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Tuesday, 25 August 2015
If you're trying to dress well on a budget, one of the most important thing is making sure you have your basics. Once you've got that, you can buy the odd statement piece here and there and be confident that you have everything you need at home to turn it into an outfit. If you stick to neutrals and monochrome for your basics, they'll match anything and you'll be able to mix and match to create new outfits throughout the month. 

I've always said that I don't have a definite 'style' and that I like to try lots of things, but recently (and probably over the last year), I've been sticking to a quite a minimalist style and just adding a bit of detail with one or two statement pieces, like a jacket or shoes, or even jewellery and accessories. Not only does it take much less time in the mornings, but having a wardrobe that's so interchangeable is much more fun. Everything goes with everything, and you find that although you have less things, you have a lot more outfits. 

building wardrobe basics tips
You can never go wrong with black skinny jeans or ripped denim jeans. Both can be dressed up or down and worn in all weathers. My tip with jeans is to spend more and get a good pair - you'll wear them so much that you'll get your money's worth. My all time favourites are the Topshop Jamie Jeans

Minimal wardrobe essentials

When it comes to tops, I try to make sure I've always got a few cami tops, t-shirts and cropped tops in the wardrobe neutrals ... white, grey and black. The cliche all-rounder is the casual white shirt but it's true, everyone needs one. It'd go with everything above. And I know stripes shouldn't be included, but a wardrobe without stripes is never a happy place. I've thrown in this beaut of a striped shirt from H&M - a striped shirt goes a long way, which is why it still totally qualifies as a basic - okay?

These 4 coats/jackets have you sorted for all occasions from a cheeky nandos (sorry) to a night out - how gorgeous is this white collarless blazer? Imagine it with the striped shirt, and the ripped jeans - oh the possibilities! I'd never be able to do a wardrobe basics without mentioning birkenstocks. Trust me - the jeans, t-shirt, birks combo is a winner on lazy days. Trainers are an obvious choice for footwear basics although admittedly, at the moment, something I don't even own - how did that happen? These all white adidas superstars are on my list. Oh, and so are those ankle boots. Wait, how did this turn into a wishlist?! 

What's your wardrobe basics?


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  1. Love this post - I am trying to do this just now as well, create a staple wardrobe. My wardrobe basics definitely a good white blouse, jeans, leather jacket, striped Tee's and Black Boots!

    Lauren Rose


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