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OUTFIT || Coral Coat Love

Sunday, 30 March 2014
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patterned trousers H&M outfit

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Coral Coat: Miss Selfridge (sale) || White Shirt: H&M 
Patterned Stretch Trousers: H&M || Black T-bar Shoes: River Island 

Hello! Since I'm trying to update my work wardrobe at the moment, I thought I'd show you one of the outfits I picked up during the week. Our dress code is just like a typical office, maybe a bit more on the casual side. When I'm looking for work clothes, I'll always head straight to H&M. I totally grudge spending money I've earned in work, for clothes to wear in work - I feel like I'm paying to be there! H&M have a really good selection though and it's really inexpensive too. It's fast becoming my favourite shop these days. I've got my eye on a few more things in there, so hopefully I'll be showing you them on here over the next few weeks if all goes well! 

I was so happy the other day when I saw this coat in Miss Selfridge, half price and in my size... eeeeep. I saw this a month or so ago and was so close to buying it, but at full price it felt like a bit of a waste since we're on our way out of Winter. But since it was half price and a nice Spring colour, it was a no brainer. This will be perfect for the chilly Spring days and then when it gets warmer, I can put it away to save until the Autumn. 

I've had a lot going on this week so apologies for the lack of posts, all is back to normal starting from nnnnnow. Oh, and just a reminder that my giveaway is ending soon! You can enter here to win a Babyliss Volume Waves styler! 

Where do you shop for work clothes? Do you like this outfit?

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How NOT to care what other people think.

Monday, 24 March 2014
Have you ever wanted to do something, but decided against it when you thought about what other people might think? Most people have. Usually, it's not your close friends or family that you worry about either. It's the people you don't know so well, or the people who don't know you very well, for that matter. The people you went to school with, but haven't seen in years. The people you see in work, but never see outside. Or even your friend's friend's get my point. People generally don't like other people to think badly of them, no matter who they are. In the last year or so, I've started thinking of things in a different way and it's had such a positive effect. 

My eureka moment happened a year or two ago, when I was worrying about some insignificant 'problem'. I can't remember specifically but I'd been on a night out and met someone who I hadn't seen in ages. Afterwards, I'd rerun the conversation in my head, decided that I'd said something stupid/bad/offensive and convinced myself that this person must now be appalled by my existence. Even worse, I probably wouldn't see them again to redeem myself. I couldn't stop cringing.

Things can easily escalate when you over-think them. But it was only when I asked myself 'how does this actually affect my life?' that I realised, it doesn't. I'd still get up in the morning and do the same things I do every day, see the same people and in fact, this persons opinion on me (whether good or bad) has absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever. 'Other peoples' opinions will always fit in to three categories - they either don't care, like it or don't like it. If they don't care (probably the majority), fine. If they like it, great. And if they don't like it, who cares. I realised that this way of thinking solves quite a lot of my 'problems' or things that I worry about. 

When someone says something bad behind your back, or if you make a fool of yourself in front of people you don't know too well - how does it affect your life? If someone has something nasty to say, who cares? You'll continue to do what makes you happy, and that person will continue to be negative. I know who I'd rather be in that situation. If you cringe easily, look away now because things are about to get cheesy. It's a cliche, but the saying is right. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. If someone has something nasty to say about me, I'd be pretty sure it wasn't one of my close friends or family. And if they're saying something nasty to or about me, then they probably won't be somebody that I'd like to spend time with either. At the end of the day, if someone has a problem with you, it's their problem. Not yours.

So next time you're worrying about what other people might think. Ask yourself how it affects your life, realise it doesn't, and keep doing what makes you happy. In the words of my hero Kevin Gnapoor - 'don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang'. Amen Kevin, Amen.

What do you think - do you worry about other people's opinions?
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OUTFIT || Pastel Blue and Printed Trousers

Sunday, 23 March 2014
Blue Textured Stitch Jumper: Dorothy Perkins || Printed Navy Trousers: H&M || Grey Asymmetric Strap Pointed Shoes: New Look || Bag: Primark || Rings: Primark || Nude Nails: L'Oreal Macaroon Noisette 

Hello everyone! So this is what I wore for the ASOS High Summer event on Monday - you can read about that and see their lovely clothes here! I was a bit unsure what to wear to this event. I was going quite early so didn't want to be too dressy, or too casual so I aimed for right in the middle. I didn't use this bag on the day, I was still using my sisters white bag (from this post) which I think actually went better - but you still get the idea :) 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these shoes in New Look - sometimes that place really surprises me! They're so comfy too, the 'leather' is really soft and the strap across the front stops them moving about. They're showing almost white in the picture above, but they're a light grey shade which will go with pretty much everything! Oh by the way, the bottom picture has a straw plant thing in front of the shoes, it's not a mark on them. Although I did panic for a minute.

