiest. This kind of kept me going because I felt like I just have to get through day 1 and 2. All the reviews said that by day 3, the hunger dies, you feel more alert and energetic. Not me! I seem to have had the reverse effect. Day 1 was my easiest! The smoothies were a lot harder to drink today. I fell asleep straight after work at 5.00pm and slept until 6.30pm. When I woke up and realised my next one was the mint smoothie, I nearly caved. Especially since the smoothie was sitting next to the roast ham in the fridge. But I told myself to drink it then decide. Once it was done, I thought 'I never have to drink that ever again' and got some energy through my happiness! I went out for a bit, came home and had the night time smoothie which by this point actually tasted heavenly. Best of a bad bunch! Early night again to make the morning come quicker.


WELL, it’s Day 4 and I can’t believe I did it! I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm last night and even managed to resist eating when I woke up after midnight to go to bed. I was awake at 7am, excited to weigh myself and see if it was worth it. My normal weight is around 8 st 2-4lbs. I was 8 stone 9 (!) on Wednesday morning and today .. 8 stone 3! I definitely wasn’t expecting such a big weight loss. Taking into account that I had no food in my system, my normal weight will be a pound or so heavier when I get back to eating. 

The last three days have taught me the difference between actual hunger, THIRST and a craving. I definitely mistake thirst for hunger a lot of the time - I have a new appreciation for water! It's hard to make sense of this, but although I was hungry, I felt like I had more energy than usual. I’m sure this is down to my usual sugar crashes after eating sweets and junk food all day. 

I also like the light feeling in my stomach as opposed to the usual heaviness and (although I hate the word..) 'sluggish' feeling I get after a carb-fest.

If you're in a similar situation to me, I'd really recommend this programme. It is expensive, but if you manage to find a deal, it's a good way to detox or kick-start a diet. 

I'd love to know if anyone of you have tried this before? 
Or have you ever tried your own 'juicing' diet? 

UPDATE - I've detoxed again! Find my latest review here
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Nosh 3 Day Juice Fast Detox Review
  1. This was a super interesting post! It worked really well but I wonder if there are cheaper alternatives? Seems like a great way to get back into healthy eating!

    Blush & Bunting

    1. Thanks! I would love to try a cheaper alternative. I think paying £140 for 15 smoothies and some powder is a bit ridiculous! At least there's good deals worth waiting for :) x

  2. I did a cleanse with fresh organic fruit juices made at home and water for 5 days and i honestly felt so energetic and full of life definitely worth think about if your feeling sluggish well done as i know how hard it is xx

    1. Wow 5 days would have been so hard well done too! I wanted to try and make mine myself but thought the guilt of spending the money would spur me on haha! I'm definitely going to look into home made smoothies though :) X

  3. This sounds really interesting. I have protein shakes after the gym and will sometimes just have a shake for dinner if I've overindulged at lunch, but not sure I could have three full days on a liquid diet..! Claire xx

  4. great read! really interesting!

  5. i tempted to try something like this after my holiday. im going to america and i know im gonna eat a lot! haha xx

  6. I'm doing the Nosh 3-day now, and actually really like all the juices. I have done my own juicing detoxes in the past just going to Crussh each day and ordering freshly made from there. Costs out at £12-15, sadly I don't live or work near one now. You need to have the willpower to not just order the fruity ones, as the Veggie Greens and Super Juice are so good for you, but not the best tasting. Once I kept going for 12 days, which is incredible as I am someone who LOVES their food, but I just felt amazing.

  7. Loved this, really helpful - thank you! I've just bought the deal based on your review - they're not offering the detox pack this time, but nothing a bucket of Epsom salts can't fix. Horrible flashbacks to attempting a juice fast 10 years ago and beetroot going everywhere. Lesson: do not try to juice beetroot.


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