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What I Got For Christmas 2013

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hello, and (a slightly late) Merry Christmas! I'd hoped to get a post up on Boxing day but, as it turns out, last night was the first time I actually had a chance to sit down with the laptop and catch up! I loved reading posts on everyone's Christmas presents, so thought I'd do a post of my own while it's not too late! So here's what I got for Christmas this year..

My boyfriend and I usually get each other one or two big presents, then we do a small stocking too. My main present from Andy was these black boots from River Island. I've been wearing them with tights and socks and I love that the cut out detail shows a bit of my socks from the side too - my new favourites! He also got me the Armani Diamonds 'Rose' perfume, which smells amazing.

My mum got me a new supply of socks, pyjamas and body lotions. I always look forward to a new pair of jammies on Christmas day. One of my favourite traditions is getting home on Christmas night, having a long shower with new products and putting on new cosy jammies!

My sister got me a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and chocolate supplies, I'm so excited to use that! And her big surprise for me, which I still can't get over, was a Sega Mega Drive and Sonic the Hedgehog game! I used to be obsessed when I was younger, and I can't wait to start playing it again! Although I don't think my boyfriend was too happy when I suggested unplugging his XBOX and replacing it with my old school mega drive, but I'm sure he'll be hooked too eventually!

My boyfriend's mum and dad booked us both a night away at a hotel on Valentines day, which was such a good idea and I'm so excited to get some spa treatments and chill out for the day.

I had the best Christmas ever this year and I'm still in denial that it's over, only 360 days to go!

What did you get for Christmas?

p.s what do you think of my new blog design?

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My Week in Outfits #5 || Christmas Jumper Day

Friday, 20 December 2013
Christmas jumper ootd
Leather Zip Skirt // Zara 
Black Chelsea Boots // New Look 
Faux Fur Head Band // Barts (here)
Faux Fur Collar Biker Coat // Topshop 

Hello! Yesterday was 'Wear your Christmas Jumper to Work' day, so that was a no-brainer. I got this jumper last week for the Bloggers Christmas Party and this is actually the same outfit I wore to that. This was 'small/medium' on the label, but I'd say it's a 'small' man size at the least - it's huge! I have to roll the sleeves up to just about pull off the 'oversized' look. It actually fits my boyfriend better than me, which is a bit weird. It's the first time he's asked to borrow my clothes! I do really love the pattern though so I'm glad I kept it.

After work, I was visiting family then went to the shops on my way home. I must have been in every Next in Glasgow trying to get this gilet but they never seem to have my size. It's available on line though, so (as I'm always saying these days..) I think I'll just wait until the sales now! 

I went into Boots too with the intention of getting a new eye liner and, as usual, came out with lots of things I like but don't need. I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, which I used to wear every day, and also got the concealer to try this time. And 'since it was 3 for 2' (we've all said that), I picked a really nice blusher too. A few people had recommended the Supercat eye liner from Soap&Glory so I got that to try, and hope it'll be the one that solves my eye liner troubles! Have any of you tried it, what did you think? 

(Instagram @MaisyMeow)


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My Week In Outfits #4 || Tired but Cosy

Thursday, 19 December 2013
converse trainers ootd
MOTO Vintage Borg Denim Jacket // Topshop (here)
Fluffy Jumper // Primark
Floral Print Jeggings // H&M (recent but can't find them online)
White Converse // Office 
Oversized Black Beanie // H&M (last year)

Hello! Yesterday I was working really early and all I wanted to do was to wear comfy clothes - so the first thing I picked up was my converse trainers. I've not worn these in a while and was actually concerned that my ankles would be cold. Turned out this concern was totally in vain as for some reason, on the day that I chose to wear this super-warm fluffy jumper, the office was boiling hot. Since I didn't put a suitable top on underneath, I was left roasting like a big Christmas turkey all day. My ankles, on the other hand, were perfect temperature.

I went to my mums for dinner after work and spent some time with my nephew, who is just the cutest wee guy ever. Some of you might have seen me say on Twitter that I had a lovely surprise when I got home. I'd left a note on a car last week when I saw another car hit it and drive off, and they'd got in touch afterwards to say thanks for leaving the details. They took my address in case the insurer needed to contact me, and used it to send me these flowers with a little card to say thank you. I just think that's so kind and it really made my day! 

bunch of flowers

Oh, and a quick update on the fake tan hands - as you can see in the picture, they're not fading! I spent ages scrubbing away in the shower and I'm still sporting a deep mahogany shade. 

Do any of you have any tips for sorting out a fake tan disaster??


