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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

For at least six months now, I've been using Toni & Guy shampoos and conditioner. I've repurchased it a dozen times and always go back to it.

 Toni & Guy is one of those brands in Boots that is always on offer. It's usually 3 for 2 and since I use the detox shampoo, normal shampoo and the conditioner, it works out quite well for me. I love a good bargain.. 
I'd stocked up on conditioner and detox shampoo so this time I picked up two shampoos and decided to try out the Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry ShampooI wash my hair every second day so was hoping to use this in between, in place of my normal Batiste dry shampoo (and it's coconut-y loveliness)

I went away for the weekend so used this on the Saturday morning to freshen up my hair. It smells just like the shampoo/conditioner so it freshened up my hair a lot. Every time I swished my hair, I could smell the freshness! 

On the other hand, my hair didn't feel cleaner and actually felt a bit heavy from the product. Usually a dry shampoo makes my hair feel like it's just been washed, light and clean again. This felt like my roots were almost sticky in a way, and I could see the product in my hair. 

I tried this out a few times and decided to chuck it after a week or so. After using this in the morning on day two, I felt like I had to wash it by night time. Which is a bit pointless if I'm trying to use it between washes.

I'll stick to my other Toni & Guy products, I suppose you can't win them all!


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REVIEW || Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo
  1. i felt the same with this when i got hence its somewhere in my unwanted pile

  2. I was looking for a review to see whether only I dislike it but seems it's not only about me. And how stupid I was that i thought '' oh, i'll try something more expensive than Batiste, maybe it's better'' duh...


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