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Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Just a quick post today lovelies with a few updates! :) 

I've been working on something for the past few days and tomorrow I will be launching my first ever GIVEAWAY! I'm so excited! I will tweet about it as soon as it's live tomorrow!

ALSO .. I'm on day 1 of my Nosh 3 day Raw Juice Fast and I'm writing a day by day review of the detox. It's going well so far :) My review of the detox should be posted over the weekend .. so watch this space :) 

I also wanted to let you know about a new widget that I've added.

I was contacted last week by a lady from Red League Media. She let me know about a way to earn a little commision from my blog by sharing voucher codes with my readers. I've never considered making money from my blog before - it's purely a hobby which I love. But I thought if it's useful to my readers, takes no effort and can make me a penny on the side .. why not.

Anyway, I agreed to sign up and explain the process to you guys in case any of you want to join in too :) 

Basically, the voucher codes come from a website called http://www.lovemyvouchers.co.uk/

I chose my widget to display fashion codes .. since it's relevant to my blog but there's other options too. 

Today there's a code for 10% off Urban Outfitters, so the brands and deals are actually quite good!

Here's the site if you want more info :) 

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