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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas is my favourite time of year and for me, the build-up in the weeks before is just as important as the big day. I always try to fit in as many Christmas activities as I can to get me in the spirit. On my December to-do list every year is a night at the pantomime, a day at the Christmas markets and of course, a day shopping and enjoying the festivities in Glasgow. Today I thought I'd share our recent day out in George Square last weekend. Warning - I am going to say the word 'Christmas' about 1,2492,2492 times in this post. Also, sorry about the below average photos in this post. The Scottish weather, risk of rained-on lens and the winter daylight (or lack of) is the reason I go into a slight blogging hibernation in Winter. The other reason is Christmas.

George Square GlasgowGeorge Square Glasgow

We spent the early afternoon wandering around the shops picking up a few more Christmas presents. As much as I love shopping on line, I think going out to the shops actually makes life a lot easier. You see things that you'd never have searched for on line, and you don't have to worry about things arriving on time!

Once we'd finished shopping, we took a walk down to George Square. For someone like me, George Square is an absolute Christmas dream. There's lights everywhere, Christmas music, a huge ferris wheel, carousels and stalls selling hot chocolate. The only thing that's missing is Santa himself. We were so excited to try out the main event in the square, Glasgow On Ice. There's nothing than can get you in the spirit more than outdoor ice-skating next to a huge sparkly Christmas tree. It's even prettier at night time when it's all lit up. I'd highly recommend this as a lovely wee day out for a family - there's such a nice atmosphere and so much to do.

Christmas in GlasgowGlasgow Loves Christmas

After a lovely day out, Andy and I walked round the corner to Hutchesons which, if you follow me on instagram, you'll almost definitely have seen me talking about. We had the most amazing dinner in this beautiful building and it was just such a lovely atmosphere. I knew it was going to be good when they brought us warm, fresh bread with oil, butter and olives to start with. So tasty! We both ordered steak (which was excellent) and for desert, we had doughnut balls with salted caramel ice cream - it honestly couldn't have been better. 

Thank you so much to Glasgow Loves Christmas for our lovely day out! 

(if you want to keep up to date with Christmas activities in Glasgow, like the facebook page!) 

Do you have any Christmas traditions in the build up to the big day? 


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  1. How is it I find myself always drawn to Scottish blogs? :P (Maybe cause the celts are snazzy creative types)
    I'd love to spend christmas up north, you guys actually get snow :D
    In Cornwall, our christmas traditions mainly include visiting the sea serpent themed christmas lights in Mousehole harbour village, late night shopping in St.Ives and swimming in the sea on christmas day ^_^ There's nothing quite like strolling across the beach with your neighbours on christmas day in only a swimming cozzy >.<

    Have a wonderful time!

    Sarah xxo |

  2. Such a Christmassy and festive post, it made me smile! George square looks so pretty, sounds like you had a blast. I agree with your thoughts on the lead up to Christmas being part of the experience. I love the atmosphere this time of year, it’s actually quite magical. Really lovely piccies too, Merry Christmas!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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