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L'Oreal Coloured Confettis

Friday, 30 May 2014
Loreal Graffiti Damour Swatch
Loreal Top Coat Graffiti Damour review
Loreal Confetti Topcoat Review and Swatches
L'Oreal Top Coat Confetti in 'Graffiti D'amour' (over 'Essie Mint Candy Apple')

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you've all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend! Today I wanted to show you a lovely top coat that I've been trying out this week. This one is called 'Graffiti D'Amour' and it's from the L'Oreal Color Riche Coloured Confetti range. You might remember I did a review of the 'Jackie Tweed' one back in March (here). This range is so colourful and always catches my eye when I'm wandering around Boots. I saw this red, pink and white one the other day and since it was 3 for 2, it would've been rude not to...

I originally thought this would be nice over the pink shade I was wearing, but I actually prefer it over a contrasting colour like Essie's 'Mint Candy Apple' above. This makes the colour stand out a bit more and I love how it looks like little polka dots. I've tried this against all of my nail colours and I've shown my favourites above - the lilac one is my next to try! The swatches above are two coats, but you could definitely build it up more if you wanted to. 

The only problem I have with this one (that I didn't have with 'Jackie Tweed') is that the 'confetti' doesn't leave a smooth finish on the nail. I had to layer quite a lot of clear top coat over this to try and smooth it out, but even then I still found it catching on things throughout the day. In the end, this is why I ended up having a few chips after 3/4 days but I'm still overall happy with it. It took a seriously long time to get this stuff off with nail polish remover, which is what I'd expect from a top coat like this. So I suppose if you find a good finishing coat to smooth this out, then this nail polish probably wouldn't budge ...ever. 

What do you think? What colour do you think looks best underneath?

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p.s couldn't find it on the Boots site, but it's available in the shop :)

Pretty Prints and Pastels

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Mango Ruffled Dress ASOS chunky heels

Hello! It's been a while since I've done a post like this, but that doesn't mean I haven't been constantly updating my mental shopping list. I'm going through one of those 'I hate everything in my wardrobe' phases and I feel like I need a mini overhaul. So there's a definite theme to this wishlist and it wasn't even intentional. I seem to be have a thing for tropical prints and pastel blues at the moment. This ruffled dress is the same style as my green one from this post. I love the cut of this dress and the pastel tropical combo is just perfect. 

I'm also feeling the need to jump on the bandwagon with these pastel pink and white chunky sandals. I love how ASOS have styled these with a pair of ripped jeans on the site - I think that's what's made me like them so much! I'm slightly obsessed with ripped jeans at the moment, although I'm yet to find the perfect pair. These ripped white Zara shorts are gorgeous though, I've got these on my list to try when I go shopping on Thursday. Fingers crossed they won't be super short, or see through...surely that's not too much to ask?!

Do you like what's on my wishlist? Which is your favourite?

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Monday, 26 May 2014
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Blog Review
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Blog Review
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Blog Review
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (available here)

I bought my first Real Techniques brush a few years ago, when I'd just started to get properly interested in make-up. It says a lot that they're still my favourite brand all these years on. Real Technique offer high-end quality brushes at really reasonable prices - something the high street has been lacking all these years! I’m slowly working my way through trying the Real Techniques face brushes (for research purposes, of course) and the latest edition to my collection is the ‘Real Techniques Expert Face Brush’. For the past while, I’ve been using the Stippling Brush to apply my foundation. I started using that brush because at the time I was wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which is quite a thick formula and needed a bit of effort to work into the skin. Now that I'm wearing a lighter foundation, I thought it was the right time to try out a new brush too.
The brush has a gold handle and a black rubber tip that means it can stand upright if you need it too, which is the same as most of the other RT brushes. The brush itself has shorter, denser bristles than the stippling or buffing brush. This means you can be more precise around smaller areas like around the nose or under the eyes. Although the bristles cover a smaller area than some the other brushes I mentioned before, it feels like it takes less effort to work the foundation into my skin because I don’t have to spend as much time on each area. At the moment, I use the Expert Face Brush with my L’Oreal True Match or Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and it creates a really nice, even and natural finish. I use less foundation with this brush, because I don’t feel the need to add more to problem areas like I’d normally do. 
It's super soft but the bristles don't shed at all, which is something that's never been a problem with Real Techniques. I picked this up for £9.99 in Boots which is really good considering what you’d pay for a high end brush of similar quality. Overall, this is a lovely brush that's excellent value for money and I totally recommend it.
Have you tried this brush? What's your favourite brush for foundation?
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Pottery Print

