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Sunday, 19 January 2014
Hello! Hope you've all had a fun weekend! Since it's the weekend before pay day, mine was uneventful and involved a lot of window shopping. I fear for my debit card on Saturday morning, it'll probably melt under the pressure. Anyway, I'd normally be doing an outfit post today and up until now, that had been the plan, but for some reason my pictures have turned out terribly. So instead, I'm going to bring my posts forward and start my new series today. Hope you all enjoy it!

This week, I'll be posting every day* with my current favourites in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I already have quite a few ideas for topics but if you have any suggestions, just let me know in the comments or tweet me any ideas! (@MeowMaisy)  

*edit- This was a major overcommitment, will definitely post at least 4 this week! My bad.

Today, I'm going to pick my current favourite fashion blogs .. ('in no particular order' and all that) ...


This is a new-ish discovery of mine and has quickly become one of my favourite blogs. Wonderful You is written by the lovely Megs. Outfit posts are my favourite at the moment, and this blog always has a mix of different styles of casual and evening outfits. I must warn you though, you're about to get some serious hair envy.

Charissa Rae 

Charissa Rae has been one of my favourites since I first starting reading blogs. We have quite similar taste in fashion, so I find this blog really useful when I'm looking for some inspiration. Definitely a favourite!


LLYMLRS, written by Lily Melrose, is one of the most popular fashion blogs in the UK and has a huge following. It's pretty obvious why, Lily has a huge wardrobe selection, incredible fashion sense and posts outfits every day.

What are your favourite fashion blogs? Leave links in the comments! 

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My Favourite: Fashion Blogs
  1. Have you heard of Dulce Candy or Ria Michelle? those are my top 2 favorites at the moment (:
    ~Makaela at


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