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Tuesday, 3 December 2013
Hello! I've done a few posts on decorating in the past (my bedroom redecoration and storage posts) so thought it would be quite good to keep you up to date with my next venture! After putting up my Christmas decorations over the weekend, it's made me love my living room again and I really want that to continue after New Year. I decorated my living room after moving in three years ago and it's in serious need of an update. January is always a quiet month for me so I've decided to use the time productively and finally redecorate my living room! 

I've been obsessively scrolling through Pinterest for ideas over the weekend. 

This is the level of cosiness that I'm aiming for..
 cream gold brown living rooms
living room decorations
Images are from Pinterest and not my own, (I wish ...) 

I need to have a warm living room - anything brown, cream or gold is a winner in my books. My walls are painted at the moment but I'd like a shimmery feature wallpaper this time I think.

The biggest thing I need is new furniture. When I moved in, I totally rushed the furniture picking part and now I really regret it. I spent too much time picking vases and photo frames and not enough time picking furniture to sit them on! One thing I learned from decorating my bedroom is that matching furniture makes ALL the difference. Since it'll be after Christmas, I'm trying to keep the cost down so was really glad when I was contacted by Furniture Plus Online* to have a look at their stuff. Their furniture looks just like the ridiculously expensive stuff I've had my eye on, but it's more friendly to the old bank account. Here's some of my favourites from the site..

The warm shade of the wood will go with my colour scheme and I can get some nice ornaments on the book shelf to make the room look more homely and less empty. As much as I totally stress out when I'm decorating, I love doing it and since the living room is the most important room in the house, it'll be so worth it when it's done. Prepare for the stressed out tweets in January!

(You can also follow my Decorating Ideas board on Pinterest if you like!)

What do you use for inspiration when you're decorating?


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Decorating Inspiration || Living Room
  1. Love the first one so much!

    1. That's my favourite one too, looks so cosy! xx

  2. Very nice and comfy!

    Hoy un post de belleza Mary Kay en

  3. Ooooh I'm decorating my room at the moment! I really must do one of these pinterest boards! x

    1. They're really good, I love Pinterest! x


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