My Week In Outfits #1 || You Can't Sit With Us!

Monday, 16 December 2013
Red Snood outfit of the day

Black Oversized Beanie

Dark Red Snood // Topshop (last year) 
'You Can't Sit With Us' Sweater // eBay (here)
Leather Panel Leggings // Topshop (last year, similar here)
Combat Boots // Nine West 
Tassel Crossbody bag // Michael Kors 
Oversized Black Beanie // H&M 

Hello everyone! This is the first post in my 'My Week in Outfits' series! 

I've always liked the idea of doing an outfit post every day but since I work in an office, my week normally consists of boring office clothes during the day and a onesie/jammies at night. I am a wild child. However since it's nearly Christmas, we're allowed to dress casually in work for the next few weeks so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a week in outfits, and show what I'd wear on a normal day. Since there's so much to do over Christmas, I'll be able to tell you what festivey things I've been up to as well! Expect lots of hot chocolate and Home Alone.

I'm working a day behind to give me time to write each post and get it up reasonably early in the day, so this is actually what I wore on Sunday. I was a little 'fragile' after being out on Saturday night, and was unlucky enough to be working at 10am. This jumper is really cosy and comforting and made the transition from pyjamas to real-life a (little) bit easier. 

Luckily, I managed to get an early finish since it was quiet, and went home for a quick nap before heading over to my boyfriend's parents house for fajitas and enchiladas! 


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My Week In Outfits #1 || You Can't Sit With Us!
  1. You look really pretty, love your outfit. Also i need that sweater, so cute! <3 xo

  2. Nice outfit! The sweater is amazing :D

  3. Lovely outfit! This series is such a good idea! Xx


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