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STYLE | Everyday Winter OOTD

Thursday, 24 December 2015
The blogging struggle is real when it's Winter in Glasgow and there's barely any daylight. So you can imagine my excitement when the other morning, I noticed it was bright outside and I could actually see a little bit of blue sky. In the absence of my 'instagram husband' (lol) I had to improvise and revert to old school pictures in the garden, with my remote control and tripod. The neighbours must think I really commit to a good selfie. 

over the knee boots
outfit of the day uk blogger

This is my current go-to outfit in Winter. If it's a casual day, you'll generally find me in this outfit or some kind of variation of it. A warm jumper is a must - super comfortable, cosy and I love how thick knitted jumpers look under this camel brushed boyfriend coat. This grey high neck jumper is from Primark and is one of my favourites at the moment. I love mixing warm colours like burgundy and camel with cooler colours like grey and white, to make them stand out a bit more. I'm still living in my over the knee boots from Garage shoes - I've had so many compliments on them and still can't believe they were only £30! 

I've been meaning to show you this nail bracelet* from Jules B for a while too - how cute is this design? I've never seen anything like it. It's reduced at the moment and available in rose gold and yellow good too. 

uk fashion blogger outfits
uk fashion blogger

One thing that you'll rarely see me without is my burgundy faux fur bag from Stradivarius. I spotted this when I was in Tenerife a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't believe my luck - I've been looking for a bag in this style and colour for ages, but could never find one that wasn't ridiculously expensive. I hadn't heard of the brand before but discovered they have a website when I got home, so the good news is you can order it and have it delivered to the UK if you like it!

Hope you liked this back-to-basics style outfit post. This is my last post before Christmas, so I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy your time off if you have some. Merry Christmas! xox


Tuesday, 22 December 2015
This year I'm steering clear of the cliche resolutions - I'll still try to eat healthy, exercise and be more organised etc. but this year I'm going for a more fun approach to resolutions. Building up my wardrobe again after a year of saving hard, investing more in skin care and wearing more jewellery. I've noticed that over the last few years I've almost completely stopped wearing jewellery and I think it's because I got tired of buying costume jewellery that only lasted a few weeks, but never actually made the effort to invest in good jewellery in it's place.

So a recent gift from Beaverbrooks was perfectly timed to start out my collection. Beaverbrooks have recently launched a new collection of earring jackets which are absolutely beautiful. If you've not heard of the term before, earring jackets are like normal earrings, but usually the main feature is part of the backing. 

Maisy Meow jewellery review beaverbrooks pearl
maisy meow beaverbrooks earring jackets

This pair are the called the Silver Synthetic Pearl Earring Jackets and I love the simple, classic style with a twist. The smaller pearl sits at the front, and the larger is part of the backing. Something I love about pearls (or synthetic pearl) is how versatile they are - you can wear them with gold or silver, you can wear them with an every day casual outfit and with an extra glam dress and they'll never go out of fashion. 

Maisy Meow Blog

When I wear my hair back from my face or up in a ponytail, I love how these earrings stand out. I've totally developed a love for this kind of style and have my eye on this rose gold pair too. The good news is that they're both only £35 so really affordable for good quality jewellery that'll last. I'd highly recommend checking out Beaverbrooks for any last minute gifts before Christmas!

What do you think of these? 


Beauty: The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase

Friday, 18 December 2015
When I was first asked if I wanted to review the Gingerlily Beauty Box silk pillow case, I have to admit my first thought was, 'sorry..what?'. I'd never heard of this beauty craze and thought the idea sounded a bit odd. But then I looked it up and found countless beauty articles raving about the benefits (here, here and here to name a few), so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. When it arrived, it was wrapped up in a lovely little box and tied with a bow. Silk is always a luxury product and I love that the packaging had that vibe to it. 
maisy meow

The pillow case is white which is the same as my duvet and other pillows. I used this one as my top pillow at night time, and in the morning I switched it with the one underneath so it didn't look out of place when the bed was made. The first thing I noticed when using it was how cool it stayed all night. Even in the middle of Winter, I still crave the cold side of the pillow and this pillow case stayed like that all night.