Sunday, 25 May 2014
Topshop Ditsy Floral Print Shirt
UK Fashion Blogger
Metallic Sandals: New Look (last year) || Ring: Local shop in Albufeira, Portugal

Hello! Today's outfit is the third and final instalment of my holiday outfit posts. After this, I'll finally accept that it's over and stop talking about it, I promise. This outfit was my favourite one from holiday. I just love this shirt and the white skort really brings out the colours in the print. The pattern reminds me of some of the Portuguese plates and pottery - just throwing that out there, I don't really know what I think about that. Anyway, this is what I wore when we went to the old town in Albufeira for shopping and dinner. We hadn't been to that side in ages so I was in my element looking in all the little touristy shops. It's all pretty much the same stuff in every shop, but I still feel the need to look in every single one. The jewellery has got really expensive over the years, so I was glad when I found this pretty little ring for 5 euros. It'll probably turn my finger green but who cares, it's pretty. I realised afterwards that it goes well with this shirt too - bonus! 

I'm looking forward to spending my Sunday afternoon with my nephew and chilling out tonight. As if the holiday blues weren't bad enough, Andy left for Turkey the other day. I don't have any time off from work (or money) to go along, so it's totally rubbing salt in my wounds. I'm going to try and use the spare/lonely time productively when he's away and just blog, blog, blog. I'll be the most organised person ever when he's back... nah even I don't buy it. 

What have you all been up to this week? Are any of you going on holiday soon?

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Made For Each Other.

Saturday, 24 May 2014
Olivia Burton Watch
Leather studded Bracelet
Ziba Madeleine Bracelet

Today I thought I'd show you a new wrist-y(?) combination that I've been loving this week. After swooning over the Olivia Burton watches for ages,  I finally gave in and got the Big Dial Powder Blue and Rose Gold one back in March. I've always liked how it looks to layer a watch with different bracelets so I've been on the hunt for something to wear alongside this one. The problem is, I always think it's hard to match rose gold with other jewellery. Personally, I always try to avoid wearing gold with silver - even switching my jewellery to match the metal on my bag or shoes (do you any of you do that too?). House of Fraser got in touch recently and kindly offered to let me pick some summer accessories from their website. I was happily browsing the site and came across the Ziba Madeleine Leather Bracelet*. I really liked the design and thought it would be the perfect size to go with this watch - not too big to overshadow it, but not too small either. The colour was listed as 'white', and it looks a lot lighter on the pictures but as you can see from above, the strap is more of a pink-y beige shade. Although it's not what I expected, it goes so well with the rose gold and the little blue stones on it in are perfect against the powder blue strap. These two are made for each other. 

Do you like to stack up jewellery? Have you discovered any new brands recently?

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Summer Dress

Thursday, 22 May 2014
Summer Holiday Outfits Night time
Ruffled Chiffon Dress: Mango (not online) || Gold Flip Flops: New Look
Necklace: Primark || Watch: Marc Jacobs || Hair band: Primark

So here we have part two of three outfit posts from my holiday. There's a high possibility of deja vu on this one, it's pretty much the same as what I wore in this post, except this time it's casual. Zero points for creativity. But really, I bought this dress knowing it would be perfect for holiday too and I'm glad it's so easy to dress up or down. The gold flip flops were an unplanned addition to this outfit, I was just feeling quite lazy and wanted to be as comfy as possible. The same applies to my hair, I'd had my hair in plaits during the day so wore it wavy with my cream floral hair band - which you can see that a bit better on this post. Please excuse the dryness of my hair in the second picture, that's holiday hair for you!

