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Monday, 22 June 2015
Khaki Jumpsuit Outfit
Khaki Jumpsuit Outfit
Khaki Jumpsuit Outfit
Khaki Jumpsuit Outfit
Khaki Jumpsuit Outfit
Jumpsuit: Matalan (not online) | Shoes: New Look (similar here) | Bag: River Island 

So yesterday I turned 26. I think that definitely makes me 'late twenties' now, which I just can't get my head around. If you're reading this aged 21 and thinking 26 seems really old and ages away - trust me, I did that too. Then I blinked and here I am. Not that it's a bad thing of course - I've loved being 25 and I'm looking forward to being 26. It's just flying by. I keep thinking about the Sheryl Sandberg story which was in the news recently, and the part where she told a friend, 'Celebrate your birthday god dammit. You're lucky to have each one'. We all complain about getting older but it makes no sense when you put it into perspective. Getting older is a good thing, because getting younger doesn't happen.

Anyway, let's step out of the deep philosophical moment for a second and let's admire this jumpsuit. It is an outfit post after all. I have a confession to make - this isn't mine. My sister, Kirsty, very kindly let me borrow this khaki jumpsuit last weekend, when I was going out for dinner and had been rushing around all day without a second to plan what I was going to wear. I absolutely loved wearing it and since it's such an amazing bargain, I just had to share it with you all. Can you believe this was only £20 from Matalan? It's not a shop that most people think of straight away, but I actually really like it and I've found some really good things in there in the past. It's a hit or miss kind of shop - sometimes there's nothing nice, and sometimes there's loads but at prices like that, it's always worth a wee browse. 

Oh, and a sneaky home update - we've had our decking and fencing finished, as you can see! I love the space it's created, and I'm over the moon that I've also managed to create the perfect spot for last minute outfit photos! 

Do any of you ever shop in Matalan? What's your favourite shop for a bargain? 


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Homeware Haul.

Saturday, 20 June 2015
Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a good weekend so far! I'm in a pretty good mood today because it's my birthday on Monday and I'm off for the next three days! I've not got a lot of plans so far which is actually what I'm looking forward to after such a busy few months. I think I'll do a bit of shopping on my actual birthday but I'll just wait and see what I feel like on the day. Maybe there will be some miracle and it'll be a lovely sunny day in Scotland and I'll just spend it sunbathing and drinking cocktails in the garden. Probably not but a girl can dream...

So it's been a few months since I said I'd do a homeware haul, but I've finally got round to filming one. This is a collective haul from the past couple of months - I've randomly picked up some things in the house that I've bought from Ikea, Primark and TK Maxx so I hope you like everything I've shown. There will be plenty more homeware hauls to come over the next few months if you're interested in watching. Scroll down for the video and if you like it, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel

Copper Home Accessories
Homeware haul
Scandinavian style mug
Next Sumptuous Velour Couch

Where's your favourite places to shop for homeware?


Easy Fathers Day Gifts Guide.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Gifts for Men Ideas
 Derby Shoes: H&M | Armani Diamonds: Boots | Leather Belt: H&M |  'White Musk' Fragrance Kit: Body Shop | Linen Shirt: Burton | Personalised Cookie: Millies CookiesBabyliss Grooming System: Debenhams 

So last week, the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow got in touch to ask if I'd like to do some Father's Day shopping in the centre. I don't know if it's just me, but I find my dad is impossible to buy for. I always made the mistake of trying to think of something 'different' when shopping for my dad and avoided the cliche gift ideas like aftershave, but over the past few years, I've realised that the cliche gift ideas are the things that I already know he likes and the things that can't go wrong. Who'd have known it would be so simple?

Today I thought I'd show you some of the gifts I looked at, and what I ended up picking. I love this men's fragrance kit from the Body Shop - I don't normally like 'white musk' scents but this is just heavenly. I knew because I'd bought it for Andy a while ago and still always comment on it whenever he wears it. I also looked at this Armani Diamonds aftershave which is on offer at £29.99 - it's still over £50 in most other places! As a smaller gift, I love the personalised cookies from Millies - although it's definitely one of those 'please share this with me' gifts. And I doubt I'd even have the self discipline to hand it over. Which could be awkward.

Oh, and how gorgeous are these grey suede shoes from H&M? I love the colour and I think they look much more expensive than they are. In the end, I picked up this light blue linen shirt from Burton and a couple of casual polo shirts which were a total bargain. Even if someone is notoriously hard to buy for, you can never go wrong with casual basics and the quality of these is excellent too.

Father's Day Gift ideas

What do you think of these gift ideas?


Striped Shirt Dress.

Monday, 15 June 2015
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
Shirt Dress: Mango | Mules: Primark | Bag: Primark (similar) | Leather Jacket: Topshop (similar)

I can't believe this is my first outfit post since April - where has the time gone!? I felt a bit out of practice taking these, but I was determined to get pictures of this shirt dress because I've been wanting to show you it for ages! I've had this a few weeks now and you might have seen it on my instagram already. After a few weeks of wearing this, I have to say it's become a love/hate relationship. I love the style and the shape but I get so frustrated with the material and how it creases so easily. So I've learned that when I'm wearing this, I can't sit down...great.

I do love the style though and I think shirt dresses are going to be a favourite of mine during summer. I love simple outfits that are easy to style and there's nothing easier than a shirt dress, sandals and sunglasses! I think this one would look really good with trainers and a denim jacket too. 

Do you like shirt dresses? How would you style this one? 


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Vlog: Home Update & Tour

Wednesday, 10 June 2015
So I've finally made a video to show you all around the new house! I had so many plans to make regular updates but as it turned out, there were workmen in the house every single day and I just never got the chance. You can see what stage we were at in this video which was back in April. It was pretty bad!

Two months on and after all the work, it looks like a completely different house! I'm so happy with hows it's turned out so far - we were making plans for so long that I still can't quite believe we're actually living in them now, if that makes sense. There's still a lot to do - furniture to buy, tiles to go on and of course, there's cushions to be bought (isn't there always?!) but things are changing every day. Even since I filmed this video on Sunday, we've had the decking put down which has made a huge difference. It's so much fun to watch it all happening every day. 

(scroll down for the video!)

Wooden dining table and white chairs
Grey Sofa White Living Room
White stair banister and walls
Dulux Polished Pebble

Hope you enjoy watching this video - make sure you give the video a thumbs up if you do and subscribe!

Have any of you been decorating lately? What's your favourite home shop? 


Summer Fashion Wishlist.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Maisy Meow UK Fashion Blogger

Hello again, it's been a while hasn't it? It's so good to be back to blogging after two whole months off - it totally wasn't meant to be that long but it got to the point where I was stressing out trying to find time to blog, and I just decided to put it aside while we had so much going on. But now, two months on, Andy and I are settling into the new house and I can get back to normal blogging life. By the way, I've filmed a house tour video as an update to the last one - it'll be up here on Wednesday so keep an eye out for it on my channel and on here too. 

I'm in need of a major summer wardrobe overhaul at the moment. Luckily, it's not even warm in Glasgow yet but when it happens, I want to be ready! I need to do some shopping but on a budget, so I'm trying to be clever with my choices and keeping an eye out for things that I can mix and match. I'm loving neutrals just now - greys, whites, black and stripes. I plan on keeping my outfits simple and just adding some fun accessories like this beaut of a bag or these sunglasses. I practically lived in my white midi skirt last year and I just love the style so naturally, this one from zara caught my eye straight away. Isn't it so pretty?

What do you think of these? Which one's your favourite? 


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