One of the benefits I was looking forward to was for my hair. Apparently, the silk can help prevent split ends and stops hair from kinking which means your blow-dry should last a few days longer. Personally, I can't say I noticed a difference in my hair that I can attribute to using the pillow case, but that may be something that comes with time. When it comes to my skin, I can say it definitely feels so much softer on my face and that can only be a good thing. Taking everything into account, I'd say it's super soft, comforting. luxurious and stays cool all night - I'm totally converted and I'd definitely recommend it.

benefits of sleeping on a silk pillow case

If you've got one more person to buy for this Christmas, and you're all out of ideas, then this might be the one .. especially if it's someone who has trouble sleeping or someone who loves trying out new beauty ideas. You can buy the Beauty Box Silk Pillowcase from Gingerlily for £39.00.

Do you think you'd try one of these?


Life | Glasgow Loves Christmas

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas is my favourite time of year and for me, the build-up in the weeks before is just as important as the big day. I always try to fit in as many Christmas activities as I can to get me in the spirit. On my December to-do list every year is a night at the pantomime, a day at the Christmas markets and of course, a day shopping and enjoying the festivities in Glasgow. Today I thought I'd share our recent day out in George Square last weekend. Warning - I am going to say the word 'Christmas' about 1,2492,2492 times in this post. Also, sorry about the below average photos in this post. The Scottish weather, risk of rained-on lens and the winter daylight (or lack of) is the reason I go into a slight blogging hibernation in Winter. The other reason is Christmas.

George Square GlasgowGeorge Square Glasgow

We spent the early afternoon wandering around the shops picking up a few more Christmas presents. As much as I love shopping on line, I think going out to the shops actually makes life a lot easier. You see things that you'd never have searched for on line, and you don't have to worry about things arriving on time!

Once we'd finished shopping, we took a walk down to George Square. For someone like me, George Square is an absolute Christmas dream. There's lights everywhere, Christmas music, a huge ferris wheel, carousels and stalls selling hot chocolate. The only thing that's missing is Santa himself. We were so excited to try out the main event in the square, Glasgow On Ice. There's nothing than can get you in the spirit more than outdoor ice-skating next to a huge sparkly Christmas tree. It's even prettier at night time when it's all lit up. I'd highly recommend this as a lovely wee day out for a family - there's such a nice atmosphere and so much to do.

Christmas in GlasgowGlasgow Loves Christmas

After a lovely day out, Andy and I walked round the corner to Hutchesons which, if you follow me on instagram, you'll almost definitely have seen me talking about. We had the most amazing dinner in this beautiful building and it was just such a lovely atmosphere. I knew it was going to be good when they brought us warm, fresh bread with oil, butter and olives to start with. So tasty! We both ordered steak (which was excellent) and for desert, we had doughnut balls with salted caramel ice cream - it honestly couldn't have been better. 

Thank you so much to Glasgow Loves Christmas for our lovely day out! 

(if you want to keep up to date with Christmas activities in Glasgow, like the facebook page!) 

Do you have any Christmas traditions in the build up to the big day? 


Beauty | Yuu Beauty Acne Facial

Monday, 7 December 2015
I've never thought of myself as having really bad skin. I'd say it was generally okay, but like a lot of people, every so often it freaks out. And when it does, it's bad. For the past 8 weeks or so, my skin has been awful. What started out as a couple of spots turned into a major breakout from my jawline to my cheekbones. I still can't pinpoint what caused it, but I think it's either been hormonal or a reaction to some product I've used. Recently I was contacted by Yuu Beauty in Glasgow, who very kindly invited me into the salon to review one of their treatments. The offer couldn't have came at a better time and I was really hoping this would be the turning point in beating my skin problems. As if to rise to the challenge, my breakout continued to get worse and worse until the day of the appointment. When I met Leeane at the reception, I felt like my make-up free skin was shouting 'help me!'. The salon itself was gorgeous inside - really clean and fresh looking and since it's below ground level, it has a really calm atmosphere that you'd never expect with a busy city centre outside. 