So it looks like the weather is starting to brighten up and since it's pay day on Thursday, my proper Spring/Summer shopping starts next weekend. As you can imagine, I already have a mahoosive list of things I like but I need to shop wisely so I end up with things I can wear here, and on holiday too. I have a feeling we'll get a 'heat wave' (the scottish kind) soon, and I want to be prepared! 

Have you starting your Spring/Summer shopping yet?

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P.S Only two weeks left to enter my giveaway! You can find that here :) 

ASOS 'High Summer' Collection Preview

Thursday, 20 March 2014
Hello lovelies! So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might already know that I went to the ASOS High Summer press party on Monday. ASOS is my favourite place for shopping, so I couldn't wait to see a preview of what I'll inevitably be buying in the near future. Safe to say, it was everything I wanted it to be and more. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. There was everything that you need in a Summer range - florals, pastels and denim, but on top of that, there was an amazing selection of fabrics, embellishments and new styles. In addition to the pictures below, I took a ridiculous amount of 'photo-memos' on my phone - I know exactly what I'll be adding to my basket when this range becomes available in May! Goodbye annual bonus, I'll start saving next year..

UK Fashion blog ASOSYou can just about get a glimpse of some gorgeous pink check culottes in this rail. I haven't worn culottes since I was 8 and in the Brownies, but I think this might be the pair to convert me to the trend. I'm so easily swayed. I absolutely love all the mint in this rail too - my favourite summer pastel!
Embellished jacket ASOSAnd on the right is the prettiest embellished summer jacket ever - could it be any more perfect?
UK Fashion blog ASOSThis sheer printed t-shirt dress is so unique and pretty. There would be so many different ways to wear this - I think it would look gorgeous over light denim shorts or even a white cami dress. This one went straight onto the 'must-have' list. How would you style it? Let me know in the comments!
UK Fashion blog ASOS
And last but certainly not least, it wouldn't be summer without these gorgeous floral prints.

So what do you think, do you have a favourite? What's your favourite Summer trend?

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P.S check back on Sunday for my outfit post when I'll show you what I wore to the event! :)

REVIEW || The Body Shop: Colour Crush Lipsticks

Tuesday, 18 March 2014
The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick Swatches

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick Swatches
Innocent Pink || Red Siren ||The Right Mauves || Crazy Sexy Crinson || Hot Date
The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick Review

How pretty are these to look at? Before we get into anything, let's take a moment to appreciate that. *silence* Okay, so these were actually samples that were sent to me early last year when I was working for the Body Shop at Home (BSAH). Their lovely packaging has brightened up my make up table for quite a while now, so I thought it's definitely time they had their moment on here. 

I'm a really big fan of The Body Shop's make up range so I was really excited to try these lipsticks. Fortunately, I was sent a good range of colours so I could really get an idea of the range. Admittedly, some of these shades aren't for my skin tone but I instantly knew that the bold 'Red Siren' and the understated 'Hot Date' were going to be my favourites. One thing I'd say, having seen the full colour range in the shop, is that there's definitely a shade to suit everyone

When it came to trying these out, the formula was a big surprise. It was far lighter than I'd expect from a lipstick and probably less than I'd expect from a lip butter too. It's actually pretty similar to the consistency of Vaseline, oddly enough. The colour applies really well, but this coupled with the almost greasy consistency, is not a good combination. I found it really difficult to keep this in place, and found myself constantly checking the mirror. It wasn't in vain either, because the majority of the time I'd find it had smudged down my face. Slightly embarrassing...

As much as I love the colours and packaging, the formula has definitely lost my vote. I tried different ways to make these work, but it seems it's a lost cause. In my opinion, there's a lot of work to be done to justify that £10 price tag. For now, they'll remain a pretty decoration on my dressing table.

Have you tried any of these before? What did you think?

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OUTFIT || Dinner and Drinks

Sunday, 16 March 2014
Long Sheer Shirt: Primark || Black Cami: Topshop || Mottled Treggings: Topshop (old)
Bag: H&M (c/o my sister!) || Cut Out Heels: Boohoo (similar here) || Rings: Primark 

Hello! Happy Sunday! I hope you've all spent the day in your jammies, drinking tea and being lazy because that's what Sundays are all about. I've had so much to do today and I'm not even finished yet. I'm writing this with dye on my hair and wet finger nails, not so bad at the old multi-tasking..

So this is what I wore last night when me and Andy went out for dinner and drinks with our friends. I had the usual panic before we left, because I couldn't find anything to wear. I ended up resurrecting these monochrome treggings from the back of my wardrobe - these have actually been on my blog sale for a while, but I think I'll be taking them down now I remember how much I love them

My sister let me borrow this bag the other day and I'm definitely going to struggle to give it back. I love the chain strap and it's surprisingly spacious inside too. I'll have to add one of these to my ever-growing pay day shopping list - the inevitable outcome of a spending ban.

