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French Stripes.

Sunday, 29 June 2014
Striped Casual Dress Outfit
Maisy Meow
Striped Dress Outfit of the Day
French Connection Dress
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
County Cotton Striped Dress*: French Connection | Memory Flats: ASOS (on sale!)
Mustard Satchel: Zara (in sale, not on site) 

Hello everyone. Such a simple outfit on today's post, but it's actually one of my favourites. I was so excited when French Connection let me pick a dress from their site - there was so many pretty dresses to chose from, but I had to pick the monochrome and stripes, since I'm currently completely obsessed with both.  I love the fit of this dress and the material's a bit thicker, so it holds the shape really well. There's so many black dresses on the site that can be dressed up or down and this one was the perfect balance between smart and casual - which was just what I was looking for on Friday. After work, I went along to the Benefit 'They're Real' eye liner launch (more to come on that soon!), then met my friends for dinner at Cafe Andaluz afterwards. I love that place!

I have to mention the bag. My new favourite bag of all time. I saw this in Zara when I was actually waiting in the queue to buy another bag. That was quickly thrown aside when I spotted this beauty of a satchel. It was in the sale reduced from £49.99 to £39.99 so it wasn't a huge saving, but who cares when it's this pretty!  I love this colour in the summer because I think it looks so nice against a dark tan - which I do plan on getting soon.. *prays for sun* This bag is the perfect shape in every way. I love the long shoulder strap, the strong structure and the big pocket on the front which means I can keep my phone handy. Inside, it's super spacious too so it's the perfect every day bag. I've been loving the summer sales recently - so far, I'd say Zara has the best one! 

Do you like this dress? How would you style it?


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Spray on Summer.

Thursday, 26 June 2014
'Crescent Bay' Body Mist and 'Solana Beach' Body Mist - both £12 at Hollister

We've all walked past Hollister at some point and caught that amazing summer smell wafting out the door. It's not a shop I usually go into, but a while ago, me and my sister Kirsty decided to go in for a look. After roaming around in total darkness for a while, we came across these body mists. Now, it's hard to describe scents in a blog post, but put it this way - they're like spray-on summer

Crescent Bay - This one's watermelon, poppy and sugary woods - I'm not going to pretend I know what those last two are, but all I know is, they smell amazing. You can definitely tell there's watermelon in this - so fresh and just the right amount of sweet. 

Solana Beach - This one's raspberry, jasmine and white musk. It's still really fruity but the white musk in it makes it slightly softer (if that makes sense). I'm smelling this one as I write this and it's so, so good. This fragrance is the newest to the range.

Both give a really fine mist that covers a big area, so you don't really need to spray that much. The scent lasts really well on the skin and I like to spray a little in my hair too. These are perfect for carrying in your beach bag on holiday for a wee spray to freshen up after sunbathing! I highly recommend that next time you're walking past Hollister, follow that summer scent inside and it'll probably take you right to these babies. Best. Smell. Ever. Okay, I think I've made my point.

You can find the full range of body mists at Hollister here

Have you tried any of these?



Summer Sales || River Island Flatform Mules

Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog

Hello lovelies. Just a quick post today to show you what I think might be my best Summer sale purchase so far! I was on the River Island website on Sunday looking for some chunky white sandals that I've had my eye on for a while. I was so disappointed when I saw they were sold out, but quickly perked up when I saw these dreamy sandals. I love the light pink with the white sole, and the shape is different to anything I've had before. I wouldn't say they're flatforms because there's still bit of a heel, but they are just so comfy - it feels like I'm walking on little clouds. I can't believe these were half price! I'm looking forward to wearing these with summer dresses or shorts - expect to see them in an outfit post soon!

Have you picked up any bargains in the sale yet? 



