The Final Countdown.

Monday, 2 March 2015
Hallway Decoration ideas
White Minimal Living Room

Well hello - remember me?! Sorry I've been MIA for a week or so but I'm back on track for blogging this week and will even have a new video up on my YouTube channel on Wednesday! Part of the reason for the unplanned blog break was that I've been preparing for the house move. It's just over two weeks until we get the keys (eeep!), and the excitement of decorating is taking over my life! This explains the crazy Pinterest obsession of late. If you haven't seen me on twitter or instagram much, it's because I've been on Pinterest. Constantly.

One of the reasons we wanted the new house so badly was that it needs updating inside - which sounds crazy doesn't it? The thing is though, we could buy a house that's been newly renovated and save the hassle, but it's never going to be exactly how we would have done it. And it would be a waste to replace a relatively new and okay-looking kitchen. At the same time, we're not handy at all and didn't want too much work, so we've picked what we call a 'liveable fixer upper' which we'll renovate one room at a time while we live there.

Dining Room Ideas

I've been getting lots of inspiration on line and we've decided to go for a white theme throughout the house - predictable, given the Pinterest obsession but also, our flat has a lot of cream at the moment and I'm desperate for a change. I love the clean, fresh look of white walls with lots of greenery and neutral colours. We're starting with a mid-grey sofa in the living room and I want to add in some mint accessories to add a bit of colour. I absolutely love this chair and I think it will be perfect for sitting by the fireplace. 

We're having a new kitchen fitted in a month or so and we've went for white gloss and wooden worktops, which is so fresh and should open up the space a bit. I can't wait to decorate the kitchen with metallic accessories like this gorgeous copper pendant light and pretty plant pots like the ones below. 

 All images: Pinterest

I plan on vlogging the decorating process in some way, to show the start to finish process and throwing in some homeware hauls too - because to be honest, I doubt I'll be buying much else over the next few months! Let me know if you'd like to see that and if you have any ideas on how I should do it - should I do one video per room to show the start to finish, or updates along the way?

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What do you think of these decorating ideas?


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6 comments on "The Final Countdown. "
  1. Can't wait to see your progress, I'm obsessed with interiors right now! I've been slowly re-doing my room at home but can't wait to get my own "proper" flat to fully make my own after university x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. I can't wait to move out, all because I love the concept of doing up my own house to the way I'd prefer haha :) sounds ridiculous really but I'm limited to my bedroom whilst at home which isn't going to well decor wise x

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  4. Those home wear bits look really lovely - I think to update my room I'm going to buy those terrarium things with wee cactuses :)

  5. I would love it if you vlogged the process as I am super nosey but love interior design, how exciting xx


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