Glasgow Beauty Blogger

Leeane sat down with me and we talked about my skin concerns and due to my active breakouts, we both agreed the Acne Facial would be the best bet for me. The treatment lasted one hour and I have to say, I don't think I've ever been so relaxed. I was feeling quite stressed that day, and even then I still managed to fall asleep a few times! The treatment used a variety of Elements products. One was quite a grainy exfoliator that was left on for 15 minutes. Another was a warm, waxy balm that had a menthol scent - I was warned before that this might sting a little at first (which it did) but after the first few minutes, it settled and I think I drifted off again. 

Glasgow Beauty Blogger

I wasn't expecting instant results, so I was really surprised to notice such a difference in my skin straight after the treatment. It felt softer, smoother and any breakouts that I felt were 'waiting' under my skin felt like they'd calmed down. I made a promise to myself to stay make-up free for the next few days to give my skin time to continue the recovery and now, two weeks on, my skin is almost completely back to normal.I definitely feel like this was this treatment was the turning point. Leeane told me that they normally recommend 3-4 sessions to get the full effect, so I'm going to go for at least one more before Christmas time. 

I'd highly recommend Yuu Beauty for anyone in the Glasgow or Edinburgh area. If you want to try out the acne facial, it's currently on offer until the end of the year. For the one hour treatment, you'll pay £35 instead of £45, which is a really good price for a quality facial. 

Thank you so much to the salon for inviting me in and giving me such a lovely treatment! 

Have any of you ever been for a facial? 
Do you have any tips for bad breakouts?


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Monday, 23 November 2015
When it comes to Christmas, I can honestly say I love giving presents more than anything else. That's not to say I don't like receiving presents, it's just that picking presents involves shopping, and we all know that I love shopping. I love to buy a gift with a lot of thought behind it, something really special and personal. I also like to try and give something unexpected - it's all about the surprise!

One of my favourite gifts to give is a home-made hamper. The idea is growing in popularity (thanks to pinterest!) and you can buy create-your-own hamper kits for around £5 in a lot of places. Today I thought I'd share some ideas for DIY hampers that you could put together for your loved ones this year. 

1. The Cosy Night In Hamper
Cosy Night in Hampers

This is for the friend who prefers a night in over a night out. I'd put in something to wear like these pjyamas and these cute bunny ear slippers (if you want to keep the price down - head to Primark!). Next you need something to keep warm, like a hot water bottle or this cute little microwavable owl. A cosy night needs candles, so I've picked this cherry woodwick candle. Again, if you're sticking to a budget - you could throw in some Yankee wax tarts instead. Next you need some drinks and snacks. I've picked this ready made cookie mix which would be such a good thing to make on a night in. I've also added in some shloer (my favourite, but you could add wine!) and the prettiest gold star wine glass to complete it. Everything you need for Boxing day!

2. The Cocktail Hamper 
Make your own hamper

This idea is my absolute favourite and would be so fun to put together. If you know what their favourite cocktail is, google the ingredients and put together a hamper with everything they need to make it. Above is everything you need for a french martini. Another good one would be a Moscow Mule hamper, which are normally served in these copper mugs. I love this copper barware set and copper strainer from Drink Stuff - this site has a huge range of cocktail accessories so check it out if you want to make one of these! To continue the copper theme, I found these copper cocktail picks too! This would be a good gift for a couple, just make sure you have two glasses and you're sorted.  

3. The Pamper Hamper
This hamper covers everything you need for a pamper night, from head to toe. I've picked this peppermint foot soaklush face mask and the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter and added in some accessories like this nail buffer and exfoliating gloves.This is the perfect idea if you're on a lower budget. If you're only putting in a few items, go for a smaller hamper like this one and bulk it out with inexpensive items like nail files, loofahs and travel size products so it still has that typical stacked-up look of a hamper. Another thing you could do if you're on a budget, is concentrate on one area eg. a nail hamper (nail polish, buffers, cuticle oil, top coat). This one's so much fun to put together and it's a fool-proof gift for a beauty lover. 

