Pinspiration: Clean, Fresh Living Room

Sunday, 9 November 2014
Clean and Fresh Living Room
Clean and Fresh Living Room
Clean and Fresh Living Room
Clean and Fresh Living Roomsource: Pinterest

Hello! So I'm going through a bit of blogger's block at the moment. We've had a super busy week - we finally got the pictures taken of the flat which is going up for sale next week, and we've been looking at new houses too. It's probably too early for that, but I just can't help myself! I've also become mildly obsessed in Pinterest and getting living room inspiration for the new house. The living room is the most important room in the house I think - it's where we spent most of our time and the room that people see the most, so I want it to be perfect for us. 

When we first moved into the flat, we went for warm colours like cream, browns and gold tones but now, I'm much more into the clean, fresh look of white, greys and black. I used to worry that white and grey wouldn't be cosy but mixing up the textures and adding in patterned cushions and throws can make such a difference. A cosy, fur rug is a must. I also love the idea above of a feature wall with shelving and a mixture of large and small frames, and using the pictures as a way of adding in some extra colour. Oh, and how gorgeous is that cat?

What do you think of these living rooms?



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3 comments on "Pinspiration: Clean, Fresh Living Room"
  1. These are really lovely! Although my personal taste is to add a few darker colours into the mix too but the light colours make the rooms look so spacious! Really lovely choice of rooms!

    Emma Louise x

  2. Oh wow this is my idea of home heaven, it's beautiful, I actually adore white, neutrals and monochrome! xxx



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