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8 Ways to Use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Hello! If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I did plan to post every night this week. This lasted for one day. *SHAME ON ME*. I had a crazy, crazy day yesterday. I left the house at 9am and got home at 10pm with a huge list of things I still had to do. I'm back on track today though and will continue to blog every day this week! (I promise this time!)

How to use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

I was given this little pot as a gift and although it doesn't smell too
 great, I would definitely repurchase this. 

So here's how you can use the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. 

1. Lips - Critics have called this a 'glorified vaseline'. I can only assume that they haven't used it properly because you,critics, are wrong. I use Vaseline throughout the day and love it, but my 8 hour cream is on another level. I use it at night, after a lip scrub and by the morning, my lips are SO soft. With Vaseline, my lips feel moisturised on the top layer only. As soon as the Vaseline has worn off, my lips are dry again and I need to re-apply. With 8 hour cream, I can really feel how well the product has been absorbed and how the condition has improved. 

2. Eyebrows - Forget clear mascara or brow gel, this is great for keeping eyebrows in place. As a finishing touch to your make up, lightly apply the formula with your finger over the brows and they will stay in place all day! 

3. Cracked heels - Typing those two words together gives me a slight shiver. Anyone else mentally scarred by that advert with the horrible feet? Anyway, everyone needs to take care of their feet in the summer. Cover your feet in 8 hour cream before bed, pop on a pair of socks and by the morning, they'll look and feel ten times better :-) 

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream review

4. Dry skin - I've read that a lot of Eczema sufferers swear by this and I can see why. I would apply this to any dry patches around an hour before bed time, to make sure it has time to absorb some of the product and you avoid having a slimy bed. (sorry, horrible thought)

5. Highlighter - For a natural and dewy look, I dab this lightly over the top of my cheekbones. This reflects the light and gives a lovely, natural highlight! 

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream review

6. Cuticles - Lots of products and harsh chemicals can leave my nails feeling dry after a manicure. I massage 8 hour cream into my cuticles and around the nails to keep them hydrated and prevent the skin from cracking.

7. Pre-tanning base - A good way to avoid patchy knees and elbows, is to lightly apply 8 hour cream over elbows and knees before putting on your fake tan. This stops the tan from sticking to these areas and making them darker than the rest of your body. 

8.  Healing spots/preventing discoloration - I've only started using the cream for this recently as I have to admit I was wary of using this formula on my face. It's quite thick,so I imagined it would clog my pores. The trick is to use it on spots that are in the process of healing. This should prevent the spot from scarring and speed up the healing process. I've heard good things about this, so I'll keep you updated! 

This product has to be the ultimate multi-tasker and perfect for travelling. 

For a tub in my size, its around £20.00. You can see the full range here.

 It's available in lots of different forms including a simple lip balm stick and handbag-size hand cream. I have the small tub which is perfect for me as I only use when I'm at home. 

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream review

 The only downside to the product is the smell - a bit like 'old lady' perfume. 
There is an unscented version available but I've heard its only slightly less overpowering - a bit like an 'old lady' body spray. 

For me, it's not a big deal. It's a small price to pay for a great product!


Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Monday, 25 February 2013
I hope this post title hasn't alarmed you, its okay .. there's still a few weeks to go! Mothers day is Sunday 10th of March. 

Luckily for me (not) , it's also my dad's birthday that day. And my nephews birthday a few weeks later... Hence why I'm getting organised in advance! 

I don't tend to spend huge amounts on Mothers day or Fathers day. I think its a hugely over-commercialised event and, like Valentines day, I don't like to be forced into spending lots of money to prove my love for someone just because 'Clinton Cards' tells me to. I'm not a total event-scrooge though and I do love buying presents. I buy a small gift which usually involves flowers and sweets. 

I thought I'd show you some of the gift ideas I have for my mum this year. 
I know its not really a beauty related post, but there's a few beauty products in there and I thought it'd be a nice wee change. :) 
They're all around £20.00 which is what I would normally spend! 

UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

Yankee Candle in Waikiki Melon - This is my favourite smelling candle from the new range. I am obsessed with yankee candles! This one is like summer in a jar <3 Available here.