What have you all been up to this weekend?

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Saturday, 15 March 2014
mothers day gift guide

Don't panic, it's not until the 30th of March. I thought I'd get this post up nice and early before there's gift ideas flying all over the place. I don't go overboard for Mother's day, I usually buy a small present and flowers, but I know some people splash out so I thought I'd go for a mixed price range in this gift guide. I love unique gifts like this 'Mumisms' print from, it has all the typical funny 'mum' clich├ęs, all of which are totally spot on I must add! For a more expensive gift, I've picked out this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch. I love the full range of these watches, but think the neutral colours and classic style of this one make it a perfect gift for someone. For me, this would be one of those 'I bought this for you, can I borrow it?' kind of presents. I actually haven't smelled this particular Jo Malone candle, it's called 'Sweet Almond and Macaroon', so I think it's safe to say it's going to be heavenly - I'm yet to smell a Jo Malone candle that's anything less. 

Do you like these gift ideas? Which one's your favourite?

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My Skincare Routine

Wednesday, 12 March 2014
Hello! It's been quite a while since I've written a post on my current skincare routine. My routine has changed quite a lot, and I can honestly say that I think I've finally found a winning combo. My skin has been consistently clear (bar the odd fake tan induced breakout) for months now and I know these products are the reason why. I've never had really bad skin, but I was always used to having one or two breakouts on my forehead or chin. For reference, my skin is on the drier side of combination. There's an obvious theme to my routine - I've found a brand that works so well for me, and even more so when I use the products together. 

Whether it's morning or night, I always start off with the Simple eye make-up remover. I sweep this over my eyes on a cotton pad to remove that day's make up or, if it's morning, to make sure there's nothing left from the night before. This is really gentle on the skin around the eyes, and isn't at all greasy, which means there's no blurry eyes afterwards! Next, I jump in the shower and massage the Clean&Clear Deep Action Cream Wash into my face. This face wash is really creamy and has that tingly after effect of a minty product. I've heard people say this brand is really harsh, but my skin is so sensitive and I don't find this drying at all. If it's morning, the face wash is all I'll use to cleanse. If it's night time, I pour a little Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing lotion (for sensitive skin) on a cotton pad, and sweep it over my skin to pick up any left over make-up. This really is holy grail product for me - I've used this since I was at school and will do until I die. Next up is my newest discovery - the Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser. The formula is really light but gives enough moisture for my sensitive, dry skin. It contains anti-bacterial ingredients, which stops spots before they even appear. I loved this moisturiser so much that it's replaced my night cream at the moment. I know I should probably have a heavier cream for night time, so I'm on the lookout for the perfect night cream to finish off this combination. Clean&Clear, I hope you're listening - please invent one! Oh, and the best thing is, all these products come to grand total of £12.26! 

What's your skincare routine? Do you have a favourite skincare brand?

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Spring Monochrome Favourites

Tuesday, 11 March 2014
UK Fashion Blog High Street Favourites Post
Black Flat Sandals by Miss KG: Topshop || White Mini Across-The-Body bag: Next
White Naive Cross Through Sandals: Topshop 

Hello! I hadn't even planned on posting anything tonight, but as I was casually browsing online and saving my favourite items, I thought I'd share. I'm so happy that monochrome is around for another season - there's nothing better than throwing together a black and white outfit and looking effortlessly stylish. I spotted this bag in Next a few weeks ago and instantly added it to my Spring shopping list. I actually took a photo of it on my phone so I didn't forget about it, does anyone else do that? I don't change my bags too often because I hate having to switch everything from one to another every morning, so I need a spring bag that'll go with pretty much any outfit - and I think this is the one! I can't see past pointy flats and chunky sandals this year. These two pairs are on the 'must have' list (along with about fifty others, I need help!). Which item's your favourite?

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OUTFIT || Nothing to see here

Monday, 10 March 2014
 Baseball Jumper: ASOS (here) || Loose Fit Trousers: H&M (*c/o St Enoch Centre)
 Blue Bag: Primark || Pastel Chain Necklace: Primark || Shoes: John Rocha

A day late but let's pretend that didn't happen (again). Not the most exciting outfit, but I'm on a spending ban and I've not got much to show you that you've not seen before! Although I did get this jumper at 20% off the already reduced price, so it was practically free and doesn't count. I checked the rules. So this is just my typical attire of choice for a night at my mums house eating birthday cake (happy birthday dad!). The expandable waist band is a must. 

I am obsessed with these trousers lately. They're so comfy without looking slobby (if that makes sense) and they're easy to dress up or down. I wear them on lazy days like this, to work and even on a night out with heels. H&M have these in a few other patterns and colours so I might have to invest in some others - post spending ban, of course!

