Beauty: The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase

Friday, 18 December 2015
When I was first asked if I wanted to review the Gingerlily Beauty Box silk pillow case, I have to admit my first thought was, 'sorry..what?'. I'd never heard of this beauty craze and thought the idea sounded a bit odd. But then I looked it up and found countless beauty articles raving about the benefits (here, here and here to name a few), so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. When it arrived, it was wrapped up in a lovely little box and tied with a bow. Silk is always a luxury product and I love that the packaging had that vibe to it. 
maisy meow

The pillow case is white which is the same as my duvet and other pillows. I used this one as my top pillow at night time, and in the morning I switched it with the one underneath so it didn't look out of place when the bed was made. The first thing I noticed when using it was how cool it stayed all night. Even in the middle of Winter, I still crave the cold side of the pillow and this pillow case stayed like that all night.

One of the benefits I was looking forward to was for my hair. Apparently, the silk can help prevent split ends and stops hair from kinking which means your blow-dry should last a few days longer. Personally, I can't say I noticed a difference in my hair that I can attribute to using the pillow case, but that may be something that comes with time. When it comes to my skin, I can say it definitely feels so much softer on my face and that can only be a good thing. Taking everything into account, I'd say it's super soft, comforting. luxurious and stays cool all night - I'm totally converted and I'd definitely recommend it.

benefits of sleeping on a silk pillow case

If you've got one more person to buy for this Christmas, and you're all out of ideas, then this might be the one .. especially if it's someone who has trouble sleeping or someone who loves trying out new beauty ideas. You can buy the Beauty Box Silk Pillowcase from Gingerlily for £39.00.

Do you think you'd try one of these?

3 comments on "Beauty: The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase"
  1. I honestly never knew that silk pillows had so many benefits, I may have to invest in the future:)

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  2. It sounds gorgeous, I have always wanted one to benefit my skin and help with wrinkles and blemishes! xxx

  3. It sounds amazing but im like £39 for a pillowcase? maybe not haha


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