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OUTFIT || Tomato Red

Sunday, 29 September 2013
casual dress with ankle boots

Cream Fluffy Textured Open Front Cardigan // New Look 

Michael Kors Charm Tassle Crossbody
Black Frilly Socks // Primark 
Avril Cut Out Boots // Miss Selfridge (early summer)

Hello! You might recognise this outfit from my Autumn Outfit Planning post. It's no coincidence, I bought the dress straight after writing that post. I have no self control. I bought the cardigan a couple of days later too, so much for waiting until pay day! Luckily, it was worth the subsequent weeks on the brink of bankruptcy. (*slight exageration*)

I chose to get this dress in red, or 'tomato' as they call it. I saw this dress on a few blogs at the end of summer but I think red is perfect for Autumn/Winter too. The only downside is that the dress is really short, so I feel it feels a bit risky without tights or a long cardigan as extra back up.

This is what I wore on Wednesday when I went to a hotel and spa with my friends. We got a really good deal for a massage, facial, dinner, bed and breakfast. I'd never had a massage before and I loved it once I got over the whole awkward, naked situation. Our plans for a crazy cocktail night afterwards went out the window when we were falling asleep at the dinner table before 9pm. I didn't expect to be so exhausted after relaxing all day! 

Today is the day I've been looking forward to for ages. Me and my sister are going shopping for our Winter coats, boots and probably some yankee candles too. I might do a kind of a haul post during the week if it goes well. Wish me luck! 


REVIEW || Hair Culture Deep Cleansing Conditioner

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

aldis own hair conditioner

I seem to be hearing more and more about Aldi and their amazingly inexpensive beauty products. For a while, everyone and their grannies were raving about their night cream, then it was hair oil, then it was seems that Aldi are definitely on a winning streak. 

It's given me a lot more confidence to try out their own brand products and when my sister was raving about their conditioner, I didn't think twice about parting with my hard-earned £1.99. Yep, that's all it costs for a huge 1 litre bottle.

I knew as soon as I stepped out the shower that this was a winner. I think you can always tell if you've used a good conditioner when your hair air dries quite quickly. If it clings to the water and stays soaking wet, it's not a good sign. (Anyone else notice this?)

My hair was really shiny after blow-drying and although it doesn't claim to be volumising, I noticed my hair had a lot more body and texture. I wasn't imagining it, because my sister asked me what I'd done differently when she noticed the same thing! Oh how I love it when that happens.

This conditioner smells so good - a lovely clean, fresh smell. I noticed I could still notice the smell of freshness on the second day too which is a bonus! After a couple of weeks using this shampoo, I've had no product build up and still love it just as much. If this turns out to be my long-term conditioner, it will save me an absolute fortune! 

Have you tried this? 
What's your favourite Aldi beauty product?


OUTFIT || Denim Borg

Sunday, 22 September 2013
denim borg jacket combat boots and stripy jumper

Topshop vintage borg denim jacket nine west combat boots

Striped Monochrome Jumper // H&M (last year)
Leather Panel Leggings // Topshop (last year) 
Black Combat Boots // Nine West
Black Fringe Crossbody // Michael Kors 
Mint Oversized Ring // Primark 

Hello lovelies! It finally feels like Autumn! It's a bit colder, the leaves are turning orange and I've finally been able to wear this denim 'borg' jacket that I got a while ago. I think I'll be wearing this all the time in the next few months, it'll go with so many casual outfits.

I really need to find myself a new pair of black skinny jeans - I've been putting it off for a while because I know how stressful it is. I'm so picky with jeans! My perfect pair would be mid-waisted Joni jeans .. that don't fade or go baggy after a couple of washes. Unfortunately, these don't exist. The hunt continues. Let me know if you have any recommendations! 

Oh, and I must draw your attention to my new favourite bag! My boyfriend brought me this back from Vegas, he saw it half price in one of the outlets and knew I liked this style. He also got me a huge packet of peanut butter M&Ms so I was instantly the happiest person in the world.

Have you bought any clothes for Autumn yet?


REVIEW || Nars Orgasm Blush

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

nars orgasm blusher swatch

 I've had my eye on the Nars Orgasm blusher for a while now, so when I got some vouchers for House of Fraser, I went straight to the Nars counter. I couldn't help but cringe when I told the girl what colour I wanted, but once my red cheeks faded, this quickly became my favourite blush and I've been using it almost every day since. 

