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Friday, 17 October 2014
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Hello and happy friday! It's a very happy friday for me because I'm off to Portugal with my family today! We're away for a week and I can't wait to relax on the beach all day and eat lots of lovely food at night time ... show me the piri-piri!

So it's been a while since I've been 'properly' shopping and my wishlist has been getting bigger and bigger. There's a few things that I definitely need to get my hands on before my Autumn wardrobe is complete. I'm so happy that over-the-knee boots are back in this year - it's a style I've always loved so I'm been on the hunt for the perfect pair. I found this pair from Dune and it must be fate because they're half price in Debenhams at the moment! I really, really hope they're still available next week when I get paid - actually, it probably doesn't help advertising them on here... okay, so as long as you're not a size 5, feel free to purchase! 

A camel coloured coat is an absolute must this season too - how perfect is this Zara one? The green shirt above is sadly/devastatingly sold out (I've linked the other colour) but I'm determined to get it in this shade. I love dark green in Autumn. It will be mine! So will these leather trousers, if they fit. I haven't had patience to go leather trouser shopping yet - I know it'll be hard to find a well fitting pair but I know it'll be worth it. You can't beat an oversized jumper with leather trousers in Winter - the perfect combo. Oh and lastly, the bag. How perfect - swoon! 

What's on your Autumn wishlist? Have you found the perfect leather trousers?



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5 comments on "Things I definitely need. "
  1. Great pieces, I REALLY love that check shirt! I want a blue and green one so badly! Abi :)

  2. Ah they are the perfect over the knee boots! All the ones I normally see are heeled.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. This outfit is just so perfect :'( I want it all and this makes me sad hahah xxx


  4. The shirt and coat are perf! definitely a must have outfit! x

    India Charlotte♥


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