I'm considering changing my weekly outfit post to a Monday, because I quite like doing when I can also include some lifestyle-y pics too. Monday posts mean I can include things I've done that weekend, or I might just do a weekly post but on a random day when I've done something. I know some people like to check on certain days though...hmmmm. Let me know what you think or if you've any suggestions, do you prefer to see a regular outfit post every Sunday?

Oh, and make sure you've entered my giveaway

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GIVEAWAY || A Big Thankyou!

Saturday, 8 March 2014
I'm so excited to finally be starting a giveaway today! It's long overdue, so this is a combined celebration of my (belated) one year blog birthday and also for reaching 350 Bloglovin' followers - both of which make me extremely happy! I don't want to be too cheesy but .. thank you all so, so much for reading my blog. Starting it has been one of the best things I've ever done and I'm so excited to keep going and see what the next year brings!  

So I thought about it for a while and decided to give away one of my most favourite things ever, the Babyliss Volume Waves styler (also known as Glamour Waves). I've had mine for about two years and still use it every morning to create soft waves - it's up there with my GHD straighteners in the 'couldn't live without' category (and that's saying something!).

Babyliss Volume Waves
UK fashion blog giveaway
Volume Waves creates the effect you'd get from heated rollers, but with nowhere near as much effort. If you're like me and not into poker straight hair, but don't want to curl it every day either, then this could be the perfect styler for you too. I can blast my hair dry then use Volume Waves and I feel like I've had it blow dried at the hairdressers. Here's what it creates (ghost face not included).

Blog Giveaway

Now for the details! The giveaway will start today and end at midnight on the 9th of April. Once it's over, I'll contact the winner by Twitter/Email and will need your delivery address to post, the prize will then be send 1st class recorded within two days and must be sent to UK. (oh and I won't count entries from fake 'giveaway' accounts so please don't enter from one!). Good luck to all of you :) ! xxx

This giveaway has now closed! Winner will be announced shortly. Watch this space!

NOTD || L'Oreal 'Jackie Tweed' Top Coat

Wednesday, 5 March 2014
L'Oreal Riche Nail Varnish 917 Jackie Tweed (here)
L'Oreal Color Riche Nails Macaron Noisette 102 review

As soon as I saw this 'Jackie Tweed' nail polish on the L'Oreal counter, it reminded me of 'Hundreds and Thousands' sprinkles and I had to get it. I'm more than over the reds and burgundy shades of the Winter - show me the pastels. This is the first time I've tried L'Oreal nail polish before and I'm pretty impressed so far. 'Jackie Tweed' is a top coat in itself so I didn't put a final clear coat over the top, and my nails have been almost completely chip-free since Friday. 

I picked a nude shade for underneath to help the colours stand out, and accidentally came across the most perfect nude shade ever. 'Macaron Noisette' is a beige nude with a colourful, but subtle, shimmer through it. I love it. I'm going to try this top coat out with a few other shades underneath so follow me on instagram (@MaisyMeow) if you want to see how that turns out!

Do you like this top coat? Are you wearing any spring shades yet?

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OUTFIT || Catch the sun before it hides.

Monday, 3 March 2014
UK Fashion and Style blog

UK Fashion and Style Blog

UK Fashion and Style bag

UK Fashion and Style Blog
Long Sheer Shirt: Primark (£12)|| Floral top: Primark (£4) 
Joni jeans: Topshop (here) || Blue Shoulder Bag: Primark (£6) 
Rose Gold Metallic brogues: John Rocha at Debenhams (similar here)

A rather late Sunday outfit post. If you're wondering why, hopefully you'll be able to tell by my tired looking face in the first picture. The weirdest thing happened last night, I went from feeling totally fine to suddenly being really sick with a high temperature. I don't know what caused it but I'm just so glad I felt almost back to normal today. The good thing was I got to retake my outfit pictures outside in the sun today. We had a little Summer preview today, it's made me so excited!

So this outfit kind of happened by accident when I took a little detour through Primark the other day. This sheer shirt caught my eye and before I knew it, I'd grabbed a blue basket and was going to town in the accessories aisle. I love the colour of this shoulder bag. It feels really well made too and wouldn't look out of place in Zara or something. The longer length is on trend just now and it'll be perfect for throwing over dresses or shorts in the summer - I can see this being a favourite! 

I'm not even sure what you'd call these shoes. They remind me of brogues, but they're kind of ballet shoes too, I don't know. I just really like the shape and rose gold colour. I'd promised myself to have a shopping free month (pah!), but these were reduced from £40 to £12 so it was a no-brainer.

Despite the slip-up in Primark and the ballet-brogues incident, I plan on having a quiet, shopping-free month. I really need to start saving for my holidays, I've been putting it off for too long!

 I do have a little surprise for you all coming up this week though, watch this space! 

 Do you like this outfit? How would you style this shirt?

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