Eyelashes, Gel Nails and A New Beauty Salon

Friday, 28 November 2014

Hello and happy Friday! So this week I was invited along to a brand new beauty salon - Eden Beauty Garden in Bothwell Street, Glasgow. The salon's owned by two lovely Estonian sisters, Merili and Kristy and they very kindly offered to let me try their eyelash and nail extensions for free. And what did I say? Uh, yes please! 

The salon is super handy, right next to Central Station in Glasgow, and set in a lovely office space overlooking the busy streets. Inside, it's really bright and airy, with an open plan layout. The beauty bed is parted by a divider, but is still within the main room which also has the nail bar and couches. Personally, I can find the whole salon experience quite awkward when it's just me and the beautician in a small, quiet room. But in Eden Beauty Garden, it's much more casual and relaxed with the radio playing and background noise to drown out my predictably noisy stomach (something I'd be cursing if I was in the quiet room!). 

And even better - the girls offer tea, coffee or even a glass of wine if you fancy. 

New Beauty Salon Glasgow
Biosoft Gel Nails Salon

I must admit I was quite nervous about getting eyelashes - they have potential to be so bad if they're not done correctly. I've fallen for cheap offers in the past and found myself on a conveyor belt of groupon customers having eyelashes applied as quickly as possible.. but I felt confident after speaking to Merili beforehand. She sounded like a total perfectionist and made a point of saying they'd probably take longer than I'd had before, because she takes time to apply each individual lash to prevent them sticking together. Music to my ears!

I asked for shorter lashes, because I prefer volume to length and can't pull of super long lashes anyway. Merili applied 8 and 9mm lashes with a 'C-curl' that gives them a mascara-like finish. It took around 2 hours from start to finish, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Of all the salons I've tried, this is honestly the happiest I've been with false lashes. They're natural, but noticeable and don't even need mascara. The lashes can last up to 8 weeks with infills every 3 weeks. To be honest, I'm probably going to drag that out to 4 weeks and make my infills a monthly visit. Watch this space for an update in the next few weeks - but so far, so great!

Next, I sat with Kristy for my nails. Long nails aren't my thing, so we decided on Biosoft nails to add some chip-proof colour without any extra length. These were a bit like shellac, where the gel is added, then colour, then more gel and placed under the UV light. Being super predictable at Christmas, I went for 'Tropic Red' which is a beautiful, orange toned red shade. The nails are finished perfectly and should last up to 4 weeks.

Eden Beauty Garden Glasgow
Eden Beauty Garden Glasgow

I'm so impressed with this new salon and highly recommend you check them out. You can find their website here, their price list here and list of treatments here. Hope you liked this post - have a lovely weekend! :)

AND FINALLY - The salon have been kind enough to offer a 20% discount all of you!  
Just mention 'Maisy Meow' when booking your appointment.

Do you like how these eyelashes and nails turned out?

3 comments on "Eyelashes, Gel Nails and A New Beauty Salon"
  1. The eyelashes look absolutely fantastic! How have you been managing them day to day? That's the only thing that puts me off getting them is the upkeep!

  2. Looks amazing I love the cushions haha, those lashes look great!Abi :)

  3. Gorgeous the lashes look very natural and lovely nails, I got lash extensions before but wearing liner ruined them so I am tempted to get them again but not be naughty and ignore all the tips xxx



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