What do you think of these ideas? 


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LIFE | How to make a room feel cosy

Tuesday, 17 November 2015
When we first decorated, we picked a theme of neutral, cool tones like whites, greys and mink. I love cool colours and think they make a room feel brighter and bigger, but as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, I started to worry it might be difficult to make our 'cool' coloured rooms feel cosy in the Winter months. Over the last few weeks though, I've made a few simple additions to our living space and it's turned it into a warm, snug room that I absolutely love. So today I thought I'd show you some things I've picked out that could help add cosiness to your living room, bedroom or anywhere that you like to hibernate in during the Winter. 

how to make your living room cosy

1. Throws and blankets - When we're watching telly, you're rarely find me without a big throw wrapped around me. I've spotted an idea on Pinterest that I have to copy (basically, story of my life) which is to have a big wicker basket by the fireplace, filled with throws and blankets so there's always a blanket for everyone. It's always good to have a mix of different fabrics and textures in the room anyway and a big basket like this keeps it looking tidy too. 

2. Lighting Lighting is always an important feature in any room but even more so in the Winter months when it gets dark super early. I've added some extra lighting with candles, lanterns and fairy lights to add a nice, warm glow to the room. I love these Woodwick candles which crackle as they burn - how relaxing would that be? Perfect if you don't have a fireplace but still want that homely, relaxing atmosphere.

3. Faux fur and sheepskin - My living room has had colourful cushions throughout summer, and when I replaced them with faux fur cushions it instantly felt like Winter. Faux fur makes me think of Christmas, snow falling outside and being extra warm and cosy inside. I'm in love with this sheepskin rug from John Lewis and I think it's just what we need to finish off our bedroom. If you're looking for something bigger, Costco have this amazing one which covers a wider floor space (my mum has this in front of the fireplace, and it's my favourite thing ever!). 

Have you made any Winter updates to your home yet? 


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STYLE | London Retro District Glasses

Saturday, 24 October 2015
So if you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen me showing off my new glasses. I was asked to pick a pair from Glasses Direct, so I thought I'd let you know my thoughts on the glasses and my experience with using the website. I've used Glasses Direct before for sunglasses (as part of another review here) but this time I wanted to pick a pair of proper glasses. I already have a pair of black framed 'geek' glasses - you know the ones I mean, but this time I wanted a smarter pair, and in a warmer tortoise shell colour. I love the glasses from London Retro - they have such a good range of styles that I really struggled to find a pair I liked. The website makes it easy to filter through all the glasses by colour, brand, price range etc. I knew I wanted a dark tortoise shell finish so I filtered the results and finally settled on the London Retro District frames in 'Havana'.  

Glasses Direct Review

The glasses arrived within 7 days and I had an email to let me know when they'd been dispatched. The frames were exactly what I'd hoped and I'm so happy with them. They also come in a really lovely brown leather case, which makes a nice touch as well. The good thing about Glasses Direct is that you get a free home trial for 7 days where you can pick up to 4 pairs to try on at home. You can then pay for the ones you like, and send the others back in a free post envelope. How handy is that?

Glasses Direct Review
Glasses Direct

At the moment and until the 1st of November, Glasses Direct are offering 50% off most frames over £55 if you use the code 'SPOOKY' at the checkout. They have plenty of other offers throughout the year (including a free second pair when you spend over £55), so you can always get a good deal.

What do you think of these frames?


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*glasses provided for review, picked by me. all opinions my own. 

OUTFIT | Autumn Loves

Thursday, 22 October 2015
I know I say it all the time but Autumn is my favourite season and this is one of the many reasons why - beautiful backgrounds everywhere you go! If you follow me on instagram, you'll have probably noticed that all I do this time of year is go on long walks, followed by a tea and cake break. It's what I did on Saturday, and on Sunday and it's what I intend to do this weekend. And I'm not even sorry. I just love being outdoors when everything looks so pretty, and the weather is cold and crisp. 