'Zig Zag' Collage Frame - I love these frames from Matalan and I think it would bea lovely gift to give a nice big frame full of nice family pictures. There are loads of different styles and sizes available at Matalan. :)

Shanghai Butterfly Chiffon Scarf - I always feel wary about buying clothes as a present but I think scarves are the perfect idea - it's hard to go wrong! This gorgeous scarf is lightweight for spring/summer... from Accesorize.

Origins Lavender and Vanilla Body Souffle - I love giving presents to someone that you know they'd love, but wouldn't necessarily buy themselves. I don't think my mum would treat herself to this because its quite pricey but I know she'd love it as a gift. I found this one at John Lewis. And who doesn't love lavender?!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish & Muslin Cloths - I'm ordering this for myself pretty soon and thought it might be a good idea to get one for my mum aswell! Most mums like to take care of their skin and I've heard great things about this product! 

I hope you liked my gift ideas and I'd love to know what you ideas you have. 

Next, I have the impossible task of picking a birthday present for my dad. 

I'd also like to apologise for my infrequent posts over the last week. As you'll know from my constant moaning on twitter, I'm redoing my full bedroom (floors, wall, furniture, everything!) and its stressing me out big time! Should be back to normal in a week or so :-) 

Happy Monday! Only 5 days til the weekend! xxxx

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Wednesday, 20 February 2013
I think skin is the most important thing when it comes to beauty. 

I spend more time and money on my skin than I do on the rest of my face or body. Since it's so important, I don't mind paying a bit extra for skin products as  I've always found that 'you get what you pay for.' However .. there's nothing better than finding an excellent product
 for less than ten pounds. 

I suffer from occasional breakouts on my chin and forehead which is most triggered by bad diet. My skin was awful around Christmas as the healthiest thing I ate throughout December was a chocolate orange. (not sorry!)

I was on a hunt for a new face mask after getting average results from most products. I love using Make Up Alley for reviews and one of the most popular face masks was the Queen Helene Mint Julepe Mask. 

UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

I found it on Amazon for £6.13 so decided to give it a go!

On first impression, I thought 'this smells like toothpaste', remembered the ancient tip to put toothpaste on spots and thought..

                      'have I been tricked into a £6.00 toothpaste mask?' 

UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

But I really, really love this mask. 

I love how you can see the mask tackling the bad areas of your skin as the cleaner, unblemished areas dry a lot quicker. The problem areas take up to about 10 minutes to dry depending on your skin type. 

Mint Julepe mask review
( Ended up wearing the mask while writing this post. And my onesie! )

I followed advice from the reviews on Make Up Alley and slept wearing this mask. In the morning, I noticed that my skin felt sooo soft, any spots had dried up and my skin absorbed my make up a lot better.

Over the next 2/3 weeks, my skin was completely blemish-free and my pores were noticeably smaller. 

I sleep with this mask on around twice a week and honestly
I can't remember the last time I had a breakout.

Overall, this is a definite winner for me! 


Lip Stain Review - Maybelline Color Sensational

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Today I'm going to review on the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain. 

I need to warn you before we go any further, I had a bit of an incident the other day. This involved a jagged finger nail and a pot of lip balm and resulted in me looking like I've been mugged. The big scratch on my lip is evident in the before/after pics so I'd be happy if you pay no attention to this ... :)

The first lip stain I had was the Revlon 'Just Bitten' Lip stain/balm in 'Gothic'.
 I fell in love with the look but my lips had to be constantly
 re-balmed (is that a word?) because the formula was quite dry. 
Maybelline lip stain review

Although I caught the lip-stain bug, I wanted to shop around. I love that lip stains give the colour on your lips, without the obvious lip stick effect. And the 'stain' part means staying power - even better! When I saw this one going for £7.00 in Asda, I thought I'd give it a go.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Stain Review

I was looking for a specific colour in a lip stain. This is the colour that my lips go after using a lip scrub. (Lush Popcorn Scrub .. *MMM*)

 It's that natural, rosy kind of colour that fades after a couple of minutes..