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My Week In Outfits #3 || Flowers and Fake Tan

Wednesday, 18 December 2013
fashion blogger outfit of the day

ootd fashion blog

Black Rose Print Jumper // River Island (now on sale!)
Affanita Mid Heel Chelsea Boots // Topshop (don't think this colour is still available!)
Gold Chain // ASOS 
Red Bag // Next

Hello! As you can probably see, I have a severe case of fake tan hands. I was trying out a new tan and think I got a bit carried away. I was actually really happy with the rest of the tan, and really liked the colour on my face after I'd put my make up on - but those hands ... *cringe* 

Orange hands aside, I really love this jumper and I've worn it to death since I got it. I wear these boots all the time too. I asked for these in black for my Christmas but they've sold out in my size, so I'm probably just going to wait now to see if I find another pair I like in the sales. 

I obsess far too much about the sales after Christmas - so much that I can't think of anything to ask for my Christmas because secretly I'm thinking 'I'll just wait and get that in the sales'. I already have a list of things I'm going to be looking out for on Boxing day! I can't say I'll be one of the people in the queue for Next at 6am though, I'll be on the couch in my onesie instead with the laptop and a wee hot chocolate - stress free sales shopping :) !

What are you planning to get in the sales?

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My Week In Outfits #2 || Tartan Dress

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
tartan dress ootd
Faux Fur Collar Biker Coat // Topshop 
Cream Fluffy Jumper // Primark 
Tartan dress // eBay 
Avril Cut Out Boots // Miss Selfridge (early summer)
Black Tassel Cross Body bag // Michael Kors 
Gold Chain // ASOS 

Hello! Yesterday I had the day off work so me and my sister went shopping for the last of our Christmas presents. I love the build up to Christmas SO much. It sounds weird but I kind of wish Christmas was further away so we'd have more time to enjoy the excitement before it! 

We also had a wee trip to Costa after shopping. I got the limited edition Black Forest Hot Chocolate and I have to say, it's the best hot drink I've ever had. They're limited edition so I'm definitely going to make the most of these before they disappear for another year! If you haven't had one yet, you really need to try one of these!

hot chocolate

Have any of you finished your Christmas shopping?


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My Week In Outfits #1 || You Can't Sit With Us!

Monday, 16 December 2013
Red Snood outfit of the day

Black Oversized Beanie

Dark Red Snood // Topshop (last year) 
'You Can't Sit With Us' Sweater // eBay (here)
Leather Panel Leggings // Topshop (last year, similar here)
Combat Boots // Nine West 
Tassel Crossbody bag // Michael Kors 
Oversized Black Beanie // H&M 

Hello everyone! This is the first post in my 'My Week in Outfits' series! 

I've always liked the idea of doing an outfit post every day but since I work in an office, my week normally consists of boring office clothes during the day and a onesie/jammies at night. I am a wild child. However since it's nearly Christmas, we're allowed to dress casually in work for the next few weeks so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a week in outfits, and show what I'd wear on a normal day. Since there's so much to do over Christmas, I'll be able to tell you what festivey things I've been up to as well! Expect lots of hot chocolate and Home Alone.

I'm working a day behind to give me time to write each post and get it up reasonably early in the day, so this is actually what I wore on Sunday. I was a little 'fragile' after being out on Saturday night, and was unlucky enough to be working at 10am. This jumper is really cosy and comforting and made the transition from pyjamas to real-life a (little) bit easier. 

Luckily, I managed to get an early finish since it was quiet, and went home for a quick nap before heading over to my boyfriend's parents house for fajitas and enchiladas! 


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An Early Christmas Present from St Enoch Centre

Sunday, 15 December 2013
HelloSo I've managed to get a bit carried away with the festivities this week. I've been shopping, at the pantomime, watching my nephews nativity, drinking far too much hot chocolate and just enjoying every minute of the best month of the year! * It's the most wonderful time of the year ...* I also went along to the Bloggers Christmas party on Tuesday, which involved a Secret Santa and a lot of Christmas jumpers - my favourite kind of night!

 In all the excitement, my posts have been a bit sparse so I'm going to make up for it by doing an outfit post every day next week :) First one will be up tomorrow evening, so watch this space!

Tonight I thought I'd do a post on a lovely Christmas gift I was given by the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow. The St Enoch centre is one of the main shopping centres in Glasgow and has some of my favourite shops including Topshop, Debenhams and Boots (and the best Santa's grotto too!).

Topshop nail polish heart of gold

Rimmel shade 01
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 01, Topshop Nails in 'Heart of Gold'
body shop blush in bubblegum
Body Shop Blusher in 'Bubble Gum' and Peppermint Foot Soak (which I love!)

The gift contained everything I'd need for a Christmas night out and I really love everything they chose - a beautiful dark red lipstick, a sparkly gold nail polish and even an eye mask to make sure I get a good sleep afterwards! I love the gold bracelet from Dorothy Perkins too - it's something I'd definitely have picked for myself and think it'll go nicely with my gold chain necklace! 