I've definitely got a new love for Mango these days - they seem to have changed their stock over the past few years to make it more fashionable and less expensive. There's some gorgeous summer dresses on the website that I've got my eye on (this one and this one ), I just hope the weather stays sunny so I can justify a little summer shopping trip soon. I'm sure I'll find an excuse either way.

What do you think of this outfit? How would you style this dress? 

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Zara Printed Trousers

Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Cream Cami: New Look || Printed Trousers: Zara || Denim Jacket: New Look
Black Pool Sliders: Primark || Necklace: Primark || Gold watch: Marc Jacobs

Hello everyone, I'm back! I think that was the quickest week ever and I honestly can't believe it's over already. I definitely have the holiday blues today but I'm also embracing being home by drinking lots of tea and wearing big jumpers and socks. Who'd have known how much I'd miss wearing socks? Anyway, sorry it's been quiet on here for the last week, I only got time to schedule one post before I left and was trying my best to switch off from all blog/social media stuff when I was away - which was harder than I thought, even without mobile data I still found myself constantly refreshing everything! I brought my camera with me, so to make up for the last week I've got a few holiday outfit posts coming up this week..

The weather in Portugal at this time of year is warm during the day but quite chilly at night, so I wore these printed trousers quite a lot because they work well for both. The print and colour makes them perfect for holiday too. This cream cami top was a good find - it was only £9.99 from New Look and it's exactly the same as the £18(!) strappy cami's from Topshop. I don't know about you, but I really resent paying that much for something so basic. Well done, New Look (again). 

One last thing - I've recently jumped on the bandwagon and got myself involved in DEPOP. I've already sold a few things on there and I'll be adding more this week, you can find me under 'maisymeow' if you want to have a look! 

How would you style these trousers? Have you ever been to Portugal?

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Holiday Beauty Haul

Tuesday, 13 May 2014
glasgow beauty blog
barry m lip gloss

Hello lovelies. So yesterday was (kind of) my final shopping day before holiday, which is always fun because it means I can stock up on some beauty 'essentials'. I decided to pick up a new hair mousse, because my hair can get quite flat when I'm on holiday (I have a feeling this is something to do with the water abroad, anyone else noticed this?). I ended up picking the Garnier Fructis Style Big Volume Mousse to try, because it was on offer and also because I remember how amazing these products smell! I'll let you know how/if this gamble worked out when I get home. 

Next, I was on the hunt for my favourite Aveeno daily radiance moisturiser but I couldn't find it in Boots anywhere, so I picked up this Soap and Glory 'Glow Job' Radiance Moisture Lotion because it claims to do the same job. As usual in Boots, there was an offer on and, as usual, it sucked me in. It was buy one get one half price, so I chose the Soap and Glory 'No Clogs Allowed' Deep Pore Detox Mask. I used this last night and really liked it, so I'll keep using it once a week and let you know what I think when I've made my mind up

I repurchased Benefit Hoola bronzer, because it's just a must have. And also went back to an old summer favourite, Barry M lip gloss in 'coral' - this is such a lovely, non-sticky gloss and it smells like juicy fruit bubble gum. I love this! After picking up a new supply of bobbles and hair grips, I went to Body Shop to finish off my coconut supply for holiday. I have the shower gel and perfume packed already and, since I was at risk of not being quite coconut-y enough, I picked up the Body Shop Coconut Body Milk as well. This lotion is a lot lighter than the body butter, and it sprays on too so it's perfect for taking on holiday. And last but not least, I picked up a little Body Shop hand sanitiser in mango, to carry around in my bag. These are perfect for the beach, and unlike other sanitisers, they smell lovely too! 

What's your beauty essentials for holiday? Have you tried any of these products?