 I picked the colour 'Blushing 350' which, for me, was quite a natural looking pinky plum shade but dark enough to notice the difference.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain Swatch

The lip stain is basically like a felt-tip pen that you draw onto your lips. I really liked that I've used this A LOT over the last 2/3 weeks and the pen hasn't dried out one bit. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain Swatch

And the colour is exactly what I wanted it to be. 
As you can see from the first picture, my natural lip colour is quite pale and if I forget to apply lip products throughout the day, I end up looking quite 'corpsey' in the lip department. This product gives me a 'rosy-cheek' effect on the lips. 

In terms of staying power, I would say this last around 3 hours max before needing topped up - which I think is really good!
 I don't think its realistic to expect a lip product to last any longer.
I didn't notice any drying effect from this product either. 

The only negative thing I could say is that the colour range isn't great. There are currently only 4 shades available in the UK and I'd love to see more. 

The four shades are all natural pinks so if you are looking for the same kind of look as me, I'm sure these 4 shades would match most skin tones. 

 I'm now on the hunt for a similar product with a wider shade range!

What's your favourite lip stain?


DOGEARED Faith Necklace Dupe

Saturday, 16 February 2013
Everyone wants something more, when they know they can't have it! As soon as I saw this necklace, I wanted it. 

I first saw this on Heart from Thatsheart on YouTube. 

I just loved how understated, pretty and unique it was.

sideways cross necklace

Straight away, I googled it but was disappointed when it seemed to only be available from the US ... unless I was willing to pay a huge postage price on top of the £100+ price mark, it would never be mine :-( 

Until ...ASOS decided to save me and bring out their own sideways cross necklace.. :O (Coincidence? ...Must be)

Even better, I couldn't believe it was only £6.00.

I ordered it straight away and haven't take it off since.
 I just love it and can't believe my luck at finding it! 

Okay its probably not real gold. (It's not) 
But if it changes colour, I'll buy another one. 
And then another one... and still have saved a huge amount. 

I posted a picture on Instagram of it this morning. 
I don't know why I look grey.. I am not a corpse, I promise.

Sideways cross necklace

I love fine chains at the moment <3

I've heard that Topshop have a new selection of fine necklaces so I plan on having a look at them soon aswell. 

Whats your favourite jewellery piece at the moment?


Shopping Haul and a Bit of Buyers Remorse

Friday, 15 February 2013
It feels a bit weird doing a haul as I've spent the full day in a fluster after checking my credit card balance for the first time in a while ...

I really need to stop the spending.

 So for the rest of February (all 2 weeks of it), I am on a spending ban. 

And in order to clean up some of the mess I've made, I have spent the last few hours looking out clothes to be sold/sacrificed on eBay.  If you want to have a look, here's the link to my eBay account. Keep an eye on it as I'll be uploading new things all week! Okay so now its time for the happy stuff ...

I was working in the city centre this week which meant the unavoidable trip into Primark. I couldn't believe the selection of stuff that I saw and I'm definitely heading there again post-ban

I picked up this gorgeous shirt that I'm slightly in love with! Its a lovely shimmery grey/blue colour and the material is stunning. I plan on wearing this tucked into dark skinny jeans!

UK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

The next thing I got in Primark was this gorgeous black tassle bag. It was only £8.00 and is so detailed and well-made. Its a smaller bag than I would normally carry but I suppose that prevents me carrying around all the useless junk that normally weighs me down! 

UK Fashion Blog Maisy MeowUK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

If you saw my work-wear wish list on an earlier post, you will know I've been on the hunt for a new work wardrobe. (obviously, stupid sentence!) I ended up going on line on Sunday night and ordering quite a few things from ASOS. Two of which are currently in the wash so I will show the online pics to illustrate! ..

Firstly, I got this really pretty bird print wrap dress. It goes perfect with tights and my new black wedges. And since I hate spending too much on work outfits, I loved that it was only £25.00 :) 

UK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

From my wishlist, I bought this black sleeveless blouse with folded collar.
 I wore this to work tucked into a black high wasted skirt with a chunky statement necklace under the collar and loved the outfit <3
I think I'll be able to wear this in a few different ways!

UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

And a lovely little black jersey skater skirt which was only £14.00 - it will go with so many outfits!

If you follow me on instagram (MaisyMeow)
 then you will have seen this pic I posted of my shirt from New Look. 

UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

It doesn't look like much in the picture but it sits like a dream and I will 
be wearing this in lots of different ways! 