Today's post is part of a campaign with People Make Glasgow, showcasing what Glasgow has to offer when it comes to shopping. As someone who's main past time (other than Autumn walks) is shopping, I can personally vouch for Glasgow as one of the best shopping cities. With 200+ stores in the city centre and many of them open late mid-week (7/8pm), you can always find what you're looking for. The St. Enoch Centre is open til 7pm Monday-Friday - perfect if you fancy a shopping trip after work or college. For my part in the campaign, I was challenged to find an Autumn outfit in the St. Enoch Centre, and here's what I put together.

Scottish Fashion Blogger
Over the Knee Boots Outfits

I've been looking for a pair of flat suede over the knee boots for ages now, but every pair I've tried have been too loose at the top. I felt like I'd died and gone to boot heaven when I saw what Garage Shoes had on display. If you're looking for over the knee boots, you need to go and have a look (they're online too if you don't live nearby). They had 15+ pairs of over the knee boots in all different styles - I was in my element trying them all on and finally found this pair which are exactly what I was looking for. Can you believe these were only £35 too?

UK Fashion Blogger
Scottish Fashion Blogger

My favourite way to style over the knee boots is with a loose fitting dress like this one from H&M. The print and colour are perfect for Autumn, although there was one problem - the dress was slightly too long to be worn with these boots. Luckily, I was feeling super efficient and some hemming tape, scissors and a set of straighteners later, I'd taken it up a few inches. With boots like this, it's important that everything else is the right length to balance out the shape - so I also went for this camel coat in the petite size. This meant it was slightly shorter than normal and gave the right order of coat, dress, tights then boots where they all met.  

UK Fashion Blogger

What do you think of this outfit? 
Have you ever been shopping in Glasgow?


Outfit Details --> Flared Dress*: H&M | Camel Coat*: Dorothy Perkins | Hat: H&M (similar)
Over the Knee Boots*: Garage Shoes | Bag: Primark 


*collaborative post

EVENT | Soap & Glory Glam to the World

Tuesday, 20 October 2015
I don't want to be that person but .. it's time to start thinking about Christmas. But don't panic, because today I'm going to show you some easy gift ideas for Soap & Glory lovers (which is basically everyone). Last week I went to the Soap & Glory Christmas event in Stravaigin, Glasgow. I'd never been before but I'll definitely be back, the food was unbelievably good. Anyway, let's talk about the beauty products. Soap & Glory are one of the brands that totally shine at Christmas, so I couldn't wait to see what they'd came up with this year. 


Let's talk about the 'Kissmas' crackers first - how adorable are these? I love little things like these at Christmas and the first thing I thought was how perfect they'd be for a Secret Santa gift or as a little stocking filler. Inside is a Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in what's described as the suits-everyone-shade 'Rose & Shine'. 

Something I was super excited about was the 'Belle of the Ball' gift. My favourite S&G scent is Smoothie Star and 'Belle of the ball' is a huge Christmas bauble filled with limited edition Smoothie Star scented goodies including a body lotion, body wash, body scrub and hand lotion. I love the packaging of this one! Another lovely Smoothie Star scented product is this body spray (below) - we were kindly given one to take away and I've been spraying it constantly ever since. It's such a lovely fresh and pretty scent and a good one to keep in your bag to freshen up throughout the day. 


The Christmas range this year also includes some make-up gift ideas. For someone who swears by Supercat liner, this made me very happy. The Eyes Box contains Thick & Fast mascara (which is another favourite of mine), Smoulder Kohl liner, Supercat Extreme and Archery Brow Tint & Shaping pencil - all for £18 in a lovely gift set. If you're buying for someone who likes make-up - you really can't go wrong with that. 

I've saved my favourite product until last and that's the limited edition neutral palette, 'Perfect Ten'. This is like Soap & Glory's take on the Naked palette and the shades in it are beyond beautiful. There's some gorgeous champagne shimmers and coppers which would work well on any skin tone. This one's on my Christmas list!

UK Beauty Blog
UK Beauty blogger

The Soap & Glory Christmas range is now available in Boots here.  