Nars Orgasm blush is a peachy pink colour with a subtle gold shimmer. The shimmer is quite subtle in my opinion - enough to notice but not so much that you have a glittery face. If you like Benefit Coralista, you'll like this. Worn over a dewy foundation, it gives a nice healthy glow and brightens up my complexion. The packaging is small and compact, not to mention it's the smoothest, most loveliest feeling ever. If you've ever touched the Nars packaging, you'll know what I mean. I stroked it like a cat for the first few hours.

 I'm not even close to hitting pan on this which is pretty good considering how much it's been used. Something I always notice with high end blushers is that you need a lot less product to get a nice colour, so it'll last a lot longer. When you take this into account, the £22.50 price tag doesn't seem so bad. 

I've now got a new love for Nars and I'll be back to try and find a berry colour blush for Winter. 

Have you tried this ?
What's your favourite Nars blush?


Tartan Favourites

Tuesday, 17 September 2013
how to wear tartan
(L to R) Backpack in Tartan // ASOS (here)
Red Check Oversized Check Shirt // River Island (here)
Panelled Pencil Skirt in Tartan Check // ASOS (here)
Tartan Babydoll Dress // Urban Outfitters (here)
Window Check Blanket Scarf // Topshop (here)
Oversize Blanket Scarf // Topshop (here)

Hello lovelies! Tartan is one of those trends that's been trying so hard to be in fashion every year and it's finally squeezed it's way in. Well done, Tartan.

Tartan is a bit of a love/hate thing for me and it totally depends how it's worn. I love subtle prints and scarves. But too much reminds me of Robert Burns day in primary school, when we all had to wear something tartan. This usually involved me turning up to school drowning in my mum's tartan scarf and all the teacher's wearing full tartan suits. For this reason, I'm going to opt out of the tartan suit trend indefinitely.

Anyway, I love this red tartan shirt. I think it'd look really nice with black skinny jeans or over a casual dress. I also plan to stock up on tartan scarves this year, they're perfect for wearing over a plain coat to brighten it up. I've somehow invented the perfect red scarf in my mind, and I'm going to try and find it in the shops. Sounds impossible, but I like a challenge!

Will you be wearing tartan this year?

OUTFIT || Oh So Cosy

Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Silver fuzzy jumper // Primark 
High waisted jeans // River Island 
Converse Trainers // Office
Neon Satchel // Topshop 

I'm a bit late with Sunday's outfit post purely because I'd written my 'Guide to Online Shopping' and really wanted to post it. I've started trying to write posts in advance to keep myself more organised. The problem though, is that I have no patience. Once I've written a post, it itches away at me until I publish it. I don't know how some people can write them weeks in advance. I'd end up publishing them all at once. It's like having a secret and not being able to tell it. Hence why no one ever tells me any secrets... 

Now onto the outfit which is pretty unexciting I admit, but I couldn't resist posting about this jumper. It's the cosiest thing ever made, ever. This material is everywhere just now, but as usual Primark has undercut the lot. I went back for another one of these a couple of days later and there was ONE left in the wrong size. Word gets around quickly if Primark have something good. 

Sorry about the grainy pictures. I attempted to use natural light again and they don't come out as well as when I've used a darker room and the flash. If any camera experts can offer any tips or explanation then I'd appreciate it. Until then, I'll be back to pulling the curtains and using the flash!


A Rosy Glow

Monday, 9 September 2013
ysl mac benefit red lips
Hello! All my posts recently have been Autumn/Winter themed and this one will be no different. I'm obsessed with A/W at the moment and not only for the hats and scarves, for the change in make up looks too. My favourite make up look is black winged liner with bold lips and subtle rosy cheeks. The goal is to look like I've just stepped inside from the cold, in a good way! Here are some of the products I'll be using in the next few months.

YSL Glossy Stain 19 - I read so many people raving about this product last year but never got round to buying it. It's similar to Rimmel Apocalips in that it's a lip gloss wand but with strong opaque colour. This red is such a gorgeous tone and the packaging is so luxurious. It will be mine! (Find this product here*)

Mac Blush in Frankly Scarlet - This looks so bright (and a bit scary) in the pan, but I saw this in so many tutorials last year and it just looks the perfect colour to match red lips. It the prettiest rosy glow on the cheeks. I need to break my habit of pink/coral blushes and this blush will be the one to do it! (available here)

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple - I bought this when I was in Florida last September and I've only just rediscovered it. It's so moisturising and it's the perfect product when you want a bit of colour but don't want to go all out with a lipstick. ( Get it here, usually on 3 for 2!)

