Ripped (Not-So) Skinny Jeans. *edit

Sunday, 6 July 2014
Ripped Jeans Outfit
Moto Authentic Rip Skinny Jeans

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White Shirt: H&M | Ripped Skinny jeans*edit: Topshop | Sandals: Primark 
Bag: Zara (recent sale) | Sunglasses: Rayban | Nails: L'Oreal Topcoat (see this post)

Hello! So if you haven't seem them on my instagram already, these are my new ripped jeans. I've been looking for a pair with a bit more rips than my others (which are only ripped at the knees) but most of the ones I've seen are boyfriend, loose fit style that just doesn't suit me at all. This pair were just what I was looking for, although as you can see in this picture, they get baggy at the knees after a few hours. An annoying but common skinny jean problem! Jamie jeans are still my favourites from Topshop - they have the nicest fit on me and hold their shape really well. This pair haven't got a name, but I'd say they're the material of the Leigh jeans with the fit of the Jamie's. 

We were in a bit of a rush taking these pictures, and I stupidly forgot to take include a close-up of my sandals. In case you're wondering, it's the Primark ones from this post a while ago - somehow it's taken me until now to wear them. I just love the colours in these and I think they go really well with the yellow bag, too. 

I'm writing this in advance because I have my friends birthday night out on Saturday and I'm assuming I'll be in need of a lie-in on Sunday. So as you read this, I'm probably not feeling so great. Hopefully you're all in a better way and get to enjoy a lazy Sunday! :)

Where are your favourite skinny jeans from? Have you found the perfect pair yet?


*edit (tues 8th) - just wanted to give you an update. After washing these jeans for the first time after this, they became unbelievably baggy and totally unwearable. So disappointing, but the lovely staff in Topshop were really understanding and  I was able to return them for a refund. The search for the perfect ripped skinny jeans continues ... 
14 comments on "Ripped (Not-So) Skinny Jeans. *edit"
  1. Love the jeans! I hate it when skinny jeans go baggy at the knees it's so annoying! I'm surprised your topshop ones did it, I find normally it's the cheaper ones from Primark or somewhere that tend to do it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Alice! Yeah I know it's so disappointing! :( These were the most perfect fit when I first tried them on too xx

  2. really lovely chilled outfit! So pretty!

  3. Love this casual outfit, suits you so well!

    Frankie Boo Blog

  4. These jeans look perfect. I'm still on my hunt for the perfect skinny jeans, and in the meantime seem to live in jeggings. I think I might need a trip to Topshop after seeing this post though!
    Sarah -

    1. Jeggings are definitely the less-stressful option! Topshop Jamie's are my favourite xxx

  5. AnonymousJuly 06, 2014

    you look amazing, I love your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  6. I love your ripped jeans I bought some boyfriend ones

  7. Such a lovely fresh look, love it!

  8. Love this outfit! So simple, elegant, and perfect for the summer with the pops of color in between.

  9. Ahhh your nails look flawless! <3


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