Reflecting on my purchases has made me think ... shirt obsession? 8-)

Well, now that I've had my happy times posting on here I will get back to crying onto my credit card bill...



DIY Valentines Nails

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Just a quick blog post today! 

I have been SO busy the past two days and if you follow my twitter (@MeowMaisy) you will know I have been having a pretty bad week. 

I cut up my credit card on Sunday after an overwhelming post-ASOS buyer's remorse. Then.. lost my bank card on Monday morning! 

I  had to walk about in the thick snow today and ruined my black wedges 
by diving into a huge black slushy puddle. 

Maisy Meow // UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

I am, by now, in a much happier mood as I've just given my nails a Valentines makeover. I love seeing other pics of peoples nails and I love doing my own so thought I'd post a pic on here too! This was Sally Hanson Diamond Strength in Honeymoon and the hearts are drawn on with Models Own Nail Art pen in white :)

Let me know if you have any nail posts on your blogs <3 
I'm a bit obsessive over nail designs! 

'Happy val day sab!'
 (my annual 'Sabrina' reference!)

Follow me on Instagram - MaisyMeow 

My Hair Care Routine. A Recovery Story!

Monday, 11 February 2013
Today I will tell you the story of my hair and the happy ending. 

 I'll start with a bit of background info - my hair is really thick and naturally black. Last year, I grew obsessed with Jessica Alba and spent FAR too much money trying to get my hair like this ..

How To Repair Hair
Can you blame me? 

My hairdressers kindly burned my hair (and scalp) to pieces and I left the salon with bright orange, frizzy hair. I tried to fix it, realised it wasn't meant to be and dyed my hair back to my natural colour. 

But the damage was done. 
I now had dry, frizzy, black hair and a big overdraft. 

After trying tons of high-end shampoos/conditioners, I was amazed to find the best hair care range came from Boots! 

how to fix your hair after bleaching

Toni and Guy shampoos are usually on a '3 for 2' offer
 and are priced at £5.99 a bottle. 
I wash my hair every second day. 
And alternate between two different routines.

First Routine 
The first is simply the Shampoo for Dry Hair and Conditioner for Dry hair. (Pictured above) 
Sounds boring? Try it! This shampoo leaves my hair feeling amazingly clean and soft. Alongside the conditioner, my hair is noticeably shinier! I always use a leave-in conditioner spray before blow drying and have religiously used Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance £4.49 for over a year! 
* We all know that Aussie smell .. mmm :) *

Second Routine 
This is my preferred routine based solely on the smell of my hair mask!
I seem to build up product in my hair easily and need a detox shampoo at least once a week. 
Toni and Guy Detox shampoo is the best one I've ever tried. 
Within seconds of applying this to my hair, I can feel it squeeking!
 (in a good way!) 
As detox shampoo can be quite harsh, I then follow with the 
best smelling hair mask EVER.

how to fix hair after bleaching

This is Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask. 
 It smells like the golden coloured Herbal Essences shampoo.
 I would happily smell this, and only this, for the rest of my life! 

And it has done wonders for my hair condition!

A lot of hair masks can just coat the hair, making you believe its smoother and then shattering your hopes and dreams when you stop using it.
 But not Macadamia Oil.. this stuff is irreplaceable.

I bought mine from Amazon for around £20.00. It's worth every penny and lasts surprisingly long. (Two months in and still got lots left!) 

So my hair is finally in good condition and might even grow this year! 
I cant wait to have lovely long hair that I can swish about!  

Whats your favourite hair care product? 


OUTFIT || Grey Midi Dress

Sunday, 10 February 2013
I'm not feeling so fresh today and I am still in bed at 3pm. *shame*
So I thought I'd at least use the time productively and do an outfit post.

I went to a charity comedy night which was held in a church hall and it was 'bring your own bottle'.
(this explains why I am still in bed.)

I was unsure about what to wear - to dress or not to dress? 

I ended up finding this dark grey cut out midi dress in Bank which was just the right amount of dressy and casual. 

Maisy Meow // UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

Grey midi dress - Bank £28
Black Wedges - Bank £35
Necklace - Republic £10 
Leather Jacket - Topshop £58
Black bag - River Island £25

I found this full outfit in under half an hour *record time* 
And with a 20% student discount in Bank, I was a very happy girl! 