Soap & Glory Cheekmate - This is another one I bought at the end of Winter last year. This is a cheek/lip stain but I prefer it just on the cheeks. It's another rosy cheek product that looks really natural and stays on all day. This is more of a pink/plum toned so would go perfectly with dark lips. (Find it here)

Benefit Benetint - Since trying the cheek stain from Soap&Glory (above), I've wanted to try this stain by Benefit. I love their Cha Cha tint for summer and Benetint is a bright red colour that I think would be lovely on the lips and cheeks. I'd wear this with natural make up during the day. (Find it here)

Mac lip liner in 'Brick' - I threw this one in at the last minute as it's a must have for wearing underneath any red lips. Line your lips with this and it'll keep your lip colour in place a lot longer. It's also nice to use on it's own all over the lips with a bit of clear balm for moisture. This is a nice way to make a red lip more casual and daytime appropriate! (Get it here)

What's your favourite A/W cheek/lip products?


*sponsored link

A Guide to Online Shopping

Saturday, 7 September 2013
We've all heard about 'the death of the high street'. Everyone's shopping on line these days and there's a good reason why. It's easier, quicker and there's more choice. I definitely buy more clothes online that I do in the shops, with the exception of the occasional regular Primark spree. 

I love shopping online. I can sit on the couch in my onesie and take the time to put together an outfit from different sites without the stress of wandering around the shops or trying things on in an unflattering light (River Island changing rooms, I'm looking at you!). And nothing beats the excitement of that 'Your order has been despatched' email. 

tips and tricks for shopping online

I've come up with a list of tips that I've learned over the years of online shopping. I think knowing a few tricks helps to make things a lot easier and save any extra costs from on line shopping. 

1. Voucher Codes - When you're at the final stage and you're ready to check out, the empty 'promotional codes' section is a bit disheartening. If you don't have a student discount code, or even when you do, it's worthwhile checking online for any voucher codes. Simply Google search the website name and 'voucher codes' and check the top couple of links that come up. I often find 15/20% off or Free Delivery voucher codes, and it literally takes less than a minute to save a lot of money. Two of the top sites are Voucher Box and MyPromotionalCode. These usually can't be used alongside a student discount, so you'll need to pick the one that saves you the most. 

2. ASOS Premier Account - Earlier this year, I signed up for the Premier Account on ASOS. Basically, you pay £9.99 which gets you free unlimited next day delivery for a whole year. Considering the price of next day delivery is usually £5.99, this is a great deal even if you only use it a couple of times. The best thing is that ASOS stock so many brands. If I've found something I like on another website, I check if they stock it on ASOS and if they do, I've instantly saved myself £5 and get my delivery the next day! 

3. Sizes - The downside of on line shopping is that all brands size differently and without seeing the item, it can be difficult to know what size you'll be. If your item is on a model in the picture, check what size the model is wearing - this is always in the details section. If the models tall and you're not, check where the dress length ends and how it fits. On ASOS, you can watch the model on the catwalk to see how the item looks in real life. I also do a quick google search to see if any Bloggers have worn it in an outfit post to see how it fits and how they've styled it! 

4. Utilise 'Free Returns' - More and more websites offer free returns these days. If a website offers it, take advantage of it, especially if you're paying for delivery. If you can afford to, buy two sizes of the item you like,or buy an alternative in case you don't like it. This saves you having to pay delivery twice if you need the next size up. Returning an item really isn't a hassle at all, just wrap it back up and hand it in at the post office!

5. A sneaky little trick - A lot of websites offer 'free delivery when you spend £50' or something similar. If the website has a shop too (eg. Topshop) and/or they offer free returns, and my shopping basket is under £50, I'll sneak in an extra top or something to bring my total up to £50. This qualifies me for free delivery and saves me the normal £5/£6 charge (which is quite a lot, when you consider what you other things you could buy). Then when it arrives, I'll simply wrap up the top and send it back for free. It's no hassle to drop it into the post office on the way to work. Or if it's not free returns, you can pop past the shop to return the item. It may seem like a hassle to save a little, but when you're buying from different sites, the £5 delivery charge adds up to quite a bit.

 'Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves' ;-) 

Do you have any tips for shopping online? What do you think of mine?