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p.s by the time this post goes live, I'll be on my way to the airport! It's so exciting writing that! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to get many posts scheduled, so it's going to be pretty quiet on here for the next week - but you can keep up to date with me and on twitter and instagram! :) xxx

The Wedding

Sunday, 11 May 2014
Dress and Fascinator outfit
Wedding Guest outfit
fashion blogger wedding guest outfit of the dayDress: Mango || Fascinator: Claire's Accessories || Embellished Clutch: ASOS 
Pointed Shoes: New Look (available here on ASOS) || Heart Bracelet: ASOS

Hello! So if you follow me on twitter, you've probably already seen me talking about my friend Kirstens wedding on Friday. It was such an amazing day, I wish we could do it all over again! I've put a few pics on instagram already but today I thought I'd show you my outfit in more detail. (Please excuse the overgrown, weedy background. This is not my garden!)

I only had a week to find this outfit because, as usual, I left everything to the last minute. I found this green dress in Mango and thought it would be perfect for the wedding, and also really good for my holiday too. I love wearing green and haven't seen anything in this colour for a while. Next, I saw these shoes on ASOS and couldn't believe they were from New Look and only £24.99 - they look and feel really good quality, and more importantly, I wore these from mid day to mid night without getting sore feet! New Look are doing really well for shoes at the moment, and I love that they're stocked on ASOS now too! It was only two days before the wedding that I realised I needed to add something else to the outfit, so I went on line and found this gorgeous 'ornate' clutch on ASOS. The embellishment is really fine with a black leather back, and I think the colours bring everything together nicely. Best of all, it's a total Mary Poppins bag and I managed to fit absolutely everything I needed in it! 

So now I'm off into town to do my final holiday shop, wish me luck! 

What have you all been up to this weekend?

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Michael Kors Nail Lacquer

Friday, 9 May 2014
I'm not really into wearing fake nails. I always end up feeling a bit claustrophobic (on behalf of my nails) and I've never lasted longer than a few days before peeling them off. Instead, I love painting my own nails and trying out lots of different brands and colours. It's so relaxing to sit down at night, paint my nails and relax for a long time while they dry. You can never be too careful! Anyway, I was so excited when I heard about the new Michael Kors make up, perfume and nail polish collection, and even more excited when I was given the chance to try the two gorgeous nail colours below. The new range is split into three categories - sexy, glam and sporty. The nail polish, make up and perfume in each category has been picked to suit that particular mood or personality. So now onto the nail polishes...

Maisy Meow Beauty Blog
'Scandal' is a gorgeous fuchsia pink with a very subtle shimmer through it. This shade is from the 'sexy' range. I haven't worn a shade like this in ages so I've been loving wearing such a bright, pretty colour. The best thing is, you can get away with just one coat of this to get a completely opaque finish. I think this shade is the perfect colour for toes in the summer.

'Gossip' is the perfect white from the 'sporty' range. I love that this colour hasn't been around (for nails) before, so it's nice to have a change instead of reliving a previous trend. This formula gives a really glossy finish, which avoids the whole 'I tippexed my nails in class' look. I needed about 2/3 coats to get an opaque coverage, which is what I've come to expect of any pastel polish. Patience is key! 

Michael Kors scandal and gossip swatches
Now onto an important bit, the chipping. I've worn both of these for around a week each and started noticing a few chips on 'Gossip' around day 3. With 'Scandal', it was more like day 4/5 before there was any noticeable chipping. I think nail polishes always chip less when there's a shimmer in them, though. So overall, I'd say both are pretty good in terms of lasting time. There's no denying that the packaging of these is absolutely beautiful. The lovely white and gold box with the shiny gold lid ..*swoon*. These retail at £15 per bottle, which is about average for a high end nail polish. I don't normally spend as much at that, but I'd look at these if I was feeling 'spendy' and looking to treat myself. I think these would make a lovely present for someone too. (*hint* for the boyfriend if you're reading!)

Have you tried these before? What do you think of these colours?

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Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Tuesday, 6 May 2014
glasgow beauty blogger
lip scrub review

This Bubblegum lip scrub is one of my favourite Lush products and I can't believe I haven't spoke about it on here before. This is such a popular product, and although a lot of you have probably tried it, I think I have a duty to share it with those of you who haven't. You need to try this! Bubblegum lip scrub has the same scent as my all-time favourite Lush product, Snow Fairy. It's that amazing candy floss scent and I can't get enough of it. There are only six ingredients in this little pot - caster sugar, jojoba oil, methyl ionone, flavour and two colours. 