What do you think of these gift ideas?
What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?


OUTFIT | Aviator Jacket

Sunday, 18 October 2015
Scottish Fashion Blog

So I'm finally getting round to showing you all an outfit with the aviator jacket I've been swooning over recently. The good thing is that it's now reduced - so it's the best time to get one if you'd like to experience the cosiest thing in the world .. ever. I picked this up from Red Herring which is part of the Designers at Debenhams who, by the way, have totally upped their game recently. I had spotted quite a few things that I loved at the Debenhams press show in September and when they very kindly gave me a voucher to spend, I was stuck between this coat by Red Herringthis bag by Savannah Miller (or, actually, all of the Savannah Miller accessories) and the jacket above but when I tried this on, there was no way I was going home without it!

UK Fashion Blogger
Scottish Fashion Blog

The neutral colour means it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. It's casual and simple but can still hold it's own over a plain jeans and t-shirt outfit. In this outfit, I'm wearing it with my new boyfriend jeans that I talked about in my last post - a lot of you said you'd had similar problems finding boyfriend jeans and were going to try these too! I love them and it's good to have a change from my normal skinny jeans. 

Ripped Jeans OUTFIT
Scottish Fashion Blogger

So what do you think of this outfit?


Links --> Aviator Jacket*: Red Herring (now on sale!) | Crochet Shirt*: Boohoo | Ripped Jeans: Matalan | Bag: Topshop | Cut Out Brogues: Clarks | On my Nails: Essie 'Merino Cool'

STYLE | A Few New Things

Tuesday, 6 October 2015
Hello lovelies! So over the last week and a bit, I've had to sacrifice my blogging days in aid of decorating our bedroom. It's now SO close to being finished and I can't wait to show you it soon! But in the mean time, I thought I'd show you some recent additions to my wardrobe.  I've been trying to focus on house-y things this month but I couldn't help pick up a few wee things to start off my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. 

UK Fashion Blog

1. Boyfriend Jeans £18 | Matalan 
Finally, a pair of boyfriend jeans! I've been looking for the perfect pair for so long and had almost given up when I saw these. They fit like an absolute dream and look exactly like I'd wanted the Topshop Hayden jeans to look on me - and for half the price! These will be so easy to wear on casual days with trainers or flat shoes.

UK Fashion Blog

2. Striped Shirt £14.99 | H&M
If you read my wardrobe basics post, you'll know I love a good striped shirt and count it as one of the essentials in any wardrobe. This is a really versatile style that I can smarten up for work but also wear it casually with jeans at the weekend. I think it's meant to be much more oversized, so I got it in a size down for the fit I wanted.

UK Fashion Blog

3. Aviator Jacket £59 | Red Herring at Debenhams*
This is the jacket of my dreams and I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with it. It's lined with the softest faux fur ever, inside the arms and round the edges, so you literally feel like you're wrapped snugly in a big blanket. The neutral colour means it'll go with everything which is good considering I'm never taking it off.

UK Fashion Blog

4. Grey and White Dressing Gown £20 | Sainsburys
The problem with big supermarkets is that you go in for some bread, and come out with a dressing gown. Although I actually think this time it was fate, because this dressing gown is exactly what I've been looking for recently. It's grey and white, so matches my room when it's hanging up (does anyone consider things like that, or am I crazy?), it's a super soft, thick and cosy material and it has a hood to hide my crazy hair in the morning.


Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of post. I think I'm going to do more mini-hauls like this every couple of weeks. rather than saving it up for an end-of-month haul. It means I won't forget to include anything and, more importantly, you'll have a better chance of finding things in stock if you want to buy them too. 

What's the last few things you bought?


*item was purchased with a press voucher but chosen by me. 

HOME | Homeware Heaven

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Okay I know what you're thinking - another homeware post? And you're right but, honestly, I'm struggling to think about anything else these days! And on top of everything, my favourite websites have really stepped up their home sections recently - H&MM&STK MAXX and Urban Outfitters are selling some gorgeous things right now and I want/need them all. As I said in a recent post, we're now at the fun stage of decorating - plant pots, throws, ornaments and photo frames. What's better is that it coincides with the start of Autumn, when all these places have brought in their cosy cushions and autumnal themed accessories. Homeware heaven.