Autumn Outfit Planning #2

Thursday, 5 September 2013
Nike Air Max outfit zara jacket
Nike Air Max 1 // JD Sports 

So yesterday I posted about my Autumn Outfit planning. You can see that post below (or here if you're lazy) or if you're really lazy, I'll summarise. I've started planning outfits to help me start my A/W wardrobe. I have nothing left from last year since I went a bit over the top with eBay in January. So I'm starting from nothing bar a few scarves from last year.

I've wanted to get a pair of these trainers for a while. I've never really been a trainer person, until I started wearing converse and remembered how comfy they are! I love the colours in this pair. But admittedly, they're really expensive. If I do get them, I'll need to wear them a lot to justify that price!

I'd be able to wear these trainers and jeans with a knitted coloured jumper too. Or a patterned beanie to mix it up. All I know is, I had a Zara jacket like this a while ago and it was the warmest jacket I've ever owned. They're a bit pricey too but it's totally invaluable when the weather's freezing, which it usually in Scotland.

What do you think of this outfit? 
If you have trainers like this, how do you wear them?


REVIEW || Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hi lovelies! I keep hearing about this new in-shower conditioner by Nivea and it made me remember this little pot from Lush that I still hadn't used. This is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from Lush and it came as part of a gift set so my one is just a little tub. The 225g pot's are sold for £15.95. 

So the idea of the product is that you wash and condition your hair, so you should be able to do the same for your body too. After washing, I applied this product lightly to the areas I'd normally moisturise, waited a couple of minutes then rinsed it off. 

This skin conditioner smells so, so good. I don't normally like the Argan Oil scent when it's in hair products, but the cocoa butter and other ingredients in this give it a lovely, clean and kind of Christmas-y scent. My skin felt soft after my shower but for me, it wasn't enough and I still had to put a light moisturiser on afterwards. The smell of the body conditioner didn't stay on my skin either, so it felt like this extra step was a bit of a waste. 

I won't be buying this again but I'm so, so excited for the Christmas range coming into Lush. I know, 'it's only September blah blah blah..', but I've been pining for the Twilight shower gel since January! Major stock up required!  

Have you tried this before?
What's your favourite Lush product?


Autumn Outfit Planning #1

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

There's only one (yes, one) negative thing about the change in season, and it's that day of panic when the weather suddenly changes and you're unprepared. Cue the 'All I have is denim shorts!' themed hysteria. Summer to Autumn is such a big changeover and it can be expensive to do it all in one go. I think a really good way to approach it is to buy two full outfits - including shoes, bag and maybe a coat. If the two outfits are different styles, then you can gradually branch out later to update them with a new dress or cardigan. Eventually, you have lots of different outfits by switching the items around. Does that make sense? Or in fact, does it sound really simple?!

This is the first outfit I've come up with. I love wearing dresses, tights and boots in Winter. But when it's not cold enough yet, I think these little frilly socks would be perfect with these boots. And I need this fluffy cardigan as soon as possible. I saw it in New Look the other day and seriously regret not buying it! I hope it's still there at the weekend. I bought a jumper from Primark in the same material and it's SO warm and cosy. It's just like Primark cosy socks!

My boyfriend Andy has been in Las Vegas since last Wednesday and I hate having no one to chat to when I'm in the flat myself. Hence the rambling in this post. 'Lonely....I'm mister lonely....' 


How do you plan to update your wardrobe?

OUTFIT || Hello Autumn

Sunday, 1 September 2013
Beatrix Floral Crown // Prairie Charms* 
Black Jumper // Primark 
Side Split Maxi // River Island 
Avril Cut Out Leather Boots // Miss Selfridge (early summer)
Ring // Primark 
(Nails - Essie Bahama Mama)

Hello lovelies :) It's FINALLY September! I've been so excited for Autumn and now I feel like I've got the green light to start buying warmer clothes. Autumn is my favourite season since it's cold enough to wear hats and scarves, but not too cold that you have to de-ice the car in the morning! 

I've started to really like skirts and jumpers recently and I think I'll be wearing more of this casual combo in the Autumn. A maxi or midi skirt is so much comfier than jeans or leggings, fact! 

I only got this flower headband last week so I'm pretty late to the trend..but I've made up for it by wearing it almost every day since! It's called a 'floral crown' but it's actually a headband and it's a bit more subtle than the normal crowns, which makes it more wearable for casual days I think. 

Right I'm off to start some long-awaited jacket shopping.. excited! 

What autumn clothes have you got your eye on??


p.s How many times did I mention Autumn in this post!?

*via Project Blogger 

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