Birthday Breakfast

Monday, 23 June 2014
White Skort Outfit Fashion Blog
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Long Kimono Outfit of the Day
Long Kimono: H&M || Black Top: Zara || White Skort: Bank || Black 'Arizona' Birkenstocks: Office || Saffiano Cross Body: Mango || Watch: Olivia Burton 

Hello lovelies. So you might already know if you follow me on twitter or Instagram, or if you’ve guessed from the title of the post - it was my birthday yesterday! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, I had such a good day and luckily it turned out nice and sunny again. I got a long lie in the morning then we went out for a late breakfast at Tribeca in the West End. I absolutely love going out for breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day and has so much more potential than just two bits of toast and a cup of tea! (as you can tell, I feel very strongly about this..) Tribeca is an American style cafĂ©/restaurant with an amazing breakfast menu – I ordered the chocolate chip and tri-berry pancakes and they were so, so good. The portions were massive though, and I almost cried when I had to give up before I’d even hit the half way mark. That place is definitely a new favourite! We spent the rest of the day wandering around the shops then went over to my mums for a big barbeque in the evening. What a calorific day..
This printed kimono is one of my favourite things in my wardrobe at the moment. The print is beautiful and I love the ombre effect – the only thing is, it can be quite difficult to work it into an outfit so I’ve probably been a bit lazy with it and have only worn it a few times. I really wanted to wear it yesterday though so I threw it over this simple monochrome outfit and actually really liked turned out. The white on the skort makes the pale colours on the kimono stand out and the black top ties in with the pattern on it too. I’m definitely going to try and wear this more often, I love it too much for it to sit in my wardrobe.
How would you style this kimono?
p.s here's some pics from breakfast!
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Chocolate Tri Berries Pancakes Tribeca

On the Bonnie Bonnie Banks.

Sunday, 22 June 2014
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
White Cut Out Top: New Look (old but similar here) || Pastel Necklace: Primark
Rose Gold Skort*: Topshop (now on sale!) ||  White Sandals: Primark || Sunglasses: H&M

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. As of today, I've been alive for a whole quarter of a century. That is weird. Anyway, I'm so excited to spend the day with Andy and my family, eating caterpillar cake and (hopefully) sitting in the garden all afternoon. But first things first, here's what we got up to yesterday. It was another lovely day so me and Andy decided to take a wee drive up to Loch Lomond for a mini barbeque. We bought one of those throw-away barbeques from B&M, burgers, sausages and some pringles. I was a bit dubious about these disposable barbeques, since I'm one of those people that always overcooks their food for the fear of ever getting food poisoning. But it all worked out - well, other than the huge burn mark we accidentally left on the grass. Now we know why everyone had those little grill stands. Spot the amateurs .... 

These rose gold shorts have been hanging in my wardrobe for ages so I was glad to get the chance to wear them again yesterday. I love the texture and the metallic finish on these - they remind me of a mermaids tail, if it was pink of course. This oversized denim jacket was a slightly early birthday present from Andy. I've had my eye on it for a while and couldn't believe my luck when I saw it in the Zara sale, in my size too. It was probably luckier for Andy since he didn't have to lift a finger for my birthday present but oh well, I don't like surprises anyway! 

So I'm off to enjoy my birthday now - first stop, pancakes for breakfast! 

Have you all had a good weekend? How would you style these shorts? 


Check Shirt and Converse.

Friday, 20 June 2014
Tartan Shirt Around Waist Outfit
New Look Blue Check Shirt
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Navy Converse Outfit
UK Fashion Blog
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion and Beauty Blog
Blue Check Shirt: New Look || Polka Dot Crop (old, similar here) || Joni Jeans: Topshop
Navy Converse: Office || Watch: Olivia Burton || Ziba Bracelet: House of Fraser*

Hello! I've been trying to get in the habit of remembering to take my camera with me when I go out, and here's some pictures I took earlier today. I really want to try and do more outfit posts in the future. They're my favourite type of posts to write and they seem to get a good response too - let me know if you'd like to see more outfits or whatever you prefer in the comments. Also, since it's my birthday on Sunday, I'll probably be too busy eating cake to blog so let's call this an advance on my usual weekly outfit post. I've got my fingers crossed that the sun will hang around for my birthday barbeque!

