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Thursday, 26 June 2014
'Crescent Bay' Body Mist and 'Solana Beach' Body Mist - both £12 at Hollister

We've all walked past Hollister at some point and caught that amazing summer smell wafting out the door. It's not a shop I usually go into, but a while ago, me and my sister Kirsty decided to go in for a look. After roaming around in total darkness for a while, we came across these body mists. Now, it's hard to describe scents in a blog post, but put it this way - they're like spray-on summer

Crescent Bay - This one's watermelon, poppy and sugary woods - I'm not going to pretend I know what those last two are, but all I know is, they smell amazing. You can definitely tell there's watermelon in this - so fresh and just the right amount of sweet. 

Solana Beach - This one's raspberry, jasmine and white musk. It's still really fruity but the white musk in it makes it slightly softer (if that makes sense). I'm smelling this one as I write this and it's so, so good. This fragrance is the newest to the range.

Both give a really fine mist that covers a big area, so you don't really need to spray that much. The scent lasts really well on the skin and I like to spray a little in my hair too. These are perfect for carrying in your beach bag on holiday for a wee spray to freshen up after sunbathing! I highly recommend that next time you're walking past Hollister, follow that summer scent inside and it'll probably take you right to these babies. Best. Smell. Ever. Okay, I think I've made my point.

You can find the full range of body mists at Hollister here

Have you tried any of these?


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Spray on Summer.
  1. These sound divine, I would have never thought to get these! Thanks for sharing :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. I used to have one of these AGES ago and I can't for the life of my remember what flavour it was! These ones sound lovely though, will definitely be picking one up!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I've tried both of these! Soo lovely! I think I need to repurchase one soon. :)

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  4. The fragrances from Hollister always smell so good!!

    Laura xx


  5. Love the hollister sprays, they smell lovely!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I have tried the pink Hollister spray and they last sooo long also they're perfect for summer on the beach as they're so lightweight x

  7. Loved the post!
    I will try the pink one.

  8. I love their body sprays - I've never owned one but I always sprayed my friends, they all smelled heavenly :)

  9. These sound amazing. I really want to try the Solana Beach one.
    Beth x


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