Home Marble and Copper Accessories

I have a grey and white theme in my living room just now with some hints of blue and yellow and I think this multi-coloured throw is just what I need to take it from summer to autumn. I'm going to add a few other mustard yellow accents into the room to make it feel a bit warmer too. We recently bought a new sideboard unit for the living room (this one), so I've been trying to find some nice things to put on top. I have a kind of mini-project going - decorating the sideboard. How utterly crazy is my life though, seriously. *smirk emoji*

I think this copper frame mirror would be lovely on the wall above the unit. I just love copper when it's done in a really subtle way - like the hands on this marble wall clock. I've got my eye on this for the wall behind my dining table and I think it'll go so nicely if I have the mirror on the opposite wall. Oh and by the way, if you like marble accessories, check out H&M here and Next Home here and you will not be disappointed.

So what do you think of these picks?


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STYLE | Shopping on a budget

Monday, 21 September 2015
If you read my blog in 2013/early 2014, you'll know I was shopping crazy. I'd make a wishlist one week, and be wearing all of it in an outfit post the following week. A year and a bit later, Andy and I have bought our first house and things are very different. If we're not saving our money, we're spending it on things for our new home and although I still love to buy clothes, my wardrobe isn't quite as full as it once was. Now this doesn't mean that I've given up on fashion - I actually think I love it more than ever. I've just learned some lessons on how to dress well on a budget, and today I thought I'd share some of them with you...

High Street Shopping tips

1. If you don't love it, don't buy it. 
We've all been there - standing in the changing room for far too long, looking at an outfit from all angles, walking up and down, rolling up sleeves and just trying to make something work. Sometimes I can love something on the hanger so much, I'll convince myself to get it even if I'm unsure of it. This usually results in me buying it, wearing it once then putting it to the back of the wardrobe because I know I just don't feel good in it. Well, not anymore. If I don't feel really good in it straight away, no matter how much I love the print or design, I put it back. The good thing about this is, eventually you have a wardrobe where you love everything.

2. If you don't remember their outfit, they probably won't remember yours. 
'No way. I can't wear this top on Saturday. I wore it last Saturday with this coat. People will think I don't wear anything else..'. Here's a little exercise to do when you're having this dilemna. Think back to the last time you wore it, and try to remember what everyone else was wearing. If you can't remember your friends outfit, then they probably won't remember yours. For me, this is the green light for outfit repetition. 

buy less choose well

3. Spend Wisely. 
I've said this a lot in recent months, but it's a been huge revelation in my life. I think back to the days when I'd get bags and bags of clothes from Primark every month, and realise that some of the things would only last one wear before they lost their shape and looked tired. Not so cheap when you consider cost per wear. That's fine if it's a short-lived trend, but for things that I want to last ( for example, see this post on wardrobe basics ), I'll invest a bit more. Usually this means they look better from the start, and last longer. Win win. 

What do you think of these?
Are you shopping on a budget too?


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HOME | Minimal Bedroom Styling

Thursday, 17 September 2015
Minimal Bedroom Ideas
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So far, this year has been all about decorating our new home. If you've seen my home renovations vlogs (here and here), you'll know how much work we had to do at the start but now that the big stuff is all done, we can start to focus on the fun things like bedding and cushions. Obviously, the bed is the main focus of the bedroom and it's not just the cushions, the bedspread totally sets the theme for the room. Over the next month or so, we're hoping to finish off our bedroom and I'm so excited to finally tick off the first room as complete!

Our house has a minimal theme throughout and the walls are all either white or grey, but each room will still have it's only little mini colour scheme. I love the idea of adding colour through our bedding or accessories. Having such a neutral colour palette means we can easily change up the whole look by adding a colourful bed spread. I love grey, white and yellow together and this geometric print bedspread from Dunelm is one of my favourites. Ikea are also really good for those minimal bedspreads with just a bit of colour. 