Today was my nephew's nursery sports day so we went along to watch him. Cutest thing ever. Afterwards, me and Andy went to get some lunch at a nice wee pub/restaurant next to the canal, it's just the perfect place to sit out in the sun. We went for a walk afterwards to see the boats and take some pictures. All I could think was, how good would it be to have a boat on a day like this?

So this outfit is nothing special but, as promised, a change to the black and white theme of the last few weeks. This shirt was a little cheeky purchase last night that I know I shouldn't have got, but it was only £17.99 so who can complain. It's unbelievably soft too and I love these colours with mid wash denim. I dug out my old converse this morning because I fancied a change to wearing sandals all the time - I forget how much I love wearing these. It's nice to remember that shoes can actually be comfortable. 

What have you all got planned for the weekend? 



Sunshine and Safaris.

Thursday, 19 June 2014
Fashion Blogger Summer outfit
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Fashion Blog White Skort Outfit

So here's me, just casually hanging out with an elephant. Not a regular occurrence so thought it was worth a wee blog post. I've been so lucky this week and somehow managed to coincide my holidays from work with the hottest days of the year. I'm not back to work until Monday now, and it's my birthday on Sunday, so I'm feeling pretty good at the moment!

I spent yesterday with my sister, nephew and my dad at Blair Drummond Safari Park - which if you don't know, is basically the most fun place ever. We got to see so many animals and I loved watching the elephants and lions (definitely on my list of pets to get if I win the lottery). You can actually drive through the open animal reserves, so you're really close to the animals and there's no cage or fence between you - which is quite scary but amazing too. We also ate lots of ice cream and took a little boat out to monkey island to see the chimpanzees. This is such a good place to spend the day, even if you're not going with kids.

The temperature hit 26 degrees today, so I was glad I'd trusted the weather forecast in the morning and dressed for the heat. I wore my white skort and stripy t-shirt which I actually really like together. I love wearing white on the bottom half these days and seem to be alternating between this skort, my white midi and white jeans! I just think it's a really easy way to brighten up an outfit and since it's white, it goes with everything. Being super creative, I chose black. I decided this morning that I'm going to make an effort to start wearing more colour - I don't even know when/how I transitioned into a black and white phase. So when pay day comes round, a colourful shopping spree is in order!

Did you do anything nice in the sun ? Or have you got any plans for the next few days?


Black, Gold and DIY

Sunday, 15 June 2014
Rip your own jeans
Ripped Knees Jamie Jeans
Maisy Meow Fashion Blogger
Rip your own jeans
Michael Kors Cross Body
Printed Bomber Jacket: H&M (similar here) || Cream Cami: New Look || Jamie Jeans (diy rips): Topshop || Gold Icon Flat Sandals: Office c/o House of Fraser || Cross Body Tassel bag: Michael Kors (old) || Gold&White Necklace: Primark || Infinity Necklace: ASOS 

Hello lovelies. Notice anything? I hope so! My blog had a wee makeover this weekend and I really, really like it! It feels good to have a nice new design and a fresh start for me to go back to regular blogging tomorrow .. I had an unplanned break this week and, for the first time in ages, enjoyed some normal chill time at night. I started watching 'Orange is the New Black' too, which might have been a big mistake - I tend to get easily addicted to TV series when I've got the full set and hibernate until I've watched the full thing. Goodbye social life! Do any of you watch this? 

This outfit features two things I've wanted to show you for a while! First is these gorgeous gold slip on sandals from Office at House of Fraser* - they're the same style as the Birkenstock Madrids but less than half the price (£20!) - quite a good wee bargain! Also, if you read my wishlist the other day and saw the pink birkenstocks I liked, you can actually get the pair above in pink too here - you're welcome!

