Tuesday, 22 December 2015
This year I'm steering clear of the cliche resolutions - I'll still try to eat healthy, exercise and be more organised etc. but this year I'm going for a more fun approach to resolutions. Building up my wardrobe again after a year of saving hard, investing more in skin care and wearing more jewellery. I've noticed that over the last few years I've almost completely stopped wearing jewellery and I think it's because I got tired of buying costume jewellery that only lasted a few weeks, but never actually made the effort to invest in good jewellery in it's place.

So a recent gift from Beaverbrooks was perfectly timed to start out my collection. Beaverbrooks have recently launched a new collection of earring jackets which are absolutely beautiful. If you've not heard of the term before, earring jackets are like normal earrings, but usually the main feature is part of the backing. 

Maisy Meow jewellery review beaverbrooks pearl
maisy meow beaverbrooks earring jackets

This pair are the called the Silver Synthetic Pearl Earring Jackets and I love the simple, classic style with a twist. The smaller pearl sits at the front, and the larger is part of the backing. Something I love about pearls (or synthetic pearl) is how versatile they are - you can wear them with gold or silver, you can wear them with an every day casual outfit and with an extra glam dress and they'll never go out of fashion. 

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When I wear my hair back from my face or up in a ponytail, I love how these earrings stand out. I've totally developed a love for this kind of style and have my eye on this rose gold pair too. The good news is that they're both only £35 so really affordable for good quality jewellery that'll last. I'd highly recommend checking out Beaverbrooks for any last minute gifts before Christmas!

What do you think of these? 

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