Fake Don't Bake - review and tips.

Thursday, 12 March 2015
Best Fake tan for olive skin

Having such dark hair means as soon as I get to a certain level of pale, I look washed out and tired. I don't aim to go dark with my tan - I just like to add a little bit of warmth to bring my skin back into the land of the living. I've tried a lot of fake tans over the years. From lotions to sprays, gradual to instant and ranging from £1 to £25, but I always come back to my old favourite - Fake Don't Bake. Don't laugh - I know what you're thinking. A cheap imitation of fake bake? No .. well, maybe it was at first - but actually, it's the best tan I've ever used.

It's all down to how you apply it. The trick is to exfoliate in the shower, moisturise from head to toe and then apply the tan all over, when your skin is still damp from the moisturiser. This means the cream absorbs well and doesn't streak. I think a tanning mitt absorbs too much product, so I use my hands and just wash them after I've tanned each area - eg. legs, wash hands, arms, wash hands. Once I've actually tanned the back of my hands, I lower my palms into the sink of warm soapy water. Next, I dry my palms and those little spaces in between the bottom of my fingers. This avoids the much-feared 'fake tan hands' that give it all away.

For me, it's also the perfect tone for my skin which is slightly yellow. Having the right tone of tan actually makes a really big difference to how natural it looks. This tan lasts for ages (at least a week) and as long as you keep your skin moisturised, it fades gradually without any crazy, mottled skin on the final days. I've raved about this tan to everyone I know, so now I'm recommending it to all of you too - for £1.25, it's worth giving it a go!  

Have any of you tried this? What's your favourite fake tan? 


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8 comments on "Fake Don't Bake - review and tips."
  1. oh I will definitely give this ago in summer, I am so pale!

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

    1. It's really good, definitely worth a try!x

  2. I'm paler than a vampire so I definitely need to start thinking about tanning as the weather gets warmer, this sounds great! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xxx

    1. It really is, I use it when I'm really pale too and its always a lovely colour xx

  3. I love this fake tan! I don't wear it that often but this is the one I usually go for because it's so cheap and does the job! xxx

    Sarah Speaks

  4. I've never actually used fake tan before as the 'fake tan' smell, and that I'd probably end up looking streaking and patchy, put me off. I will probably try some when it's easter so that if it goes wrong, I can hide away until it fades! x


  5. Oh my god thats a bargain, I thought my £3 one was cheap but you beat me haha and it does sound pretty decent too xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  6. I've been buying this brand of tan for years, it's so cheap and generally one of my favs. I always use the instant one before nights out and I love it. It's also the nicest smelling tan i've ever used, I kind of think it smells like pineapple jelly beans.




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