Estee Lauder Kissable Shine in 'Venice Kiss'

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Venice Kiss Review

 Estee Lauder Kissable Shine in the shade 06 'Venice Kiss'

It's taken me far too long to post about this lipstick. I actually got this back in August but within a few days, I'd lost it. It was only last week that I finally found it in a jewellery box .. I'm guessing I thought this was a 'safe place' at the time...

Firstly, let's just take a minute to appreciate the lovely gold and pink packaging. You can definitely tell it's high end straight away, it's the type of product you'd leave out on your dressing table because it's so pretty. (..well, I would anyway)

'Venice Kiss' is the perfect daytime plum shade. It looks quite dark in the bullet, but on the lips it's a softer plum shade that's less bold in a way. It looks lovely with a tan but it's also really nice on my skin now that I'm a bit paler. The texture is what has totally sold this product to me, it's so moisturising and has a lovely glossy finish. It's very similar to the Mac Sheen Supreme range (but less drying) or a Revlon lip butter. 

The colour is really opaque and although the glossiness gradually fades within an hour or two (without reapplication), it leaves a slight stain on the lips which looks really nice too. There is a slight shimmer in the colour, which isn't that noticeable when it's on.

I'd really like to try out some other colours in this range. As expected though, they're quite pricey. In my experience of glossy,lip butter-ish products like this, they don't tend to last as long as a normal lipstick .. so the 'it'll ages' justification wouldn't apply here unfortunately. I'm sure I'll find another one though.

Have you tried any of the colours in this range?

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Estee Lauder Kissable Shine in 'Venice Kiss'
  1. This looks so pretty, perfect for autumn. I love Estée Lauder lip products x

  2. I really want to try this- great review xo

  3. Oooh the glamour,
    The packaging, the colour, its all so beautiful!

    Kelly ||


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