To use it, you take a small amount on the tip of your finger and rub it all over your lips. Once you're done, lick your lips. I can instantly tell the difference once I've used this, my lips are softer and smoother with no dry areas. I usually follow this with some lip balm, like Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream or Vaseline. For me, this is an absolute must before applying lip stick. This little tub costs £5.50 and even if you use it every day, you don't need too much so it lasts a long time. 

Have you tried the Bubblegum lip scrub? What's your favourite Lush product?

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Floral and Coral

Sunday, 4 May 2014
Maisy Meow Fashion Blog
Glasgow Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blog

Ditsy Floral Shirt: Topshop || High Waisted Jamie Jeans: Topshop || Coral Coat: Miss Selfridge  || Pointed Flats: H&M (not available online) ||Saffiano Cross Body Bag: Mango || Necklace and Ring: Primark || Nails: Michael Kors 'Scandal'

Hello everyone! This has been the busiest week ever and since I was working today, I was starting to think I wouldn't manage to get today's post up on time, so I'm glad I can finally tick that off my list .. and yes, there's a list! It's my friends wedding this Friday, so I had to dedicate this full weekend to finding an outfit for it. I started looking for a dress about two months ago, so I have no idea how I ended up in this position with less than a week to go. This always seems to happen - I think I secretly like the stress. So I spent the full day trying on dresses in Glasgow yesterday and finally found the perfect green dress in Mango which I'm really happy with. You can see the dress on my instagram here , but I'll take some pictures before we leave so I can do a proper outfit post at the weekend. I still need to find shoes (the ones in the pic are too big, but I want a similar style) and a light jacket/blazer to go over the top. I'm thinking something floral or patterned - let me know if you've any suggestions of what would look nice with it!

As well as the wedding, I go to Portugal a week on Tuesday and I still have loads to do for that, too. The floral shirt in this outfit is one I picked up for holiday the other day, and I was determined to wear it yesterday despite the horrendous weather. I actually really like it with the coral coat, and it will probably go with most other things too since the colours are quite neutral. I think it would go really nice with white jeans too, if I ever find a pair that aren't completely see-through...

So now I'm off to dye my hair and tidy up before my friends come over for drinks tonight. I'm loving these regular bank holidays! Oh, and I added some new items to my blog sale the other day so have a look and tweet me if you want anything! I'll add some more things during the week too. 

Did you do anything nice this weekend?

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Primark Haul Summer Accessories

Thursday, 1 May 2014
Primark jewellery and floral crown
It's now less than two weeks until I go to Portugal (wooo!) and since I've almost finished my clothes shopping, I decided it was time for the standard pre-holiday trip to Primark. I love stocking up on pretty sandals, sunglasses and jewellery before I go. They have such a good selection, and since it's so inexpensive, it means I'm not too upset when things inevitably get covered in sun tan lotion or left by the pool. I picked up these gold and silver necklaces at £4 each, which I can wear over casual t-shirts and dresses at night time. This silver one is similar to the necklaces in Zara at the moment which, as much as I love them, I can't allow myself to spend £20 on. This beautiful floral crown was only £3 and the colours on it are perfect for summer - I seriously can't wait to wear this!

Although I probably won't take this on holiday, I couldn't walk past this turquoise clutch. It was only £6 and it has a lovely texture and colour and I know I'll get a lot of use from it. These white sunglasses were £3 and reminded me of the Rayban Clubmasters that I've got my eye on (airport purchase maybe?). And last but not least, let's talk about these sandals - definitely my favourite find! I love the grey/lime colours together and I'll wear these with a little white dress or light denim shorts. I've tried wearing them in the house and they seem quite comfy so far, but of course only time will tell. For that price, I suppose I can't complain! 

Do you like any of these? Have you bought anything from Primark recently?

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p.s I don't usually do haul posts - so let me know if you liked this and I'll do some more in future!

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