I put my hair into a messy side bun which is a style I'm starting to love ..

I wore Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 128 'Starry-eyed'.
 Its a dark plum colour with a lovely texture - although the staying power could be a lot better. 

Maisy Meow // UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

To accesorise, I wore a chunky necklace from Republic and these stacked rings from ... PRIMARK. I think they were around £2 .. can you believe it? 

Maisy Meow // UK Beauty and Fashion Blog
Sorry but no matter what I do, my hands look horrible in pictures.

I'm now going to go back to sleep and order a takeaway when I wake up. 
* Best part of a hangover! *

Hope you liked my first outfit post


How to wear a backless dress - Bra Solution

Monday, 4 February 2013

So this is a bit of an unusual post, but I discovered something so amazing that I just had to share. I wear a 28G bra and if you are similar (small back, large cup size) then you'll know that this is an issue in itself. It's almost impossible to find good quality, pretty underwear without spending over £50.00 per bra. And I just can't stand soft cup, see-through granny bras.

Since finding an every day bra was a task in itself, wearing a backless dress has never been an option for me.  I wouldn't feel comfortable going bra-less and if your cup size is C or above, cheap stick-on bras from Primark just aren't an option. The 'covering of the boob' take may be taken care of - but it wouldn't give a nice shape under the dress or the support I wanted.

So for my Christmas night out, I found the perfect dress that I absolutely fell in love with and I soooo wanted to wear it.

backless dress bra
It was this Jones and Jones Backless 'Audrey' Dress

I was determined to find a solution. 

I started looking on YouTube and (although I found some weird non bra-related boob videos) I discovered an advert for a product called Bare Lifts.  They were completely different to anything I had ever heard of, but only cost £2.20 so I had nothing to lose. (Apart from £2.20)

backless dress bra solutions

Bare Lifts are invisible adhesives that you stick on to your boob and pull up to give a nice shape.The sticker is split into the top and bottom half. You firstly peel off the bottom half and apply this area above the nipple. Make sure its stuck on tight then peel off the top half. Then, you simply pull it upwards (which lifts your boob right up) and stick it up as high as you want it .... 

and voila! - Victoria Beckham style grafity-defying boobs. 

Click here to watch the advert and a video demonstration.

I wanted to make sure they were extra sticky so bought two pairs to have a trial day. I can't explain how happy I was when I realized they worked. 

With the top half of the boob sorted and the perfect support, I went to 'Boux Avenue' and bought a stick-on bra which I stuck on for a bit of extra back-up. I don't know if it was just a psychological thing that I had to feel a bra underneath as well. So after all that, here's the dress I wore on my night out. 

Bra solution for a backless dress
How to wear a backless dress without a bra

The night out lasted around 6 hours and the Bare Lifts still had to be quickly ripped off when I got home. (The alcohol definitely helped me do this) 

If you're like me, you have to try these. They are the perfect add-on to a stick-on bra or even just to use on their own. 

I'm so excited to finally start wearing backless dresses!

Let me know if you try these and what you think! I hope this helps :) xxx 

Work Wear Wish List

Friday, 1 February 2013
As January is finally over, I have a bit of a spending spree planned for tomorrow.. 

This winter, I have kept my day/night time wardrobe full and up-to-date and have almost completely avoided any of those 'I have NOTHING to wear!' days. Recently, however, I've began to hate all the outfits I have for wearing to work. I wear office clothes which for me, is usually a dress or skirt and shirt/top with tights and preferably heels. A new post will follow (if tomorrow is successful) but in the mean time, here is a few things I've got my eye on.

Maisy Meow // UK Beauty and Fashion Blog
1. River Island Skater Skirt in Lace £18.00
2. Topshop Lace dress £29.00
3. ASOS Blouse with Folded Collar £25.00

I almost always wear black tights to work so prefer to wear black heels.

 I had a pair of black suede lace up wedges from River Island and loved the style - they went with everything and were comfortable for wearing on long days. However, they didn't really survive Winter. I found a similar pair on eBay for £22.99 *shockface*  and they arrived this morning. 

Maisy Meow // UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

They feel like good quality and will go with every work outfit :-) 
You can find the eBay shop here.

Where do you shop for work clothes? 


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