WISHLIST || Here Comes The Sun?

Tuesday, 30 July 2013
1. Moto Acid Denim Dress // Topshop // £36.00
2. River Island Metal Toepost Mint Sandals // Via ASOS // £28.00 
3. Edge Paint Satchel // Topshop // £28.00

Well it was good while it lasted. The sun has packed up and left us to resume a normal Scottish summer. I'm trying to think positively and hoping there will be time for at least one more barbeque before the end of the summer. Just one more day, PLEASE! I was caught unawares when the heatwave hit last time and had a bit of summer clothes panic buying. In my attempt to keep positive, I've been planning my next summers day outfit. I love love love this little denim dress. And the benefit is that it wouldn't be a total waste if the sun has disappeared .. I'm sure I could wear this with some Autumn and Winter outfits too. 

Let's take a minute to appreciate this watch. I know it's expensive and I can only track it down to the Bloomingdales website, but it is a 'wish' list. I think this might only be available in America, but coincidently my boyfriend goes to Las Vegas in 4 weeks time. So that means I've got four week of intensive hint-dropping ahead of me. It won't work. 

Have you been buying any summer outfits recently?
What have you got your eye on? 


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10 comments on "WISHLIST || Here Comes The Sun?"
  1. I've been craving that watch too! i saw it in town the other week. It really is a summer watch isnt it? :) x
    Heroine In Heels

  2. I love this outfit, it's a shame how quickly summer disappears in the UK. I won't miss the heat at night though. That watch is gorgeous, I adore Marc Jacobs. Lets hope your boyfriend gets the hint!

    Charlotte xo

    1. I know, it goes from one extreme to another :(

      Me too, the hinting starts today by leaving the laptop open at this post lol!


  3. Such a cute watch! :)
    Lydia Rose

  4. I was eyeing up that denim dress online!its so cute!:)

  5. My favourite of this bunch has to be the bag! It is so lovely, and I am genuinely gonna add it to my wishlist in my mind haha.

  6. I love that Marc Jacobs watch you've picked, so pretty! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE


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