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Monday, 3 August 2015
Fake tan is one of those beauty products that's either a hit or a miss. It can be so good, or so very very bad. We've all been there - orange, streaky, smelling like coconuts, exfoliating like there's no tomorrow in a futile bid to look/smell normal again. So it's a pretty good feeling when the gamble pays off, and you find a fake tan that's easy to apply, quick-drying, streak-free and gives a lovely, natural golden tan. 

After the Debenhams Summer Soiree event, I was excited to find the Fake Bake 5 Minute Moussein my goody bag. One of the most annoying things about fake tan is waiting for it to dry while trying (and failing) not to stain everything orange in the mean time. So the '5 minute' part was particularly appealing!

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In the shower beforehand, I exfoliated and then moisturised all over. This is something I do a few times a week any way, so I don't see this as part of the tanning process although it's definitely something that can't be skipped. Using the tanning gloves provided, the mousse absorbs into the skin quickly and since the colour shows immediately, you can check to make sure you haven't missed anywhere. It dries quickly, but still gives enough time for you to rub it in properly. In the picture below, you can see the colour difference straight after applying it to one leg. I think it looks really natural and close to my real tan colour, which is obviously what I'm aiming for. This is a 'ready to wear' tan, so once it's dry, you can get dressed and go!

Scottish beauty blogger

The colour continues to develop over the next few hours but luckily, I didn't come home looking dramatically different. The tan, in my opinion, looked a bit more golden and less 'brown' if that makes sense, which although it was only a slight change, I actually preferred. When I got home a few hours later and had a shower, the water changed colour a little but the tan stayed put. The scent is mild when first applied and after a shower later that night, it was non existent. And even better, my white bed sheets stayed white.

Scottish beauty blogger

I'd definitely recommend this tan to all of you and since I was lucky enough to be gifted another one of these at the Kiehls event in Glasgow, I thought I'd share the love/tan and give it away to one of you!

Enter below and you could win this Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse Travel Size (88ml) inc. gloves.
(exact same as the one in the pics above)

Here's some quick info to read before you enter:

1. Giveaway will run from Monday 2nd August - Monday 16th August inclusive.
2. Winner will be announced Tuesday 17th August, will be notified by email or twitter, and will need to provide postage info - please make sure you have permission to enter if you're under 18.
3. If the winner doesn't respond within 60 days, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck! 

Now closed - winner has been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered! :)

What's your favourite fake tan?


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