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Friday, 4 July 2014
Daisy London 5mm Daisy Stud Earrings c/o Psyche*

I've always been a costume jewellery kind of girl, and I've been so into necklaces and rings recently that I think I just lost interest in earrings. I can't even remember the last time I wore a pair until now. My ears were always irritated by cheap earrings too, so that might have been part of the reason. Red lobes are not attractive. Anyway, I'm tired of my favourite jewellery turning pink after a few weeks, so I've promised myself to start investing in better quality jewellery that will last. So when I got the chance to pick some jewellery from Psyche.co.uk recently, I jumped at the chance.

Psyche is a huge department store with an equally huge retailer website with lots of affordable, designer fashion and jewellery. I was enjoying browsing through the site when I spotted these beautiful little daisy earrings by Daisy London. Earrings are never going to be the main point of my outfit, so I wanted something that I could wear every day that would be versatile enough to match everything. These daisies are small and subtle, and they're silver with a gold centre, which means they can be worn with both - perfect! They're sterling silver and  18ct gold too, so my ears actually like them and there's no chance of them turning pink either. I'm also really glad I discovered Daisy London through this website, I've had a look through their other jewellery on the site and it's so pretty and dainty. I'm actually thinking of getting the slightly bigger 7mm earrings to wear in my second piercings, too. And then if I'm super brave, I'll finally get a piercing at the top that I've been planning for about ten years! Yep, I'm a total scaredy cat. Meow.

In terms of service, Psyche were fantastic. The earrings took about 2 working days to arrive, and came beautifully packaged inside the Daisy London bag above, with a bow on top and everything - a really nice site to use if you're sending a gift to someone! Or to yourself, of course :).

What do you think of these?


16 comments on "Daisy London from Psyche.co.uk"
  1. Aw they are so pretty! I hate when cheap jewellery turns a horrible colour, the amount I spend on replacing cheap jewellery, I may as well splash out a bit on some nicer bits!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yeah that's exactly my thinking! Especially with earrings, I can't be bothered changing them all the time so it's good to have a pair that I can just leave in :) x

  2. These are so cute I love a stud earing as always forgot to take them out at night and leave them in for weeks at time. I love daisies too
    Carrieanne xx

    1. Yeah I do that too, I think as long as they're real silver or gold then it's fine to leave them in at night anyway :) Otherwise I'd never remember to put them back in lol xxx

  3. Ohh these are the cutest things ever! Love them!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Lauren! I am so in love with them just now! xx

  5. Those earrings are the cutest!!

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  7. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    These are gorgeous! I'd love a pair :) xx


  8. I have similar ones to these (from Primark haha!) & I agree that they go with almost everything :) Super cute xx


  9. <333 such lovely earrings

  10. Those little earrings are so sweet :) I've gotten a wee bit obsessed with daisy's recently - I even called my dog Daisy hahaha x


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