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Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm not one to moan..but when I find a product that is just so utterly disappointing, I feel it's important to share my experience. I've been getting my eyebrows waxed for about ten years and since my eyebrows grow ridiculously fast and at £6 a go, it's quite pricey. I was roped into buying the Veet Face Precision Wax & Care Kit by the tv advert, which shows a small tube of wax being applied directly to the eyebrows. It looked so easy and not at all messy, so I decided to invest the £6.99 to try it out myself. 

The tube is split into two sides, one side is the wax and the other is the after cream. I followed the instructions and placed the tube, wax down, into a glass of just-boiled water. I left it for one minute and tested the wax on my hand. It was noticeably sticky and didn't spread or separate from the tube, so I tightened it and placed it back into the water. After a few minutes, I gave it another go. The wax applied horribly and strings of the wax dropped down from the area because it was so .. sticky! (I wish I could think of a different word!) I placed the wax strip over the area and pushed it down firmly before waiting a moment, and pulling it back in the opposite direction to the hair growth. It wasn't like the advert. The wax hadn't hardened so it didn't pull any hair off. I gave it another go and next time, waited longer for the wax to set. But it wouldn't. Half an hour later, I gave up.

I was left with a sticky, hairy eyebrow and £6.99 down. 

I'm sure other people would have a better experience with this product but for me, as a waxing beginner, it was a nightmare. I felt like the product was aimed at someone like me, which is why I was so disappointed. I'd never try at home waxing again, this experience was enough for me to justify the fortnightly £6.00 beautician bill. 

Have any of you tried this product or any other at-home waxing?

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4 comments on "REVIEW || Veet Face Precision Wax & Care Kit"
  1. Great post!

    Brittany, xx

  2. Ugh! I have tried a few at-home wax kits and they just never work the same as in a salon..its a bummer too because it does get expensive and time-consuming!

    -Maddy @

  3. Oh, how annoying! I trained as a beauty therapist so know what wax should look like and how it should act and I have yet to find a home waxing kit that works as it says it does!

    I'll stick to my monthly salon visits! At least I know they will be using decent products and won't ruin my precious brows!


  4. Oh it is sooo disappointing when you fork out all that money for a product that doesn't do what it says on the tin :( Thanks for the honest review though, will stop me buying this product!

    PS -- new follower on bloglovin :)


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