Daroko Power Hair Styler.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014
UK Beauty Review
UK Beauty Review
UK Beauty Review

I have a lot of very thick hair and although I'm quite happy with it most of the time, every second day I have a mini breakdown when I have to spend ages drying and straightening after washing it. Time I'd rather spend doing anything else. So I was really intrigued when I was sent the Power Styler to try - anything that might reduce my drying time is welcome! These little ceramic coated plates clip onto your hair dryer nozzle. The air from your hair dryer heats them up as you dry, making them super hot. Not only does the extra heat speed up your drying time, but the plates help straighten and smooth your hair just like a straightener would. So here's what I thought of them ... 

So I start by clipping my hair into three sections and start at the bottom, using a brush in one hand and the hair dryer in the other. You don't have to do a full hairdresser blow dry with a round brush and small sections (which I find difficult anyway) - I just use a large paddle brush and sections about the same width.  It takes a minute for the plates to get hot, but when they do, my hair starts to dry quicker in each section. I had less frizz too, although I still went over with my straighteners afterwards - this is a step I couldn't skip! My hair normally takes about 30-35 mins to dry and straighten, and with these plates it takes about 20-25, with a much smoother result. 

Now obviously, the plates give extra heat which isn't always good for your hair. However, it takes a shorter time to dry and the smoother finish means I don't need to use my straighteners as much in between washes. I also use the Tresemme heat protector spray first, which helps protect my hair too. I would say this though - be careful. I was chatting away while drying my hair on holiday and now have a lovely double burn on my arm - silly me! Overall, I'm really impressed with these and I've kept them on my hair dryer ever for the last few weeks. If you have thick or frizzy hair or if it just takes ages for you to dry it, then I'd recommend giving these a go. 

Have you tried anything like this before?



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4 comments on "Daroko Power Hair Styler. "
  1. WOW! I've never even seen these before! They look so cool, I'll have to keep my eye out! Abi :)

  2. Ooh these sound fantastic I tried a quick blow dry spray but it made my hair so dry so I wanna give this a whirl, OUCH about your arm though and I am a clumsy mare xxx


  3. I havent tried any of those products yet, so loved hearing your opinion on them! Thanks for sharing!

    Much love xx


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