I also love this blue print kingsize bedspread from Yorkshire Linen - I love how it adds all the detail you'd need in a white bedroom and it has a definite Scandinavian vibe to it. If you want to go completely minimal, you can't go wrong with an all-white bed spread too. At the moment I have a minimalist white bedpsread like the one above, but with lots of cushions in faux fur and velour in neutral colours and I love how the texture adds it's own bit of detail. I'll do a bedroom tour in the next month - I can't wait to show you how it all turns out! 


*collaborate post with Yorkshire Linen - written by me, opinions my own.

STYLE | The AW15 Coat Edit

Wednesday, 9 September 2015
Autumn is, by far, my favourite season. I love wearing boots, knitted jumpers and dresses with tights and I love all the autumnal colours in the shops at the moment. It's around this time of year that my coat obsession begins - the way I see it, during autumn/winter, most people only see your coat. You could have a lovely outfit on and if you throw an old coat over the top, it's hidden away. My theory is that, in Autumn, 75% of your outfit is your coat, and I use this to justify devoting 100% of my time to shopping for them. 

Here's some of the coats and jackets that have made it to my (ever-growing) coat wishlist.

Dark Rust Coat | Oversized Flight Jacket | Khaki Peacoat | Grey Wool Coat | Floral Trench Coat  
Suede Trench Coat | Mustard Duster Coat | Faux Fur Gilet

I love a coat in a statement colour so this rust boyfriend coat and this mustard duster coat are on my list without question. These are the kind of coats that make an outfit and if you're sticking to the usual autumnal colour palette, they should still go with most things in your wardrobe. And if we're talking about statement colours, then we need to discuss this floral print trench - how amazing is this? I was a bit unsure of it when I saw it in the shop, but when I saw how they've styled it on the site, I fell in love. 

As you probably saw from my last post, I love suede more than kanye loves kanye. But this suede trench takes things to a whole new level. It's probably unhealthy to love a coat as much as I love this. I can't see it lasting long in the shops before it's sold out though, especially since they have the gorgeous Cara Delevingne modelling it in their advert, but I'm going to save up for it anyway and if luck is on my side, it'll be mine! 

So what do you think - which one's your favourite?


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OUTFIT || Seventies Vibe with Boohoo

Monday, 7 September 2015
Suede is definitely having a thing this year, it's been in the shops since spring-time and it's not going anywhere soon. Now I don't know about you, but personally I've always thought of suede as an autumn/winter fabric. It looks its best in all the autumnal colours like tan, berry and khaki and I can't think of a year when I haven't bought a pair of suede boots. Faux suede is a light fabric, which makes it the perfect transitional piece too. 

UK Fashion Blog

Recently, Boohoo got in touch and asked if I wanted to put together a 70's vibe outfit with them. I'm all about the 70's trend and suede is a huge part of it, so I was in my element browsing through all the suedette, prints and fringing in this Boho Dreamin' edit. I picked this beautiful suedette trucker jacket in camel and this crochet collarless shirt - don't they look perfect together? The jacket is so soft and so wearable for this time of year.

UK Fashion Blog Maisy Meow

One of my favourite colour combinations is tan and mustard, so I also picked this small top handle rucksack which is, hands down, the nicest shade of mustard yellow that I've ever seen. It's just dreamy! It adds a lovely pop of colour to the outfit and I really like it with the straps a bit looser so I can wear it on one shoulder.

UK Fashion Blogger
Boohoo 70s vibe

And now for one of my favourite pictures ever. Andy and I went for a walk behind our house to take these pictures yesterday, and after a few minutes we heard a familiar sound from the bushes. Our chubby little cat had followed us across the field and was sitting watching and waiting until we were ready to go back. We then looked like the craziest couple, out walking their cat on a Sunday night. I love this little weirdo.

Maisy Meow Blog

So what do you think of this outfit?


*items gifted by Boohoo in exchange for post. All opinions my own as always.

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