These jeans are a DIY project in the making. I was looking at the ripped knee Jamie jeans in topshop last week and realised I could save myself £40 by attacking an old pair I had in my drawer. I'd kind of expected I'd make a mess of it, so I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out so well. The second part of the plan is to dye them back to black because they're quite faded (although this kind of fits in with the ripped up look!).  I've had a look on line and it looks like the Dylon machine dye looks like the best bet so I'm going to order it and give it a go, wish me luck! 

Have any of you ever dyed your jeans back to black? 


Summer Wishlist: Pink and Pineapples

Friday, 13 June 2014
Birkenstock Madrids: ASOS | Pineapple Jumper: Topshop | 
White Speckle Nails in 'Little White Lie' and 'Everybody Get Up': Topshop 

Hello everyone! I decided to have a little blog break this week, but today I thought I'd do a quick post on what's on my wish list. Because even when I take a blog break, the wish list continues to expand. I have a problem. 

So here's some of the things that I've got my eye on. It's my birthday coming up soon and I've asked for the Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume (again!). I actually got this for my birthday last year too, and I'd never normally buy the same perfume twice but I just can't get enough of this! I have a new love for Birkenstocks after I got my black Arizonas the other day, and this pink pair are next on my list! Mine are two straps, so I'm not sure how comfy the one straps are, but I'm more than happy to give it a go! This denim jacket has been calling my name for the past month or so, so I've made Andy's life easy this year and asked him to get me this for my birthday. This would go with everything and the light wash is perfect for summer.

How cute is this pineapple jumper? Between putting this post together and writing this, it's just sold out on line. DEVASTATED. I'm going to have a look for it in the shops anyway because it's just too good to miss. I had dreams of wearing this with my white ripped jeans and birks, it can't all be over! Sorry, bit dramatic. Lastly, this gorgeous summer dress from Zara (so pretty!) and these white speckle nail polishes from Topshop. I tried these out while I was in Edinburgh and I need to get my hands on them - so many nail polishes, so little time! 

Do you like what's on my wishlist?


p.s what do you think of my new design from pipdig

Kaleidoscope Kimono

Sunday, 8 June 2014
Kimono and Jeans outfit maisy meow
Oh My Love Kimono outfit
White Ripped Jeans outfit
Kimono and Jeans outfit
Kaleidoscope Kimono: Oh My Love ||  Black Top: Zara || Ripped White Jeans: Topshop
Birkenstock Arizona Two Strap Sandals: Office || Sunglasses: H&M

Not the most exciting outfit or best pictures but a last minute photo opportunity arose, and here's how it turned out. This is actually what I'm wearing today, as I write this. I've been so busy this week that I didn't even have a post planned for today, so that was lucky! We got up this morning and since the sun was shining we thought we'd get ready and go to the West End festival. BUT, on our way there the heavens opened so since I was not dressed for the rain, we decided to go shopping instead. So we headed to Braehead shopping centre and I finally got my hands on a pair of these black 'Arizona' Birkenstocks - the very last pair! 

After a wander about and lunch in Starbucks, the sun finally reappeared so we decided to give the festival another go. On the way there, I couldn't help but put on my new shoes. These sandals are like walking on little clouds, I love that their moulded under my feet as if they're personally made for my feet! Anyway, we had a walk about at the festival in Kelvin Grove park and watched some of the performers. It was actually a really warm day and I was on my way to get an ice cream when the rain started again. This is what it's like to live in Scotland! 

I actually got this kimono at the end of last Summer but it's still available on the Oh My Love website. I love the pattern on this and how the white jeans make the colours stand out. I'm still a bit unsure about the Leigh jeans, I've washed these once and they already feel like they're losing shape and going baggy after an hour or so - have any of you had this problem? 

What did you all get up to this weekend?

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 p.s here's a few pics from the festival!

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