 I'm so excited to start using everything now and I'll do some posts over the next few weeks to tell you what I think of the products! Thanks again to the St Enoch Centre for a lovely gift! 

What are your essentials for a Christmas night out?


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OUTFIT || Faux Fur and Floral

Sunday, 8 December 2013
denim borg jacket outfit

Barts Faux Fur Headband (bought in a local shop but also sold here)
MOTO Vintage Denim Borg Jacket // Topshop 
Floral Printed Jeggings // H&M
Flat Chelsea Boots // Barratts (last year)
Necklace // Primark 

Hello! Firstly, excuse the grumpy face. These pictures were taken when we were running late and Andy wasn't too happy with me when I suggested taking outfit pictures too. Need to be more prepared next time.

I bought this headband recently from a little coffee shop on my way home from Mull. I really like the fur hats that are around at the moment, but I've been blessed with a big head and I can never get hats that fit this huge thing. I was unsure whether to spend the money on the headband or try and get a cheaper one, but I'm so glad I decided to get it. It's the softest, cosiest thing ever and I'd probably not have found another one that fits anyway.

I saw this jumper on one of my favourite blogs In The Frow and ordered it straight away. It had sold out on ASOS but I managed to get the same one half price through eBay anyway. Mean Girls is my all time favourite film and the jumper is actually really comfy and fleecy so it's warm too! 


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November Beauty Favourites

Thursday, 5 December 2013
Hello! So I'm sitting here wrapped in a snugly blanket, Christmas tree lights on, my Yankee Candle burning and drinking a hot chocolate - I couldn't be happier. I've got my decorations up and I'm going for round two of Christmas shopping tonight, I am totally in the Christmas spirit!

Before we get too far into December, I thought I'd do a monthly favourites for November. I had plans to take nice pictures, but since we've only been getting roughly fifteen minutes* of sunlight every day, I was struggling a bit! Anyway, here's the products I loved the most in November!
*slight exaggeration

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lotion - A body lotion that not only smells of ginger bread, but also makes your skin sparkle - doesn't get much better than that does it? The sparkle is subtle and gives a lovely glow on the skin. Definitely one of my favourite Christmas scents!

Bourjois Eyeshadow in 'Beige Rose' - I've actually had this eye shadow for ages and only recently rediscovered it. It's a really natural shimmery colour which is great for brightening and highlighting. Have a look at this FOTD post if you want to see how I've been using it.

Body Shop Radiant Highlighter - Another rediscovered product! I bought it over the summer but think it definitely works better when my skins a bit paler, since it's more of a frosty highlighter. I love that it's a cream texture too, I try to avoid anything powdery during Winter!

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower gel - Using this is like showering in a milkshake. As much as I love Lush shower gels, it really does hurt to pay £6 for a bottle. This stuff seriously smells just as good as Lush and it's so cheap to buy - I really recommend you try this!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Moisturizer - I use this all year but had to put it in because I appreciate this product so much in Winter! It's so moisturising, and lets me get away with wearing my Double Wear foundation (which can be slightly drying) in the colder weather .

What's your favourite products at the moment?


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Decorating Inspiration || Living Room

Tuesday, 3 December 2013
Hello! I've done a few posts on decorating in the past (my bedroom redecoration and storage posts) so thought it would be quite good to keep you up to date with my next venture! After putting up my Christmas decorations over the weekend, it's made me love my living room again and I really want that to continue after New Year. I decorated my living room after moving in three years ago and it's in serious need of an update. January is always a quiet month for me so I've decided to use the time productively and finally redecorate my living room! 

I've been obsessively scrolling through Pinterest for ideas over the weekend. 

This is the level of cosiness that I'm aiming for..
 cream gold brown living rooms
living room decorations
Images are from Pinterest and not my own, (I wish ...) 

I need to have a warm living room - anything brown, cream or gold is a winner in my books. My walls are painted at the moment but I'd like a shimmery feature wallpaper this time I think.

The biggest thing I need is new furniture. When I moved in, I totally rushed the furniture picking part and now I really regret it. I spent too much time picking vases and photo frames and not enough time picking furniture to sit them on! One thing I learned from decorating my bedroom is that matching furniture makes ALL the difference. Since it'll be after Christmas, I'm trying to keep the cost down so was really glad when I was contacted by Furniture Plus Online* to have a look at their stuff. Their furniture looks just like the ridiculously expensive stuff I've had my eye on, but it's more friendly to the old bank account. Here's some of my favourites from the site..

The warm shade of the wood will go with my colour scheme and I can get some nice ornaments on the book shelf to make the room look more homely and less empty. As much as I totally stress out when I'm decorating, I love doing it and since the living room is the most important room in the house, it'll be so worth it when it's done. Prepare for the stressed out tweets in January!

(You can also follow my Decorating Ideas board on Pinterest if you like!)

What do you use for inspiration when you're decorating?


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