Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014
Balance Me Face Cream
Balance Me Moisturiser

Now I haven't bought a magazine for the freebie since I was 8 and after the free blue mascara with the latest 'Mizz', but when I saw Marie Claire were giving away a Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face cream in their latest issue, I was all over that. £2.50? Well it would be rude not to. I've always wanted to try the Balance Me products - I'm not sure why, I think it might be the name. My skin is about as combination as it gets, and this brand seems like they're exactly what I need! 

The tube says that it 'plumps, protects and primes' and actually, this is completely true. Is it bad that I'm surprised by something living up to it's promises?! I've been using this face cream in the morning, and since it creates such a lovely base, I've been able to skip my primer and apply foundation right over the top. Make-up applies so smoothly over this and creates such a lovely glow, especially if I'm wearing it under a matte foundation. The brightening effect means it's one to reach for on no make-up days too - it's definitely coming on holiday with me. 

The full size bottle (50ml) is £24.00, which is quite pricey, but a little goes a long way with this product and I'd imagine it would last a long time. My sample's over a month old and still going strong. It's not often that I change my skin care but this little wonder product is more than welcome to join the club! 

Have you tried anything from this range? 



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3 comments on "Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream. "
  1. This sounds fab, I havent tried anything by this brand before!


  2. Oh my god I love magazines offers and freebies and this is one of my fave brands xxx

  3. I'm kicking myself for not picking up that magazine. This cream sounds amazing. x


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