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Monday, 21 September 2015
If you read my blog in 2013/early 2014, you'll know I was shopping crazy. I'd make a wishlist one week, and be wearing all of it in an outfit post the following week. A year and a bit later, Andy and I have bought our first house and things are very different. If we're not saving our money, we're spending it on things for our new home and although I still love to buy clothes, my wardrobe isn't quite as full as it once was. Now this doesn't mean that I've given up on fashion - I actually think I love it more than ever. I've just learned some lessons on how to dress well on a budget, and today I thought I'd share some of them with you...

High Street Shopping tips

1. If you don't love it, don't buy it. 
We've all been there - standing in the changing room for far too long, looking at an outfit from all angles, walking up and down, rolling up sleeves and just trying to make something work. Sometimes I can love something on the hanger so much, I'll convince myself to get it even if I'm unsure of it. This usually results in me buying it, wearing it once then putting it to the back of the wardrobe because I know I just don't feel good in it. Well, not anymore. If I don't feel really good in it straight away, no matter how much I love the print or design, I put it back. The good thing about this is, eventually you have a wardrobe where you love everything.

2. If you don't remember their outfit, they probably won't remember yours. 
'No way. I can't wear this top on Saturday. I wore it last Saturday with this coat. People will think I don't wear anything else..'. Here's a little exercise to do when you're having this dilemna. Think back to the last time you wore it, and try to remember what everyone else was wearing. If you can't remember your friends outfit, then they probably won't remember yours. For me, this is the green light for outfit repetition. 

buy less choose well

3. Spend Wisely. 
I've said this a lot in recent months, but it's a been huge revelation in my life. I think back to the days when I'd get bags and bags of clothes from Primark every month, and realise that some of the things would only last one wear before they lost their shape and looked tired. Not so cheap when you consider cost per wear. That's fine if it's a short-lived trend, but for things that I want to last ( for example, see this post on wardrobe basics ), I'll invest a bit more. Usually this means they look better from the start, and last longer. Win win. 

What do you think of these?
Are you shopping on a budget too?


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10 comments on "STYLE | Shopping on a budget "
  1. I need to remind myself of the 'if you dont love it, dont buy it point' Ive got so many items of clothing that I have never worn!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. Love these tips!! Too often I buy something just because it's the trendy thing that everyone is wearing, even if it doesn't suit me! Will definitely think twice now!
    Lauren xx

  3. These are such great tips, I agree quality over quantity this is something I have just figured out myself quite recently. We are moving house and having a mass clear out soon and I'm so excited for a revamp!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  4. These are soo true - especially number 2! I hate this whole culture of wearing something once then you can't wear it again - people just aren't that invested in what you wear!

    SinĂ©ad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  5. I absolutely live by the 'if you don't love it, don't buy it' rule because before I lost weight i used to just buy stuff because it fit but now i have the luxury of actually being able to be more picky about where i shop and the kinds of clothes I wear so it makes no sense to me to carry on spending money on clothes that fit just for the sake of it... now everything i buy I make sure i'm 100% sure of it otherwise I know it'll just sit in the wardrobe

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  6. This is such a great post! I really need to use some of these rules with my own shopping habits! Definitely like the idea of if you don't love it, don't buy it! Great read x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  7. Love these tips! I used to be such an impulse buyer, think I'm a lot better now! I definitely need to do more of the "if you don't love it don't buy it"...talking about loving things, did you buy that bag yet? ;) haha xx

  8. Such great tips! I'm trying to live by this since I've been clearing out my clothing and my wardrobe is now pretty small! I'm not sure how good that is haha xx

  9. Some fab tips! I love going to charity shops to save a little money especially in places like Stockbridge and Morningside in Edinburgh. I picked up a French Connection dress for only £7 the other day!

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

  10. Love this post! The 'don't buy it if you don't love it' is something I'm taking on board lately - I've definitely saved a lot doing this! xx


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