Christmas Wishlist #1

Thursday, 21 November 2013
John Lewis Christmas gifts
Hello! It was only a matter of time before I started throwing out the Christmas Wishlists. I've actually been compiling my own for the past month or so (*cough* August *cough*) but I've held off until now so it's more socially acceptable!

 There's not really a big thing that I want this year. I don't like to ask for clothes because I'd rather wait for the Christmas sales. There's nothing worse than getting a big present for it to be half price the following day! Me and my boyfriend have agreed that we'll just buy some little surprises. To make it easier, I've said I'll make a list of the types of things that I like and then I'll still be kind of surprised at what he picks. A full-on surprise is a bit too risky! 

 My favourite place for gift ideas just now is John Lewis. The site has all different sections for boys, girls, grandparents etc. which makes it so much easier to find presents for family and friends. Here's some of my favourite things on the site that are making their way to my Christmas list! 


Vagabond Teddy Bear Hot Water Bottle (£15) - I love a good hot water bottle during Winter and this bear one looks like it would be extra cosy. 

Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache Hand Crème (£13) - I think Christmas is the perfect time to get things that you'd never normally buy yourself. Laura Mercier is such a luxurious brand and comes in lovely packaging, which makes it a really nice gift for anyone. 

TOPSHOP Lipstick and Mirrored Blush Gift Set (£12) - I love that Topshop have brought out gift sets! They're inexpensive too and I'd be really happy with one of these in my stocking! 

John Lewis Apple Knit Handwarmer (£5) - I thought this would be a perfect little stocking filler. I'd love one of these in each pocket of my coat to warm me up on the way to work!

Origins Ginger Treats Collection Set (£25) - Ginger is my favourite Christmasy scent ever. I've got this on my own Christmas list and I think I'll actually buy a set as a gift for someone too!

Vagabond Waffle Wheat Wrap (£12.50) - I have one of those microwaveable penguins from La Senza that smells like wheat and lavender and it's just the best thing ever for taking to bed on a cold night. This is the same kind of idea - it's a big microwaveable blanket that's lavender and wheat scented. It's meant to be good for stress and migraines but I think I'd use it to warm up on the couch and relax after being out in the cold! 

What's on your Christmas list this year?

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Christmas Wishlist #1
  1. I love to look at other people's wishlists! The teddy bear water bottle is so fun, hahaah <3

  2. OMG! So cute Teddy bear!!!! I like your wishlist, and I'm sure it could be helpful for many peoples who are looking for gift ideas. Share it at our Christmas Wishlist contest to win $100.


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